Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trust me! Bend over!

Trust me! Bend over! Also threats that the Revolution is here! People are beginning to break!
US Jobless Rolls Increase to Record 5.56 Million

Tent cities pop up in small towns as well as big

Attack on banker's home sparks G20 security fears

Geithner's Market Rally Spells Taxpayer Ripoff -- Nothing for Us ...

Sacked French workers free 3M manager

Dozens march against police terror in Oakland

People are pissed, threatening AIG saying the Revolution has started

Where do I start? This morning I was listening to the news just for a minute while I got my coffee talking about the constant calls to "trust me" I remembered cringing every time Bush said that. You knew a screwing was coming. I never trusted him but you know what we got after 8 years of him saying "trust me" For 10 years we heard from executives on Wall Street that we know what we are doing "trust us" We are listening now to calls to "trust" President Obama.

We blindly followed Wall Street for ten years right over a cliff thinking they knew what they were doing. I knew they were screwing us but they took me over the cliff too. Congress has screwed us for years too. Now in our desperation we are blindly listening to President Obama and being led right over a bigger cliff. I was listening to the trillions being discussed and it sent me over the edge. The 3.5 trillion dollar Budget I heard would be closer to $4.4 trillion. In the out years it would balloon to $11 trillion, that is by 2015. That is unsustainable even today and people know it

I have been saying for years that we are in trouble! Trouble is now racing like a freight train to hit us in the face. People have had enough! Meanwhile the friggen Republicans will just not stop their idiocy while we as a country and the world are racing down the tube. I am just stupefied! Rove had the Balls to call Obama arrogant. WTF? How the hell can that arrogant scum even say that? KARL ROVE: Obama Points Back to the GOP's Future Rove is right about one thing, people are angry!

* If you can believe this, we are now being lectured by France. France? I am listening to Republican's again saying Obama is bankrupting America but as you know Bush the scum already did that. People are increasingly scared and starting to get angry. Republican's wanting a return to destructive Reaganism are again invoking Reagan saying he too had a mess and cleaned it up and they want to do the same thing. Wait a minute! First that was nothing compared to the mess Bush created for Obama and Second: It took him three years not not 6 months to fix.

Grassley called for a 3 year spending freeze to stop Obama which is the stupidest thing I ever heard. No it gets worse! Lastly I heard that Republicans are warning Obama not to do what they did under Bush! They are threatening to go nuclear if Congress changes the rules like they did to a simple majority of 51 votes to get things passed instead of the current 60. It has to be done or nothing will change. The games are just continuing as we go down the tubes and people are openly threatening violence and Revolution. This is just Beginning!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

look- most of us have anger left over from bushco. the rethugs still in office in state, local and congress positions have continued where bushco left off. i am not saying that we should give obama a free pass- i am saying that realistically, we cannot expect him to have done everything we need him to do in 2 months. everytime i say that- i get raked over the coals. reality isn't pretty- it never is. should he have done some things differently? imo, yes. but looking at what i wanted from him and what he has delivered SO FAR- he is on the right track.

the economy is going to take decades to rebuild- if ever. we know that. realistically, global climate change is going to alter things beyond repair anyway. most of the folks in dire straits aren't going to make it- and that's reality. i guess i wonder why we expect instant miracles from a man- who is only a man- and who has only been in the oval office for 2 months? i don't believe in miracles. i believe i rolling up my sleeves and getting to work. which is exactly what obama has done.

that isn't hero worship. you know that. it's reality.

Karen said...

Love your new format with the 'toons!

Grassley is trying to save his ass in his home state.

As far as the rest of the rethugs' threats, they're spittin' in the wind. They just can't stand it that Prez O is so popular and even the Dem Congress poll numbers are up.

It's so refreshing. I love sitting back and watching the rethug brawl. :o)

an average patriot said...

You know I agree! This at the very least is going to be a rude awakening for many! Obama has disappointed a bit but he has to have a chance and he beats the hell out of Bush.
Everything, everything, everything, is just beginning and I am tickled pink to have Obama at the helm.

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
Thanks! Those are from Google but I have been getting them from cagle cartoons They are quite good!

Anyway the right seems to be imploding but I am very concerned about how low they will go to get back in power!

Brother Tim said...

The Repugs want a total collapse, and will settle for nothing less.

If Obama refuses to don FDR's hat and do what needs to be done, the Repugs will get their way.

I'm weary of hearing how Obama's doing what he can and this will take time. We don't have time. As I've said many times, "If it's something Congress wants, the bills get drafted and sail through faster than you can get a car loan". Grabbing the bull by the horns is not just an option, it's a dire necessity.

an average patriot said...

You are right Brother we do not have time! Bush tried to destroy FDR's legacy and I hope to hell that is what he is starting. I just saw you on my dashboard and was on my way over. Adios!

Demeur said...

We elected Obama to fix this mess. Considering he's only been in office 60+ days I'd say he's doing pretty good. It will take time he so much as said that when he passed the recovery act. Sorry but we do need to be patient. If they want to go balistic they ought to go after the rethuglicans who caused this mess. If history repeats itself they'll get thrown out of office the next congressional election just like they did with FDR. They did the exact same things under FDR. I say let them go eat worms.
You did see that idiotic Republican budget plan they came up with the other day?

an average patriot said...

Yes Obama is acting on many fronts at one and it will all still get much worse so we do have to be patient.
Republicans are doing everything they can to see Obama fail so they can get back in and finish us off.
I just posted a story on Congresswoman Bachmann pushing for a Revolution against Obama. This is going to get even more screwed up than it is and the Republicans will make sure of it!