Friday, March 06, 2009

Profligacy? Obama?

I was awake early again so I turned on the news to hear the last poop! I was watching MSNBC and they were discussing the latest in the Limbaugh saga. more on that as it is my focus but first, CNN and CNBC were both discussing this and all surrounding issues but on one of them they mentioned that Obama was being accused of Profligacy! My first reaction was what the hell is that? Then how dare him? Then I thought they made a mistake so I had to look it up. Profligacy: Profligate, to strike to the ground, route, ruin, to drive, dash, immoral and shameless, extremely wasteful; recklessly extravagant!

Seeing the definition I thought as you will doesn't that accurately describe what Bush did to us and our America? Isn't that what Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, and the rest of the Right attempting to do to Obama?

So! Now I will discuss the latest efforts of Rush Limbaugh to Profligate Obama! Limbaugh has placed himself front and center of the Republican Party! He even took on Steele the head of the head of the Republican Party! Steele trying to get the focus off Republican division and put the focus back on to Obama and his supposed failure, his party is trying to trump up against Obama saysit is Time to move on from Limbaugh spat

As far as I am concerned he is a Fascist and represents the Fascist Republican Party with interests to keep that legacy of Bush as the driving force of the Republican party. Democrats attempting to use Limbaugh against the Republicans are constantly trying to paint him as the defacto leader of the Republican party. He is not the leader but is by definition of his instigation of both the Democrats and the Republicans the "Director" of the Republican party!

It is no secret Limbaugh wants Obama to fail! He said it many times and clarified many times that he wants Obama to fail if his goal is to destroy Capitalism and our Liberty. What? Again, didn't Bush already do that? While saying he cared about Capitalism he proved only for the business owners as he en masse let them ship our factories and jobs overseas and allowing them overseas tax shelters destroying our entire infrastructure in more ways than one along the way! Bush promoted entrepreneurship but only because small business owners were to hopefully sustain his new version of America until he left office. Now they too are failing under his Greenspan engineered financial collapse perfectly timed to occur after he left,

It is just beginning but first Limbaugh also said he wants Obama to fail if he wants to destroy our Liberty. Liberty? What Liberty? Bush under the guise of the Patriot Act enabled us to be wire tapped, have our mail riffed, our homes broken into, and us spied on! Liberty? Now because of his "success" in keeping us secure we are Bankrupt financially and morally and in danger of loosing our entire country. Liberty? You know Republicans are lost but they better rethink what they are saying and most certainly one of our so called Democratic leaders better publicly call them to the carpet bring their idiocy to the fore front and hold them accountable!

Despite Republican efforts to paint Obama as the destructor of Capitalism and our America people know he is the only chance we have of cleaning up the mess Bush and Republicans made and the most recent poll shows Obama more popular than ever

To counter this popularity Limbaugh the Republican "Director" has a new line of attack! Obama has announced a new program to supplement new homeowners who are having problems covering their mortgage so their payments are no more than 31% of their income. check and see if you qualify for mortgage relief

Despite all Obama has done to counter the Financial collapse Republicans and Bush created, including telling people it was time to renter the market which is unprecedented press Secretary Robert Gibbs had to take off the gloves and go after Jim Cramer, Rush Limbaugh and Rick Santelli in the course of less than two weeks as they were openly flagrantly and incorrectly attacking Obama accusing Obama of being responsible for the tanking markets

I have to laugh as despite all he has done to fix the financial disaster Bush and Republicans created the attack dog Republican party Administrator Rush Limbaugh has now changed his line of mouthy attack to Obama is not interested in stopping the crisis but of attempting to further Democratic interests. That is really sickening. Rush Limbaugh should be brought up on charges of treason for attempting to incite anarchy. What an ARROGANT loudmouth? What is he doing to help the crisis we're in? NOTHING! Just exercising his diarrhea of the mouth: it just keeps on spewing sh@t for someone else to clean up. No one of clear intelligence would take him, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal or any other GOP speaker seriously. If they cared what the rest of the country thought, they would have been saying something when Bush got us into this predicament. Now that Obama has a plan to get us out, they got so much to say. This party should just die out soon because the American people see that they do not stand for the American way: truth, justice for all but only a return to Bush's Fascist Republican policies!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

The ONLY reason the Republican Party even exists in these times is because of its propagandists in the corporate media.

Every person on TV telling Americans what to think is a millionaire. Most are republicans or "moderates" who want to pay less taxes.

Just think how much better off this country would be if real people could only get the air time to present the perspectives of 95% of the people.

But they won't allow that to happen.

an average patriot said...

They are all friggen Fascists to me, at least the Hannity's and Limbaughs! It blows me away that Fox is still so widely followed. Those scum just totally piss me off. I refuse to believe anyone would want a return to Bush's losing BS! We would sink immediately!

Brother Tim said...

There will always be a Republican party. They may change the name, but the players will be the same.

I think I'll write Saturday's post on this right now so I don't produce another two-gigabyte comment here.

Larry said...

Who better to take the minds of the people from the disaster of the Republican years to a blowhard craving publicity.

an average patriot said...

Give me a kiss man! You make me laugh! Repuglicans are going no where they will now get much more Fascist! We really are in serious trouble!

an average patriot said...

It pisses me off those scum blame everything on Democrats and they and Bush did it all.
Worse not just Limbaugh but many of them want a return to their failures of the past that put us here. That should tell any idiot what their real agenda is!

Lisa Allender said...

I'm glad to have found you. Found you through "Blog of Revelation", which I found through the blog called "Betmo's Corner".
I'll be back for more discourse.
btw, I used to call myself a "moderate", but as I told several folks who've noticed my far-left leanings the past ten years or so, "Radical times call for radical measures."

an average patriot said...

I was just reading your nice comments on Brothers. He is a personal friend. Him and Billie "Betmo" are two of the good ones. Brother Tim by the way is a real Brother! I am going to go to your site now. Take care!

an average patriot said...

I was just on your site. You have a good heart! I did not comment because it would have been a long one and I was rushing. I am going to link to you so I can keep up with you.
I must d the Repug party I am forever ensconced in the Democratic Party though I have been all over in the past!