Sunday, March 08, 2009

With America and the world Politicians are problem one!

Not terrorism not the economy, as I have said repeatedly Politics is our biggest problem today! After a conversation yesterday with one of my lifer sons and a statement by an MSNBC commentator I started thinking back to pre Bush and when I started warning about him! I will spare you the majority but I in the past have made some predictions I call undeniable fact that to most would be unpalatable so I dispersed them sparingly or kept them to only a few as most did not have a clue as to what is going on, that it was done on purpose, and how this is going to turn out when all is said and done!

MSNBC's show Morning Joe made me revisit things I have said over the years as they and many others just dismiss it and we get deeper and deeper into a financial crisis that was engineered for Bush by Allen Greenspan. I am sick of saying the timing was no coincidence either. I am sick of reminding people it is war that throughout history has put an end to Recessions and Depressions and this will be no exception as Bush spent 8 years instigating it.

Anyway the crap with Limbaugh and the senseless monstrous amount of pork as well as the childish debate over the stimulus Bill boiled down to one thing and it is screwing us big time. Worse it is simply dismissed as it was again last night as "just Politics as usual" Think about it! Politics is the big problem around the world today surpassing even Religion, Hunger, homelessness, all of them as the only goal is not to solve the worlds problems but do what is right for you. In America the problem period is the two party system as they showed that fighting amongst each other not to do the right thing but the right thing for the party is all that matters.

As I listen to the so called experts dicker saying no one expected this financial crisis to get this bad I just want to slap them. We have been ignored but some of us have been warning for years now! Allen Greenspan sabotaged us and as it was being done some of us knew what was going to happen. Greenspan did it for George Bush as he cheer leaded it along leading you all into any obvious trap!

I first started paying attention to the Dow when it was at 7000! That was a few years ago! It started sky rocketing inexplicably! Dow 7000, Dow 8000, 9000, 10000, 11000, I thought for sure it had to end here even though Bush, Greenspan, and the Cramer's of the country were playing it up when common sense dictated we were being lied to and it should have been going down. Then it continued skyward and was really worrying! Dow 12000, 13000 and then the low point a high of Dow 14000!

It was Dizzying but no where near as Dizzying as the decline! !3, 12, 11, and at Dow 10000 I warned anyone that would listen to get out of the stock market because this was just beginning. Everyone on line laughed but happily good friends of mine did not and pulled out, They never stop thanking me! With an increase of warnings at Dow 9000 then 8000 right here I said you better start worrying at Dow 7000. That as you know came too fast.The Dow will be at 6000 before you know it! Then 5000 and I see a bottom of Dow 4500 though I see 4000 being tested! This is in its entire big picture just beginning and the ending will not be sweet for most but some will be okay!

Some of you know I have had many involved discussions with all my sons but with one in particular it has gotten very poignant! First I am sorry to say my son is a Republican! He was a staunch defender of Bush and still loves Palin though I find her an insult! He use to see Democrats as the enemy now his attitude is changing but like most in this country not for the good or because of anything good! He has been listening to my dire predictions for years and just laughed them off. He is no longer laughing!

I reminded him this entire mess is just beginning and as I said would be the case years ago, average Americans are on their own and by design most must go south like the worlds population! After listening to me again he said you know Dad it is sick but I feel a lot safer me and my family in the military. Safe? Remember! Wars throughout History is what puts an end to Recessions and Depressions! He agreed and said it was the increased war spending that did it as we all know. Knowing that he finally agreed with me when I said knowing that we can only hope that despite Republicans trying to get back into power Obama succeeds in stimulating our economy with over spending during peace Because the alternative is war!

Knowing that I remind you that at the same time Greenspan was gaming the Fed system to set up this Depression for Bush Rice and Cheney were going around the world instigating for WW3 to get us out and fund it! War is now a necessity!

* I warned years ago what was being done, why, and how this would turn out! Obama is right! We will come out of this stronger and better but you must know, we will be much smaller! As you must know by now, average Americans as well as citizens around the world are on their own! They will again be sacrificed but on a much larger scale than ever before in History if you can believe that knowing the myriad of horrific events in our history!

** You must have noticed that military's and Governments are very well taken care of and you are increasingly told you are on your own in time of crisis. As such when the shit hits the fan population wise you will largely be sacrificed! The Governments and military's of the world will have their fight and someone will emerge from this. Someone's military and Government will emerge to procreate and start over again. Who that is the question? That should be enough to bring this world together and right now but we do no seem to be that smart!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Karen said...

Prez O is correct, we will come out of this stronger and better!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
I think so if at all when you think of the entire world picture just smaller population wise!

Brother Tim said...

Useless killings will invoke the wrath of the Lord. We just THINK we're bad-asses.

Brother Tim said...

Hey Jim----
Wally just finished posting that amazing video animation we talked about.

Peace, Bud!

an average patriot said...

You are right Brother!
We are all going to pay for it. All right! I am going to go watch it now. I hope people go by to see it. Take care!