Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cheney, Robert Gibbs, and A.I.G: Idiocy, Accuracy, and Audacity and then there's Grassley!

First I have to tell you I was giddy thinking over what Senator Grassley said because I agree with him. Of course now he is softening it but Grassley suggested A.I.G executives commit suicide

like many of you I am sure, I was disgusted listening to Cheney during his interview. I hate to even look at his snarling lying face! He said do not blame the economy on Bush because the whole world is in trouble. That ass! The whole world is in trouble because Bush with his insistence of no oversight did this and is once again bringing the entire world down!

That idiot also said He and Bush accomplished everything they wanted in Iraq. What? Cheney lied again and the interviewer did not say anything when he said their original goal in Iraq was to establish a Democracy and they succeeded in that. I think the hell Bush guaranteed for Iraq by attacking them will erupt as soon as the chance arrives! What the hell ever happened to WMD? I did a story years ago titled The 10 point Plan for attacking Iraq because 10 times they changed their reason for wanting to attack Iraq until they found one Congress fell for. We knew what they were doing but we do not matter!

In response to the idiocy Cheney was spewing at his interview I had to laugh because Robert Gibbs said it perfectly! At the White House press interview the following day the first thing out of Gibbs mouth was that Rush Limbaugh must have been busy so the Right wing Cabal pulled out Cheney for the interview. Cheney said Scooter Libby was unjustly accused and he was innocent. Yeah innocent my rear! If anything Scooter was innocent because he only did what Cheney said. Cheney was guilty!

It really bothered me but Cheney was defended by Buchannan who said it was in bad taste and inexcusable for the White House to bad mouth and joke about an ex vice President. The audacity, I am sick of it! What the hell did Cheney do and to a standing President? He said amongst other things that Obama is doing the wrong thing and endangering America. Who the hell cares what that lying piece of crap says anyway?

Now the A.I.G debacle! I just heard that it looks like we may not get the $170 Billion back that was given to A.I.G. because we were given the sorry excuse that they were "too big to fail" If it is too big to fail then it is too big period.Chop it up into a million pieces. Let them all start over compete and rebuild themselves to succeed and be competitive. If we had allowed A.I.G. to go Bankrupt instead of Bailing them out we could have stopped the outrageous bonuses. Congress's feigned outrage sounds like complicity to me.

What is happening at A.I.G. is the same thing as with the auto executives. Remember when the heads of the big three went to Washington with their hands out to pan handle Congress for multiple Billions and they flew in three separate private jets to cry poverty? Corporations in this country are use to Bush who set the example for mindless selfish idiocy right from the top! He set the example Politicians and corporations are following. Do what I say not what I do! I will continue to do what I want just give me what I want. I will lie and say whatever you want to hear.

* That time is over! A new day is dawned. Bush is gone but I am afraid we will never be able to forget him. His idiocy and damage will be around and getting worse for generations. It is really sick listening to the likes of Arie Fleischer and Dick Cheney saying Obama is endangering us and Bush did nothing wrong.

Barney Frank who I find very slimy to start with said giving money to A.I.G. is like giving awards for incompetence. Don't we do the same thing with Congress? Duh they allowed this to happen in the first place. Now this abuse! It is BS that A.I.G. needs the money anyway. Why do they need our money if they use multiple millions to splurge on joy trips? Also hundreds of millions just to give a few hundred employees who who will just go on their way afterward.Let them leave now. I just found out the White House knew Bout the A.I.G. Bonus plan back in 2008. Last Tuesday night Geithner warned Obama. Now Republicans are expressing outrage that Obama waited so long to express outrage when they knew since last year and during the transition never said a word. Sounds like another set set up to me! Republicans are making fun of Obama which is hypocritical but Obama should have expressed outrage on day one. They would have shut up the Republicans and gained a lot of converts to Obamanomics! I just heard too that 11 of the employees receiving large bonuses have already separated from A.I.G. Hush money I say Hush money!

Anyway, Big Corporations like main stream media and those on the right do not want Bush's gravy train to end. We can not afford it to run any more. It is over! Get it, it is over! I am hearing calls coming from Congress right now that those that receive the bonuses to return them because if not they will be taxed at 100%. I must say that it is about time Congress is going to do something right or I hope they do for once.Don't just say it send the damn message. IT"S OVER!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Mauigirl said...

