Monday, November 30, 2009

Pakistan president loses amnesty for corruption charges Takes His Finger off the Nuclear Trigger, the US is prepared or so they think!

Pakistan president loses amnesty for corruption charges

Takes His Finger Off the Nuclear Trigger

be on the alert JSOC and Black water are there

I talk about it often that I knew we had a force in place in Pakistan to secure their nukes if we think they are in danger of falling into extremists hands. I do not think I knew that General McChrystal was in charge of that force or that he was in charge of Cheney's assassin squads. I did know he was the head of the Delta force but never thought about their clandestine activities. I invite you to read this and think about it all! Obama's General in charge of Afghanistan was Cheney's chief assassin

This is a long held plan: The plan is a detailed plan to secure Pakistan's Soviet style mobile nuclear force if it appears they are in danger of falling into the hands of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or any other "perceived" militants. Key word perceived! American intelligence sources say the operation would be conducted by Joint Special Operations Command, the super-secret commando unit headquartered at Fort Bragg, N.C.

At least for me until a year ago JSOC and what they are doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan had not been divulged. I do not know if it is wise or not but Obama had let this out of the bag too. JSOC is the military's chief terrorists hunting squad and has units now operating in Afghanistan on Pakistan's western border.

A secondary mission is to secure foreign nuclear arsenals. As you know the mission has taken on added importance in recent months, as Islamic extremists have taken territory close to the capital of Islamabad and could destabilize Pakistan's shaky democracy. Pakistan appears to be holding off the Taliban threat thus the threat of the US too feel the need to act on defending their Nukes. Just in case the US Has Plan to Secure Pakistan Nukes if Country Falls to Taliban

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

The Taliban would need Nuclear Physicists and teams of top line scientists in their ranks to make sense of what they might capture in Pakistan. Of course, holding a gun to the heads of the people who run the place would be an alternative.

The US, Russia and China would not let it happen.

an average patriot said...

I agree Holte! I forget the name of Pakistan's nuclear Father who passed on the secrets to everyone he could but I am sure they can count on him. I am very concerned any way you look at it at this being ratcheted up feloniously by US interests there. I do not like this, we can trust no one!

Brother Tim said...

Obama is still going under the Bush Doctrine. Next battlefield, Pakistan. Damn, isn't this exciting? All the while, China and Russia are making new alliances all over the world, patiently sitting back, waiting for the U.S. to crumble and self-destruct. Here's to our future, Comrade!

an average patriot said...

I am afraid you are right Brother and I just updated on that for tomorrow. We discussed it often under Bush but our future is the same one Bush prepared for us. Not good!

Trueman said...

I read with a good amount of interest your views and those of your readers, who also have commented on somewhat similar lines. Like yourself, I too am an average Pakistani patriot and have similar feelings about my country as you have for yours. So in that regard we are on the same path.

But when you guys in the west, start ringing alarm bells on Pakistani nukes (falling into the hands of the so called Taliban) we in Pakistan, do not take such bells as a mere ‘alarm’ but something still worse. However, this worse has a more probability to come from our friends in the west than these homegrown renegades.

We have on record the US Secretary of State saying one day, that she foresees a real danger of Pakistani nukes falling into the hands of Taliban, bur after a few days same SOS ensures the people in the US as well as in Pakistan that Pakistan is fully capable to safeguard its nuclear sites from the Taliban. This is something which puts the US role in this whole affair of nukes into certain amount of doubt.

We very well know, rather we do more than the people in the west, that nukes are no playthings which by a mere run of a gun could be looted upon by some renegades, be they the Taliban (whatever hue and color they may have) or somebody else. There is almost a foolproof system of command and control. As I already said, we in Pakistan know the terribly destructive nature of such devices more than anybody else, because being a relatively small country we cannot afford destruction either on our own soil or somewhere else. Then what is happening in Pakistan is a good amount of lesson for us too.

The extremism whether promoted by foreign powers or by inside forces, is no way acceptable to the people of this land. By and large this land called Pakistan has been more open to different beliefs, different ethnicities and different politico religious philosophies. Three major religions in the subcontinent took roots in this part of the subcontinent because people were more open to newer ideas, newer beliefs.

We are very confident and going along the psyche of our people, the resilience they have shown during different ups and down of the history is an ample proof to justify this confidence, that by the grace of Almighty Allah we will be able to defend ourselves from the scourge of neo-imperialism, religious fanaticism and the renegatories prevailing nowadays in this land. .

Unfortunately the religious extremism that we see now in Pakistan is a product of Mullahism which had a state protection during ex dictator Gen. Zial-ul-Haq’s period and which had then the full blessings of US administrations in those days. However, this got exacerbated as an outfall of the Afghan war. Prior to Sep. 2002 not a single Mullah could dare order a suicide attack. As a matter of fact the people in Pakistan had only known of the suicide attacks from places like in the Middle East and Sri Lanka, never could such a thing happen in Pakistan then. The war in Afghanistan after 9/11 tragedy spilled over the zealots fighting against the former infidels of Soviet Union who infiltrated into the Pakistani borderlands, causing a havoc to our daily life, particularly in the northern part of this country.

We in Pakistan are of a firm opinion that once the US and NATO forces leave Afghanistan, the so called Taliban will have neither the ground nor the zeal to continue fighting against the state and people of Pakistan.

As far the nukes, we do believe come what may, these will remain intact until and unless US, Russia or China involve themselves in taking a control of Pak nukes on whatever pretext they may do so. Such a possibility, howsoever remote, will put so many questions the answers to which are hardly to be found at present.

Nayyar Hashmey

an average patriot said...

Hi trueman! Hope you are well. I was just reading this again as I was digging up info in response to the Taliban saying they are after the nukes so they are not going to harm them.They go after them and that will change everything as you say. Hold on!

Zeno said...

This article shows how little rednecks know about other countries. Pakistan's nuclear asset are not toys ready to be picked up by a bunch bearded lunatics. Pakistan Army has over 600,000 soldiers. It has a division of Rangers, Seals, and SSGs or Special Services Groups. There is a separate command consisting of 2 divisions guarding the nuclear assets. Pakistan Air Force flies CAPs 24/7 over the strategic sites. But, ignoramuses from corn pone land keep writing such balderdash, without doing some research.