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Bush's victory in North Korea coming to a head as the Peninsula moves closer to War!

Bush's victory in North Korea coming to a head as the Peninsula moves closer to War! Look at what Chalmers Johnson said about the truth about our dire situation, our hidden military spending and war!

First Tensions as you know were on the upswing again as North Korea has built a new ballistic missile launch pad

North Korea plans missile launch

NKorean satellite launch would trigger UN sanctions: Aso

N. Korea Helps Iran’s Satellite Launch

N. Korea complains of US military drills

NKorea, UN command hold urgent talks at Korean DMZ

From the Korea times

Al Jazeera

Meanwhile after NK restarted plans to develop a nuclear weapon S Korea pleads North to Abandon nuke plans

Last year in response to bush bragging about his great diplomacy to instigate N Korea to war I wrote With much fanfare and choreography, but little substance, the administration has accepted a North Korean "declaration" about its nuclear program that is narrowly limited, incomplete and almost certainly dishonest in material respects. In exchange, President Bush personally declared that North Korea is no longer a state sponsor of terrorism or an enemy of the United States. In a final flourish, North Korea has undertaken a reverse Potemkin Village act, destroying the antiquated cooling tower of the antiquated Yongbyon reactor. In the waning days of American presidencies, this theater is the stuff of legacy.

North Korea has consecutively broken every major agreement with the U.S. since the North's creation. The Bush administration provides no reason why this one will not be added to that long list except the audacity of hope. Where have we heard that recently? Barack Obama and John Kerry both announced support for the deal, and Mr. Obama said he intended to apply Bush's policy to other rogue states, thus confirming the early start of the Obama administration.

The Feb. 13, 2007, agreement states explicitly that North Korea was to provide "a complete declaration of all nuclear programs" within 60 days. This it manifestly did not do, either in timing or substance. The declaration, more than 14 months overdue, and which is not yet public, has long been forecast not to include information on weaponization, uranium enrichment, or proliferation activities such as cloning the Yongbyon reactor in Syria. Although the North provided less than it agreed 16 months ago, we compensated by giving up more than we agreed, which is typical of decades of U.S. negotiation with the North. The extent to which Yongbyon's aggregate plutonium production has been weaponized and concealed is one critical unresolved issue. The Tragic End of Bush's North Korea Policy

I declared This is no great victory for Bush. It is a lie to hide his failure in north Korea. Nothing has been resolved it is merely another Facade! Well? Bush instigated N Korea for years under the guise of diplomacy. He instigated the entire world to war causing many to unite and cooperate Militarily to take us on if and when necessary! I saw bush's entire Presidency as a total failure. He succeeded at nothing except destabilizing America and the entire world.

Now President Obama has to fight the right who wants to see him fail and at the same time deal with Bush's overwhelming failures around the entire world. I saw Bush's endeavors in North Korea as another total failure. It was a lie of course but the supposed victory of shutting down North Korea's nuclear operations supplied Bush with the only so called victory in 8 years of his destructive Presidency! Like everything else Bush touched and ruined you are just starting to see how much of a victory that was!

He not only bankrupt our childrens future which Republicans now want to credit to Democrats and President Obama but he destabilized the entire world and Obama has to attempt to heal the open sores Bush created and left open. I have to believe that after all these years Korea is going to come to a head and here too we have Georgie to thank but Obama will get the blame!

You know how we keep saying we are screwed? the Relentless Liberal Jerome's son Danny just sent me this! This is a clip from a new film, "Chalmers Johnson on American Hegemony," in Cinema Libre Studios' Speaking Freely series in which Johnson discusses "military Keynesianism" and imperial bankruptcy. To read Johnson's latest piece on the subject, "Going Bankrupt: The Debt Crisis Is Now the Greatest Threat to the American Republic" at, How to sink America

Watch the video's of the interview of Chalmers Johnson speaking freely We are so lied to as to our situation and it will not change under Obama!

Every financial crisis in the past has ben saved by going to war! Just look at our hidden spending, look at our past war mongering and militarization, look at the entire worlds preparations by leaders to stay in power and militarization to fight for their future.

There are no surprises here as I keep saying! That includes the timing! This manufactured perfect storm is no coincidence and it will come to an awful conclusion no one is prepared to deal with. This will dwarf the last time this happened, The Great Depression and WW2! As you know, as we progress through societies life cycle's things get more horrific not beter!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

And I would not be surprised if S. Koreans still feel less threatened by N. Korea than they felt from Bush.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
You are probably right! They are definitely feeling the most threatened since the war!
At least they were! Maybe they and others are realizing Obama is no push over. Remember when he said I am a nice guy but I'm not a sap!

PancerBali said...

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PancerBali said...

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Larry said...

There are many countries both big and small plotting to take on the U.S, all because of its tyrant in exile George Hoover Bush.

an average patriot said...

Welcome and thanks! It is more critical than ever that we stay on top of events because of the Fascist Right!

an average patriot said...

I know! I can not believe Bush got away with creating our collapse via Greenspan and instigated future war to get us out and fund everything. The Bastard, this is just beginning to take shape!