Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cheney, the Greatest Con in History!

Last week in a Bush Administration reunion The war mongering liar Dick Cheney received the super-prestigious "Keeper of the Flame" award and watched as beloved Bush administration felon Scooter Libby was honored with the "Service Before Self" award for falling on the sword for Cheney and being a first class liar which was a prerequisite for being involved with the Bush mis Administration. Shit eating grins all around! However a retired General did slam Cheney for his war fighting ineptitude

It was shocking that criminal charges were never taken out against Cheney as it was obvious the arrogant scum lied about everything. Cheney when questioned lied and said he did not remember anything about Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, or Scooter Libby but there he is on a stage getting the Keeper of the Flame Award for being treasonous next to Scooter receiving the Service Above Self Award for sacrificing himself to protect Cheney. They all had great laughs as they got away with their treason and were rewarded it for it.

That lying war mongering arrogant scum said I don't remember "72" times. That unequivocally means "I'm lying" I do not care what you think, I do not have to cooperate with you peons, and you can't touch me ..I.. (You know what that means? up yours! They are both famous for that. Bush and Cheney were and are lying, Scooter Libby continues to lie. He fell on the sword for Cheney and was issued the "service Before Self" Award. I just do not get it! How do they continue to get away with this FU in your face lying arrogance thumbing their nose at us and America and putting the Democrats down and get away with it?

Libby and Cheney along with the whole bunch of cronies on the stage had sh@* eating grins knowing we lied and we not only got away with it but got awarded for it. Cheney had memory loss when Federal investigators questioned him. He had amnesia, he doesn't remember, he has no recollection. That lying crap who once bragged about never forgetting anything. Remembering everything! I wish he was still in that undisclosed location. I wish he would cut the obvious lying BS. I can not believe he continues to get away with these lies!

This idiot doesn't act like a vice President. He acts like the guilty defendant he is! We are powerless to do anything about it! We were flat out lied to until Cheney and Bush found a lie people would believe so they could attack Iraq to start what they thought would be their new middle east order but you know it as disorder.

Libby's own notes prove Cheney lies but it does not bother Cheney he does not digress. Scooter had Valerie Plame issues he discussed with Cheney written down and Cheney still gets away with lying saying he doesn't remember any of it. Who cares if he remembers it, we know he did it! How does he get away with saying he doesn't remember? All he could remember is that he had nothing to do with the treasonous act of outing Plame as a CIA agent because her husband disagreed with the lies he and Bush were saying.

He said he knew absolutely nothing about who outed Valerie Plame when Scooter Libby had it written on paper that Cheney told him. I don't get it? Libby is now a felon and they give ham a friggen Award for it. Service above self yeah lying for Cheney at our and the world's expense. This all sickens me! We are lied to beginning to end and they laugh at us. WTF? What about Karl Rove who they said was not involved and we found out he was and we could do nothing about it?

We never got the truth and we never will! As usual when someone finally does tell the truth they are just dismissed as a conspiracy theorist or a disgruntled employee. Bush declassified information at Cheney's request who then gave it to Libby to leak! Valerie Plame was outed, no one remembers anything, and their are accolades sh@* eating grins and awards all around, have a nice day!

Cheney treated the media and all of us with total disdain and still is in his attempt to make Obama fail. He knows everything but tells nothing unless it benefits his lies. He is a totally lying fascist war mongering scum and we will never be able to hold him accountable nor will we and the world ever recover from their all pervasive damage for years to come if ever!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

Fortuna dies natalis!

One Fly said...

Whether it's this asshole or any other starting from the invasion of Iraq for lies till now-why have they and why do they say what they do?

It's simple-from the very beginning they knew they would never be held accountable.

Brother Tim said...

Blame that scumbag Cheney if you like, but Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are just as much to blame. They are the ones with the power to bring him to account, yet steadfastly refuse to do so. They are all complicit in one way or another. May they all burn in Hell!

an average patriot said...

What you said Brother!caticat

an average patriot said...

Tom I am stunned that they continue to thumb their noses at us and laugh and we can't friggen kill them!

an average patriot said...

