Thursday, March 05, 2009

Iran, Turkey, Russia, United States, Security, Gas and oil, missile Defense, convoluted but tied inextricably!

Obama reaches out to Russia over nuclear Iran

Russia willing to talk missiles, Iran separate

Russian minister says Moscow keen to market Iran's gas in Europe

Obama letter shows new approach to Iran's nuclear ambition in full ...

Russia says it received no letter

Medvedev rejects Obama missile defence deal

Please feel free to peruse our numerous conversations involving the missile Defense shield. Russia has out played the US and I don't see that changing! past Defense shield Bickering

In the same token conversations involving Iran, Russia and nuclear and missile defense issues have been equally as numerous, complex, and convoluted in Bush's instigation to war. Please peruse!

* There is no way in hell Iran is going to relent in what they consider to be a God given right and that is to possess nuclear abilities! God given right to have nukes isn't that sick. But? They are not going to give up that right regardless of what we say, period! Russia as you know has supplied advanced weaponry such as missile defense systems, and advanced missile systems including fighters able to deploy them. They have reopened bases for nuclear subs in Syria and as you know they are intricately involved in constructing Iran's nuclear facility Bashir. With extensive interests in Iran and orders to Russia's troops in Iran to defend their interests there you know they too are not going to relent as to them believing Iran has the right to develop nuclear power only or at least that is what they say!

I do find an in here and that is in those interests we just mentioned. Of course it is in Russia's interest and their desire and since they are in the drivers seat in my mind because of Bush I do think improved conversation and diplomatic efforts between the US Russia Iran and Turkey and a little bit of compromise could be the key to remedying the impasse with both Russia and Iran.

The swivel point to all involved is Turkey but the key is Russia! By now you know we are waking up as we get desperate that Iran and the Taliban are mortal enemies and if we are to extricate ourselves from Afghanistan at this point we need them and Russia's help! Russia has expressed an interest in helping us in Afghanistan as success there is in their security interests. We have to realize we are all one. Our futures are all intertwined, we must converse, compromise, and realize that and Obama realizes it and is the key to getting it done.

It really drives me crazy but the more you research the more you realize all throughout the middle east, Georgia, Afghanistan, everywhere, all the wars and controversy can be tied back to gas and oil. This too is no exception! Russia's interest in Iran in numerous and as such is not singular to nuclear cooperation. You might have already known Russia was also interested in Iran's gas and oil but an interesting possible relationship and cooperation just dawned on me.

I am sure you remember Russia creating a crisis recently shutting off Europe's gas and oil supply after its confrontation with Georgia! That and the fact that Turkey has long desired and endeavored to become a member of the European Union. This opens up a win win for all involved!

* Center pin Turkey, King pin Russia, center pin Iran! Winner US, European Union, Iran, Russia, and all our union and future! The missile Defense shield is starting to look like a necessity with N Korea in pressing on missiles capable of carrying war heads and the ability to reach Hawaii or so we hear. Iran we still do not know about but they will not compromise their nuclear desires so with a responsible credible ally if Russia is one, the responsibility to ensure Iran's real intentions would be there's under scrutiny of course. The missile Defense Shield can at least be put off under the guise it must be tested under real conditions as it has not been yet. Russia will not compromise in not wanting it at their doorstep but England was one of the original host countries. There is room here.

** The winners in all this is everyone but Turkey and the EU above all! Russia wants the franchise for Iran's gas and oil! Turkey is at the crossroads of the middle east and the European Union. This is a major point for compromise in all our problems! Give Russia the franchise, the EU lets Turkey join in turn for Turkey allowing a pipeline from Iran through Turkey into the EU. Everyone wins! A win win for all and a chance for us to move into the future as one. Thanks to Bush we have enough problems already!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

Due to the fact that the US is a signatory to the NPT, they lead in a most hypocritical manner. They have violated, ignored, and mocked just about every Article of the Treaty. It should be noted that Iran is also a signatory.

