Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama's Gaffe one of many! so what?

Schwarzenegger defends Obama

Obama's 'Tonight Show' gaffe one of many for president

Special Olympics chief responds to Obama gaffe

You know, like many of you I am way over already sick of MSM and Republicans jumping on Obama. Republicans because they will do anything to make him look stupid and to see him fail. Man Street Media because they are pissing me off. They just continue to use anything and everything for their gain. I am sick of this childishness. They are like irresponsible little kids looking to cause trouble! Like us they can thank God this is Obama and not Bush the idiot that can't even talk!

He is only 4 months into this! Give the friggen guy a break! In this 24/7 under a microscope crises environment that as part of his success friggen Bush purposely caused before he rode away proud of his disaster Obama is under constant scrutiny. I am surprised he can go to the bathroom in peace. Oh way a minute he probably can't. There will be more gaffe's just thank God this is Obama at the helm and not Bush the destroyer. It's okay! Thank god we have a President we can be proud of! Thank God we have a President we do not have to be ashamed of. A president we do not have to cringe waiting to hear what embarrassment is going to come out of his mouth next. Afraid every time he goes in public!

At least he is capable of thought. He can walk and talk and knows English. Regardless of your Politics you can thank God this is polished Obama not Bush in the rough! Yes Obama has made gaffes. Get off his friggen case. He has 24/7/365 crises created by Bush and he is under a world wide microscope. Give the guy a break! He will make more Gaffes but consider the source.

Remember when he had to explain that statement that hi white Grandmother acted lie a typical white person? Hey look this is Obama he's great, this isn't Bushie!

With Hillary he called her likable enough" during a debate, a comment that came off as smug. He also famously spoke about arugula, an upscale leafy green, in corn-fed Iowa. An exhausted candidate often found himself a bit lost. The guy has been flat out under the microscope already for years. It happens, give him a break! Also while in Iowa he said thank you Sioux City instead of Sioux Falls. Then when in Florida, how's it going Sunshine instead of Sunrise. Big deal the guy is a gift. Give the Guy a break!

Clinging to their guns and religion hung around his neck for a long time but eventually not MSM or the right but normal people forget, They have other worries like a job a place to live, food, survival period and they know we have our shining light trying to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush has us in. We have had the worst now wee have the best. We have the right {resident at the right time once again, Give him a chance he will not disappoint!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Media "honeymoons" are only with Republican presidents.

They like being "tough" on a Dem, because their noses aren't as far up their ass.

They repeated every Bush lie as truth, and they question every truth uttered by Obama.

It is the nature of corporate media.

an average patriot said...

It pisses me off but the Right's complicit media gave Bush a buy and the right and the media are having a field day dissecting and criticizing every right thing Obama does. Not good!

Brother Tim said...

Jim, Jim, Jim ...............

The thing I admire about you is your trusting good heart. I still support Obama, but that support is waning like the harvest moon. You know that I'm the type of man to give anyone a second chance, some, even a third or a fourth chance.

You missed the most egregious gaffe, when he told Steve Kroft in the 60 Minutes interview last night, that 'Iraq is the least of his problems'.

I know the economy is a big problem, but try telling all the widows, and families of the fallen, that the economy is a bigger problem than Iraq. Will the future widows and fatherless children understand, when he says, "I couldn't end the war and save the life of your loved ones, because I was busy working on more important problems"?

It's not his gaffes that bother me, it's his lies.

*I'll close Gitmo if I'm elected..... well, not right away.

*I'll end the Iraq war....... well, maybe not.

*We'll put a 90% tax on those bonuses........ oops, maybe not.

*We'll put a stop to illegal wiretapping........ maybe someday.

*I'll put an end to the Wall Street greed...... (whine) they're too big to fail, (whine) give 'em a few hundred billion more tax-payer dollars (sniff, sniff).

*We need to reverse all the dangerous destructive Bush BS..... did I say that? (those things might come in handy for me)

And you know the list goes on and on and on. I've had to muster all the self-restraint that's in me, to refrain from calling him 'Backtrack' Obama.

You say, "He is only 4 months into this! Give the friggen guy a break!". I agree with you, Buddy, but where do you draw the line? When is enough, enough? 6 months? 12 months? 2 years? 3 years? I don't ask these questions in jest, Jim, I'm as serious as a malignant cancer. How long before you stop and say, "Whooooooa.....This sh*t has got to stop"?

Why don't you scream at him, Hey, 'Backtrack', give the friggen average people a break"?

an average patriot said...

Hey Brother
Yes I missed that interview. I know what you are saying. I am often disappointed in some of his actions.

What I first viewed as a plus now as you illustrated shows as a weakness. He tries to please everybody which as you know in the end pleases no one.

Right from the beginning He made getting out of Iraq an issue but said the economy was his first and biggest jobs.

He is under a major microscope and regardless of what he says or does it will be a gaffe to someone and offend.