Monday, November 02, 2009

In Afghanistan It is time for the slow good bye or we will have another quick get riddance!

Abdullah's pullout sows new concerns for Obama in Afghanistan, now what? Abdullah as you know by now will not partake in the runoff election.I heard him tell the people not come out and vote in the fraudulent elections then ha said he would not boycott them. Isn't that one and the same? With none of Abdullah's demands for fair an open met this will or could turn into a one man race. I do not understand. If Karzai honestly believed he is the peoples choice he would insure that the election was rig proof.. Seems obvious to me but there are those who say Abdullah knows he will lose. Yeah because he knows thief election too will be a fraud.

Abdullah's decision not to run is final as he is fed up with the lack of transparency and control. He demanded that the so called officials who "surprise" are Karzai people, be fired. Of course they were not and all his requests for a fair election have been ignored so he backed out. I can't say I blame him but now what? Abdullah pullout from Afghan runoff sows new doubt over legitimacy

Human costs, dollars, the monstrous US, NATO, commitment, What are the implications? What does this mean to Afghanistan? What does it mean to Obama's decision of whether or not to add troops? Does Abdullah think about that? He has of late spoken to Britain's Gordon Brown, Hillary, Kerry and even Obama. He knows how critical a a certified election is to the future of Afghan and maybe most importantly to us and Obama.ANALYSIS - us looks to work with, and around, Karzai

Like you I believe Abdullah is right saying the runoff will be as corrupt as the first election with Karzai insisting on no real oversight and the refusal to replace the corrupt voting officials but what now? I do not know what to think about this but Hillary said the election will still be legitimate because Abdullah did not object before when the runoff was agreed to by Karzai.

Sounds to me like that is merely an excuse for legitimacy so we can move forward. Supposedly it will not affect Obama's decision but it better! Think about this: We know that some one million fraudulent votes were thrown out the first time. If true as we believe then 1 million votes would have to be fraudulent this time or the truth as to who really should have been elected would be glaring. Hmm!

The Taliban have already boycotted the elections. Abdullah said no one will get in the way of our Democracy. He said he is not boycotting the election but that is exactly what he is doing. He said no one will get in the way of our free and Democratic election but what does he call his actions? At this point both Abdullah and Karzai have negated any such thing as free and democratic elections. After he announced he will not participate in the runoff who knows what will happen next.

Abdullah: Afghanistan will survive that I am sure! My question: Yeah but in what form? Total chaos? I would be lying if I said I cared because they do not and I do not. We should get the heck out! Thanks to Bush whose lack of concern for our troops and Afghanistan displayed by abandoning them so he could attack Iraq he created in Afghanistan Obama's Vietnam. What to do now?

What we should do after the people get their central Government if that is what they want and not what Karzai wants is go home: I reiterate that Our soldiers did their job send them home. Unless their job is to create as many enemies as possible which is all they are doing in Afghanistan get them out. Getting rid of Al Qaeda and eliminating their Afghan safe haven was supposed to be the goal not building a puppet Government like in Vietnam.

Think! Do it the right way! Refocus the mission! After 8 years of mismanagement under Bush it is right that Obama take time think and listen to good advice not war mongering Republicans. Listen to Max Cleland who has learned the lessons of Vietnam the hard way. Listen to Biden! Listen to McCain, then think about it and do the right thing.

They may be now but the Taliban was not the enemy Al Qaeda was and is they attacked us not the Taliban. We keep hearing the Taliban are resurging. Who the hell cares as long as they stay in Afghanistan. THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY! At least they weren't! Or is the friggen goal to see how many Muslim's we can get to fight us? Get out and Monitor them with drones.

Work on Al Qaeda around the world! Afghanistan and the Taliban as I said were not the enemy though they may be now! Karzai is using us so he can steal Afghanistan for him and his brother! We do not need a hundred years ground war unless keeping our military and a war going in Afghanistan is how they plan on saving and driving our economy! I have faith whatever he decides, Obama will do the right thing no matter how unpalatable it may be! When all is said and done it is time for the slow good bye!

Abdullah wants to see Afghanistan move forward but how do they? He was asked what Obama should do and he said we should be increasingly involved. BS! All I heard from him was a lot of gobbledygook wishy washy say nothing babbling and running around the subject. Bush did not but Obama better have learned from Vietnam in that escalating in a country whose fraudulent Government the people do not support or want. It is time for the slow good bye or we will have another quick get riddance!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

No, Jim, it is time for a fast goodbye.

This ought to make your day --- Read my post today. Ha!

Holte Ender said...

Democracy and Elections are just words to them, they have no idea of the concept, the sooner we get that into our heads the better. They just don't get the democratic process, they are tribesmen, that includes the educated elite like Abdullah Abdullah and Karzai. No half measures, either send in 200,000 extra military, or get out completely.

an average patriot said...

I'm on my way Brother!

an average patriot said...

Holte my friend a million would not be enough. They would have the volunteers to match us. This is still just starting unless we back out.

I heard an analysis today the people are happy to have this over. One corruption is as good as the next. They do not care!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi Jim,
did you see my and brother Tim's comments on your post from yesterday?

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah! I thought I answered them, let me check.

AArdvarker said...

We must get out of the entire middle east.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Thanks for checking, Jim!

To both you and Brother Tim I wanna say, that I don't really disagree with you guys, and yes it's the Americans who have gotten their allies into the war, but still there is a HUGE difference in how warfare is conducted on the ground by those different nations.

It may sound very ridiculous, but wars can be won without firing a single shot, even after war has been declared!

The american way has always been very different than the ways of the old world and that's one of the problems here. if they did what the Brits and the Danes did down there, they would get a whole lot more cooperation and almost no resistance, because people knew they were there to help and not to invade.

try and get the book "Rules of Engagement" by Tim Collins and read the Iraq-section. it will blow your mind!

It would be nice if it only was about oil and drugs, but it actually is much worse...

an average patriot said...

Hi AArdvaker
You better believe it but Bush attacked Iraq to get back in and he wanted a Korea style force there.

After the mess Bush made of middle eaast order I just don't know. We should Get out all together as you say but I see a nice talker in our man Obama but as he promised when running, he is going to see it through in Afghanistan. Not Good! Welcome by the way!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah
Gold, diamonds, all kinds of natural resources and routes, there is a lot of reasons.

Anyway I agree you can win a war without firing a shot but despite what they say that is not the American way.

To me the only winning choice for Obama is to get out now but he will not. He really has me concerned. If we stay there this will dwarf the hundred year war. The Taliban have us right where they want us!

Brother Tim said...

I would describe those who make U.S. Foreign Policy with one word:


an average patriot said...

Brother you know that would be too kind and simplified. I was just listening to Bachmann, Limbaugh and some of the Republican scum.

These people are getting worse and worse! I am more than very concerned. Then I heard Beck and then Pat Robertson finished it off. I can not believe that kind of swill can come out of the mouth of someone who is a supposed Religious leader. This country is in serious trouble man!