Great post, I think you express how most of us are feeling about this situation!

an average patriot said...

Hi Mauigirl!
Thanks! This is really asinine! both sides and all of them are guilty as hell. I am sick of the lying crap.

I was taking notes last night listening to the news channels and it was overwhelming. I am putting something together and I will work on it all day and night for tomorrow.

This shit has got to stop. Those kids we call adults and politicians better grow up. All of them we are running out of time!

Brother Tim said...

Grassley is grandstanding, just like all the rest of Congress. Congress, just like Obama, knew about the bonuses last year. Either one of them could have stopped them by bailout stipulations. They thought it would slide by under the radar. I think we should apply Grassley's idea to ALL members of Congress.

Chris Dodd is another venal b*stard. His pockets have been lined with AIG campaign contributions. When David Shuster confronted him about it last night, Dodd says that didn't have any effect on him. Yeah, right! Dodd did his little showboating by attaching his ammendment to the bill, but when it was stripped out, we heard nothing but silence from him.

Congress and Wall Street know no shame. They all continue with business as usual. They know America is bankrupt and un-fixable, they are just continuing to spirit away the last of our resources. They are in the process of draining the last drops of blood from this country.

As much as I abhor violence, I am ready for the revolution to begin.

an average patriot said...

As I said before, Obama is on his own! This really stinks to put it nicely. I am so fed up! They are all dirty covering up and lying. I was up again last night listening to the news channels and it was overwhelming.
Theatrics, grandstanding, flat out lying, This has top! All these friggen idiots not just politicians better grow up. This has to stop!

Demeur said...

Obama did say yesterday to stop all the finger pointing that he would take the blame. Now that says something for his character.

Not to burst your bubble but the senate is voting on a bill to tax the evil dooers. The only problem. It's against the constitution. Constitution says you can't make a law that's retroactive and target's one small group. At least that's what I'm told. You also need to remember that the first bail out was done under Bush. It wasn't even brought before congress. Congress was informed of the money given to AIG after the fact.
What should congress do. Quit screaming and ranting and raving and get busy writing new laws so that this doesn't happen again. Put at least half the laws that were thrown out the window over the last 20 years back in force. That would be a start.
Then there's the other side of the coin. What's to prevent a company from denying their obligations for their retirees' pensions under the same thinking. Kick that thought around your brain for a while. Don't get me wrong on this I'm as much against payments for bad performance as anybody, but when there's a contract shouldn't that contract be honored? Used to be we could make deals by handshake. Sometimes those deals weren't always in the best interest of one party or the other but they were honored. Look at some of the deals negotiated in pro sports.

an average patriot said...

I heard most are returning the money anyway! It is to me sick that anyone would have taken it in the first place. That is really blood money, I couldn't!
I just heard the House passed the Bill but what about the Senate? You know, I am a firm believer in contracts but not in this situation. We step in, they are gone!

Monroe Anderson said...

Rejoice folks. This is the end to greed worship as we know it. Right now, greedy corporate ass holes are real life villains with fewer and fewer Americans wanting to be just like them. That's a generational sea change.

an average patriot said...

I agree! Now we just have to hope we survive this generation of lies, games, and corruption!

Larry said...

Isn't it amazing that the very right wing ones who are crying the loudest now, are the very ones who enabled Bush to begin and expand this entire mess.

an average patriot said...

It really pisses me off! Obama does all these town hall meetings taking questions right to the people and not once has the AIG crap been mentioned.

People say thank God for you and we love you. They want to know what he is going to do to fix their lives.

As soon as they can the right says we don't care we want to know why AIG happened? Who did this who did that?

They just want him to fail! Screw them everything today is their fault also Barney Frank and all of them.

They are all liars and that is today's discussion. I would really like to hear your input on that if you have time eventually. Take care!

HelenWheels said...

Uh oh... did you see this?

Sadly, I think he's spot on. I highly doubt Obama can or will be able to fix this:

The Big Takeover

Taibbi is spot on. Gawd.

an average patriot said...

Hey Helen
I didn't see that. It certainly sounds believable. You have to hope that something like that gets around to those in charge. Everything is so diabolical underhanded and frigged up. Unfriggenbelievable!