Monday, March 02, 2009

President Obama is our Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

Mr. Smith goes to Washington

Son of a gun! The more I think about it the truer that is in every sense. I was just listening to the Republicans at their lie fest talking about Obama's stimulus package and the 8,000 pork projects in it after he promised no earmarks. They had a good laugh over that but forgot to point out that 43% of them were theirs. I keep saying that even the Democrats seem to be working against Obama as they are ignoring doing the right thing for us and our America and doing what is right for them, their selfish interest, and their career or so they think.

The parallels are uncanny! Jimmy Stewart was on his own fighting the entire Washington Bureaucracy and so to is President Obama as I keep pointing out that he is on his own and as the boy scouts have to help Mr. Smith in his effort to help them against the Washington Bureaucracy so must we help Obama. Last night I really started giving this whole mess we call Washington Politics some thought as I watched Smith's wonder at seeing all the great history he was surrounded with, the efforts of those before him, the humungous shoes he had to follow, and how he was awestruck and overwhelmed with emotion!

I see the movie every once in a while and I always reflect on the self full idiots we have to call Politicians today and I keep wondering what happened? There is no longer a feeling of awe by Politicians! They say there is but then show there is not as they ignore the great work done in behalf of average Americans and our America and only pursue what is good for their Party and their own selfish interest and career as they whore themselves and our America!

I saw just a flash of the so called conservatives ripping apart President Obama's efforts to try to undo their 8 years of damage. They were saying his term has to end in 4 years pf the county will be ruined. WTF? We are done if Republicans get back in before Obama can really get the fix of America going to the point where it is obvious that it will eventually work. We can do this but Politicians, Republicans and Democrats must stop fighting each other and us or we are screwed. We are running out of time.

When Bush was mis President I kept saying someone responsible better take the helm and turn around this ship called America because had it on the rocks! We spent 8 years praying and looking for our guiding light to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush led us down. We have our guiding light! We have our Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to play their selfish childish games. It is up to Obama to be tireless, to be relentless, keep that fire burning, and it is up to us to support him and keep cheering him on to our victory!

I was up again last night and cnn was playing that clip of the biased liar Jindal saying Obama wants to increase our debt so future generations can pay for our stupidity! I am sick of that crap! The bias selfish games must stop! Who the hell could possibly think Obama wants to increase our debt to kill our children's future? Those are his kids too damn it. Stop the games. Bush made it a necessity! What choice do we have at this point? Let the Republicans in to finish us off? We can not allow that to happen or we will have no future!

Looking at the scum that are supposed to be representing us in this F.U. hooray for me the hell with you, all or nothing, my way or the highway environment ushered in by Bush who promised to change Washington and did for the worst but hopefully not for good! At this point we can only dream that the scum we elected to public office realize it is an honor to be in Washington as Mr. Smith knew and as President Obama makes obvious!

Our Senators and Congress men and Women must realize it is not hokey to aspire to be like those who served before them. It is a necessity! Their goal must be to serve the people and our America not their party and themselves. They must fill the shoes of those before them. I am sick of hearing our Politicians invoke the names of those that have served so favorably in our past while they simply use them and us to travel their own path and destroy our future. Obama like it or not is on his own. We must give our righteous Mr. Smith the opportunity to save us!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

I think as corporatism has taken hold, what ethics there were in DC have been compromised away so much that only the slimiest politicians thrive.

Once every few years they might do the right thing. Then they crow about it for the next few years while doing their dirty work.

an average patriot said...

You are right! Seems to me Obama and Wexler are pretty much alone! Bus, Cheney, and Rove ushered in this new era of lying underhanded selfish Politics that I am afraid is here to stay!

Brother Tim said...

Great flick that was. But just like the current situation in Washington DC, it is all fiction.

The time has come for the American people to start taking down names and kicking butts.

You're absolutely right, Dude, this sh*t has got to come to a screechin' halt.

Hey man, Larry's back in town. How cool is that?

an average patriot said...

That is one of my favorite movies! To me that is something for Politician's to aspire to not ridicule!

The time for action is coming my friend. Everything is going to erupt and this is not going to be pretty.
By the way you're looking good brother! You know, I keep thinking that is "the" Larry but he does not seem the same and he has yet not identified himself though if it is him he was always a one strike guy!

Brother Tim said...

That is THE Larry, Jim. Check out his comments on mine and Jolly Roger's blogs.

Also, if you're on Facebook, you can check out his page.

Here is Larry Johnson's Home Page. Spread the love, leave him a message.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Brother
You bet I will! Where the hell has he been? I am going to check out his home page so thanks Bud!

an average patriot said...

You know how we keep saying we are screwed? Jerome's son Danny just sent me this!

This is a clip from a new film, "Chalmers Johnson on American Hegemony," in Cinema Libre Studios' Speaking Freely series in which Johnson discusses "military Keynesianism" and imperial bankruptcy. To read Johnson's latest piece on the subject, "Going Bankrupt: The Debt Crisis Is Now the Greatest Threat to the American Republic" at, How to sink America

This is the video of the interview of Calmers Johnson

Karen said...

Regarding the pork projects, think Barack was letting them have this one since that pork was from last year but don't think he'll allow for any more of that nonsense!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
You could be right but I was flummoxed with the Republicans incessantly pointing out the 8,000 pork projects saying I thought he said no pork. The I friggen found out 43% of it was theirs.

Larry said...

If this was a truly free society then those in Congress would be laid off in bad times like the rest of the country.

That would spur some favorable action for a change.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
I trust you are well.
The man might yet have to preside over the decline of empire... hopefully unlike Rome, the barbarians won`t overrun the place.
The Iraqui resistance have written a letter to the new president.
They wish him well but warn him that his plans for Iraq need some changes...they will be watching him "like hawks".
Most of the world seems to think that the "bailout borrowing stimulus package rescue plan " is not going to work, principally because the US is just too far indebted to be resued at all, in a financial sense that is...:)
Same over here, although on a lesser scale, our economies are contracting, stock markets are falling as factories and shops are closing. If the DOW hits the 6`s this week, or even the 5`s, then could be the dollar will follow.
I think we just have to accept that the rest of the world doesn`t support the notion of an Anglo-centric empire.

landsker said...

Oops, just tried the link, not or why I know not... It`s possible that a browser insertion might work.

WeezieLou said...

great clip - that was one of the best movies ever made. should be required viewing in every social studies class, and every incoming-congressional group.

an average patriot said...

Americans and the entire world are in even much more trouble than they realize.
Go above to the links I sent Brother Tim on how dire the situation is as illustrated by Chalmers Johnson!

an average patriot said...

Hi Weezie! I agree, It is one of my favorites and I know I am naive but I do not understand how any Politician is not inspired to be a driving force for America by the awesome environment of the History around them!