Friday, March 13, 2009

A deadly quick affirmation that too much Bad is happening too fast, too overwhelming!

Germany: more than 10 dead in school shooting

Wife and Daughter killed by gunman!

Yesterday I noted things were getting overwhelming. All day long every day it is one depressing thing or the other. It just gets worse and worse. It is bad news 24 hours a day 100 events an hour. It is getting overwhelming! I turned the radio on while I got my coffee this morning and I hear the tent cities are growing and getting crowded with thousands to come as homelessness and joblessness continues to worsen. As the situation worsens Larceny, domestic violence increasingly aggressive pan handling worsening as cities are forced to cut services including the increasingly violent police. Hell not now, I shut the radio off so I could at least have peace for a moment while I drank my coffee!

The latest reaffirmation as we regress around the world due to increased stress!

Deputy: 'It's supposed to be me getting shot, not my family'

Authorities: Ala. gunman had trained to be a cop He used an AK47 no one should have one and I should get shot not my wife and kids!

Mayors say towns in shock over slaying spree The Governor just spoke up and said stuff like this doesn't happen in small towns! I hate to tell you but it does now and will increase as the situation worsens for many American's big city or rural America!

How German school shooting unfolded The latest in German school shootings that started in 2002 with 18 shot dead! This will lead all Europe to rethink gun control. From personal experience I will tell you the German's are strict as hell. Germany is not the US but people are losing it all around the world. I am still looking to see what set this 17 year old kid off! By the way, it happened in Winnendon another small idyllic Town! They are still searching for a motive!

German school shooting death toll rises to 17, Chancellor calls it ...

* We knew everything would get much worse but it does not make it any easier! Many of you remember the 8 years of destruction of you privacy, civil rights, safety nets, consumer rights, and over all way of life. Bush's entire agenda was to widen the gap between the have not's destroying your entire level of comfort and way of life, our reality, as he endeavored to replace our America with his version, his new societal order. We all thought the entire mess he made was bad. Some of us though new it was going to get worse much worse and it is! We have seen increased domestic violence and school and work place shootings for years but as life gets more tenuous it is getting overwhelming but we must deal with it, all of it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

as things get tougher, folks with little coping skills kill people. it's a post modern 'survival of the fittest' complete with the irony that the shooters usually off themselves as well. i doubt obama would hesitate to use the military stationed here in america against his own citizens if things get ugly. we are in for a bumpy ride. i have been seeking out the good stuff to dwell on. there's too much bad- and we already predicted it. case in point- cheney's secret ops team.

an average patriot said...

Hi Betmo
I just can not fathom killing people on a shooting spree. If you want to kill yourself fine just go somewhere so no one has to see it!
I can't comprehend the thought process that you want to kill as many as you can first not just women and children but anyone.
I have no doubt in my mind that Obama will not hesitate to use the military on us if necessary or invoke martial law.
Funny but I just included Cheney's assassination squads in a story I posted on all voices. I will post it here tomorrow. That makes me believe we killed Yasir Arafat who was poisoned. Not a coincidence Bush and Cheney wanted him gone and replaced! How many more did they kill?

One Fly said...

It is so hard to find news that is not bad and it seems incidences of violence are increasing here as well.

Our society and especially the younger ones have been taught that violence will solve the problems. They don't have many other skills.

an average patriot said...

One fly
It was getting worse just because of the stage we were in, in the natural stages of a society.

The housing, work, and financial crises have worsened it not to speak of the worsening environment and the myriad of negative ads and crap you hear all day every day.

I am fine but I can see why it would get to many! I guess I can see losing it but I can't understand shooting and killing others because you are pissed or feel wronged!

Dave Dubya said...

I think I know why the take it out on others.

They can't take the responsibility for their own circumstances. They need to blame others for their situation.

We all blame others sometimes, and most everyone gets unfairly treated at times, but they are mentally un-equipped to deal with it.

I'm not excusing it, just trying to understand it.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
I can understand feeling picked on I guess but not really. I will never understand wanting to shoot innocents making them pay for your inadequacy! Even dwelling on it I just can't justify it period1

Larry said...

Since Obama was elected, hate groups have doubled and attacks against minorities are on the rise, all triggered by the conservative hatestream in America.

an average patriot said...

It will get worse as they get more desperate to have Obama fail. Racism is also growing and will get worse. I am very concerned at what the right will do to make Obama fail or worse...