Saturday, March 14, 2009

MSNBC replaces Faux News: Fighting the Defenders of Bush's Ghost!

Bush revisionist Ari Fleischer battles Chris Matthews

I was flummoxed! Fleischer said Obama should thank Bush for attacking Iraq and only leaving him "a Mild Recession" Halloo! I am really glad I found this video on you tube because I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Myself I use to turn on CNN when I wanted to hear the latest and hopefully get some truth! I know I am slow but I catch on! Recently I have turned to MSNBC to hear the "truth" about what is happening and being discussed. I personally stopped watching Fox right after 9/1 as I realized they were lying and pushing Bush's war mongering society destroying agenda but if you were foolish enough to believe the lie that is Bush you turned to FOX and him and his lying BS is all they talked about and how great he was.

Like I said I know I am slow but I now find MSNBC to be my source more pointedly Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann! Last night was no exception! I should be use to this mindless BS by now but my jaw dropped as I was listening to the debate between Chris Matthews and Ari Shyster I mean Fleisher! Bush lied his way through being able to attack History ahh Iraq. He failed at everything he did and lied about it all riding into the sunset proud of his destruction saying History will vindicate him! The idiots who worked for Bush can not find jobs I am happy to say.

However it is sick that they have the time and audacity to lie about everything Bush did and have been working diligently to "rewrite History" First while I was listening to all this crap I heard something that we all thought to be true but I personally never heard of. Cheney's assassination squads! "Under President Bush’s authority, they had been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list executing them and leaving. Once again there was no oversight and these assassination squads answered only to Cheney and Bush! I wonder how many people they killed around the world to get out of their way? Remember Yasir Arafat, who died of a mysterious illness at a time when Cheney's office was talking about finding someone among the Palestinians to replace him. Oh man I'm telling you

Yeah, I'll rewrite History but back to MSNBC discussing the destruction of the destructive Republican Party! Keith Olbermann was discussing or should I say enjoying the turmoil in the Republican Party Hierarchy. He mentioned the "new face" of the Republican Party Michael Steele was already facing a vote of no confidence. My first thought was of his dissention with Rush Limbaugh and was wondering if it was being instigated by Limbaugh supporters but then I heard what I feared since McCain lost and that was that McCain was preparing to take over the Party in a Take Back America Campaign! Everything McCain says and does is calculated and I was afraid designed to keep him in contention for another run in 2012!

Once again I see him failing because of his obvious lying underhanded scummy tactics. It was obvious from the start that Michael Steele was woefully inadequate to head the Republican Party. The Right is saying Steele is not conservative enough. I could care less! The guy is obviously lost but swing to McCain? I thought the criticism of him was he was not conservative enough? These guys are really lost, confused, desperate, and searching! Limbaugh, Delay, every one of them ass holes just want exactly the opposite of what Obama and Democrats want whether it is right or wrong! They are all brain dead and yes I am going to say it, Unpatriotic!

As was proved at CPAC Conservative Political Action Conference by the 13 year old speaker Jonathan Krohn sadly they are creating the next generation of fascist elitist that call themselves conservatives. Jonathan Krohn at CPAC Republicans continue to be the Party of no ideas and no can do while saying they and Conservatism are great and already have the next generation groomed to follow and lead their destructive agenda!

Anyway then I listened to Olbermann say Limbaugh was the victim of a far left smear Campaign. What? That idiot is a victim of his own self. I taught all my sons from day one that you can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy. Limbaugh is his own worst enemy! That said it is being said that Newsweek and far left commentators from MSNBC are leading this "smear campaign" Smear Campaign, far left? That means they are caring unbiased citizens
speaking the truth! Olbermann went on to say there is a poll saying that 51% of Democrats after 9/11 wanted Bush to fail. I have to wonder why that is coming out now but as you all know, you can set a poll up to tell you whatever it is you want to see!

This really tickles me! Olbermann also said that MSNBC was behind a Defamation Campaign against Conservatism! That just means they speak the truth and the right doesn't like it! I have to tell you I hear nothing but truth coming from Olbermann and he always has the back up. He is enjoying making fun McCain, Oreilley, Limbaugh, Repuglican whining, two faced idiocy in general. That is only because he is speaking the truth and they are an easy target!MSNBC seems to have defeated Fox and replaced them as the station pushing the Republican Party only now the truth is being told and they do not like it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

The Republicans, led by AIPAC, will be just like the Jews of old. They'll be wandering around in the desert for about 40 years. When will they ever learn?

an average patriot said...

I have faith! They will never learn. At this point I believe they are one and the same and the Jews are in charge!

Lisa Allender said...

Love the comments on the Repubs, and MSNBC--Keith Olbermann rocks!
I love Rachel Maddow too.
Thanks for your comments.
btw, will you be placing a page for "Follow This Blog".? If so, I'll add myself to your list of followers.

an average patriot said...

Hi Lisa
First "follow this Blog" is below my Blog Roll! I am slow sometimes not liking change but I have recently "discovered" MSNBC.

I love Olbermann and Mathews. Two Crows on my blog roll loves Maddow and I promised her I would watch her one of these nights! I will be by to follow your blog! Brother just explained to me last night how that works.