I agree Brother! Son of a gun, I will post it tomorrow but the right accuses Obama of Fascism so I point out and compare him to Obama.

My computer is getting ready to die, I am having a pile of problems. I have a guy coming Saturday to reinstall and all that happy stuff so I will be down for a while!

Brother Tim said...


an average patriot said...

Brother I knew you'd respond to that. I don't know how it got in the comment but that was the verification. I told you my computer is dying.

Demeur said...

Cheney knew that if he stalled enough he'd skate on any charges. That along with his destroying much of the evidence, deleting emails and other documents as well as a convient lack of memory he knew he'd walk. The prosecution just didn't have enough on him to make a solid case. He may slid but I'm a firm believer in Karma. You can't throw that much evil on the world and not have something come back at you.

Dave Dubya said...

The Dems allowing the Bush/Cheney crime cartel to get away with murder only confirms to the world that the US government is a rogue regime. It is a right wing engine of empire and corporate profiteering.

Everything else is window dressing.

Thanks to the corporate media's war on truth and the Republican war on public education, most of the American people are ignorant stooges of empire.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Guess who is earning on the flu as well? And KBR. And almost anything filthy?!

thanks for the link, Jim (re IEDs). yep it's always a copper lining and water or just steam... kinda reminds me of this crazy British professor, i think Alfred something... can't remember, but he comes up with the most interesting stuff. Mac uses him a lot on future weapons, do you know who I mean?

which reminds me we just saw a Top gear episode again where they went through Alabama with slogans on their cars like "Hillery for president" and "Man love is okay" and "I am bi" - just to test people's reaction and guess what? they got really badly attacked. - and those fuckers claim to be conservative republicans! They were all lowlives without anything to do and had basically a criminal attitude!

an average patriot said...

Demeur I refuse to believe that lying bastard just says he doesn't remember. He damn well knows everything. I can't believe people still say he kept us safe. My ass, we are still safe despite that prick.

That's a bummer isn't it, that army major massacring 12 and wounding 31 as they were readying for Iraq? Had a Muslim name too.

an average patriot said...

Dave what you said! We talked about it before but look at the two of them side by side. They are pretty close! That's tomorrow!

an average patriot said...

you're welcome Sarah! No I never heard of him. Man I wouldn't be driving around with messages like that on my car. You're asking for those red necks to attack you even if it is a joke. Bad joke!

landsker said...

The one question unanswered is why did Cheney take control of and order the US airforce to stand down on 9/11, and even when the hijacks were reported ... he insisted it was "only an exercise"?

Plainly, since that event, no-one has confidence in the command structure of the US military, moreso after the so-called inquiry, which never did bring the full story into open view.

The rest of the world may be pretending to assist America against the "Muslim terrorists", but somehow, that support might just be of the bellwether type.

With so many allegations of corruption and falsehood against Cheney and the PNAC/NWO, it is hardly suprising that the US ended up all alone in Iraq, and now the Europeans are making signs of withdrawing from Afghanistan.

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
I have said from day one that 9/11 was allowed to happen. All of the evidence proves it out. They needed something to bring the country together and get the world behind us. p/11 did that and the Patriot Act gave them the power they needed to abuse and do what they wanted!

Howie said...

Howie says: Will Bush and Cheney ever be convicted of the crimes against humanity, for the kidnapping renditions, the torture and illegal imprisonment in overseas prisons? Not until America wakes up to the facts about the depth of the deceit and crimes they committed. Right now most of America wants to bury those years and they wish they had the amnesia that Cheney's got.

Cheney is like a madman trying to justify 8 years of ineptitude. The brightest light on the horizon of justice is Italy's recent conviction, albeit in absentia, of the CIA agents responsible for a rendition that happened there.

If you want to celebrate the upcoming holidays with a conviction you never thought you'd have, check out artistic trial and conviction of Dubya and Cheney on Yes, this is a shameless plug but for those who need an outlet for their frustration or know someone who'd get a kick out of this stuff, please let them know.

an average patriot said...

Hi Howie! My computer was down 4 days and I just saw this. Sorry and welcome! Cheney is a fascist scum. He was the real decider, Bush just the figurehead. Neither will ever be held accountable!