Now. we didn't hear all this commotion and saber-rattling when Israel was developing their nuclear program; nor India, nor Pakistan. Israel, India, and Pakistan, to this day, refuse to be a signatory to the Treaty.

Look at Israel's history of aggressive wars on the weak, their history of land-grabbing, their goals of near-genocide (they've done everything but come out and say it). And Israel has only been a state for 60 years.

In that same 60 year time span, how many wars of aggression have been waged by Iran? Hell, go back 160 years, or even 260 years. The answer's the same. Zero, zip, zilch.

Don't tell me the Iranians are a bunch of crazy radicals either. The Israelis are just as crazy and radical, but to make matters worse, their hearts are as black as coal (not clean coal either).

I don't know if Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons or not, but I DO know this much: They'd be damned fools if they weren't.

They are surrounded by nuclear armed states. Israel, Pakistan, India, China, Russia, and the US (Iraq). Tell me, Jim, if all your neighbors had .357 magnums, and some were talking hostile towards you, would you be satisfied and secure with your knife??? Or would you be headed to the gunshop?

Nuclear weapons are deterrents, and Israel and the U.S. do not want to be deterred. Neither of these nations use nuclear weapons as deterrents, they employ them as weapons of intimidation.

And the fussion weapons of today are approximately 1,000 times more powerful than the fission weapons used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There simply is NO limited nuclear strike. ANY nuclear attack is major.

The Persians have a very long intellectual history, they will not engage in certain self-annilation.

Don't believe for one minute, the BS propoganda that Muslims are looking for Armageddon and Martyrdom. The Qur'an teaches just the opposite. The only time violence is condoned, is when it's used as self-defense mechanism.

If the sh*t was hitting the fan in OUR neighborhood (Canada, Mexico, etc), we'd be neck-deep in the middle of it.

Once again, just my two-gigabytes worth.

Larry said...

Never discount the fact that something is lurking around the corner left behind by Bush and his madness which will stifle this.


Hi James,

Re Obama's "that while the United States needed to "reset or reboot" its relationship with Russia, Russian leaders also needed "to understand our unflagging commitment to the independence and security of countries like a Poland or a Czech Republic."

Russia is reacting like a spoiled brat because their amour propre (ego) is hurt and hurt badly after its former sattelite nations began to embrace Western credo. I still believe that if there is one "major" power player that the West must reckon with or will have to reckon with, it is Russia.

That said, unless the Dept of Defence and the NSA/State Dept can explain satisfactorily why the US must put up a missile shield by the Russian border in order "to protect the West from Iran nuclear attack", Russian's "recalcitrance" is understandable. At the same time, I also understand why Obama can not cancel the Bush plan just like that -- obviously there's got to be tactical strong arm manoeuverings at work here, lest the US loses credibility.

The dynamics of regional power play are being juggled hard here while we, the ordinary Western mortals, can only watch.

an average patriot said...

You know I would head to the gun shop. First I would get one of my brothers who is an old hand and would have a ball!
I just finished reading something Danny sent me on a group going after Obama already for war crimes related to killing civilians (Pakistani) on their own soil!

an average patriot said...

Not the Persian's but we and the Jews with the exception of the so called Islamists are the worlds war mongers!

an average patriot said...

You know Bush had this financial collapse set up by Greenspam while he cheer leaded it on!
He for 8 years instigated for war to fund it and all his corruption! This is still just taking shape and will go on out of our control for generations!

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
I agree with both sides. Czech and Polish Democracy should be respected but so too should Russia not wanting us at their door step with the supposed MDS!
If security was the real goal not inciting Russia Bush would have let the UK who asked for it house it. They don't even know if it works. It has never been tested realistically!

Obama will be a lot smarter than Bush and I think he will use good sense when called for! Talking has begun on Iran and also the MDS being deployed at all!

PancerBali said...

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an average patriot said...

Thank you and you bet I will!