Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Warren Buffet sees better times ahead, Republicans see disaster because of Obama! Who do you believe?

As Obama's budget gives it to US straight

Buffett Says Economy ‘In Shambles,’ Promises Better Days Ahead

I am really sickened by what I heard yesterday but we are in trouble as Conservatives Loved it and were energized by the Lies and crap

I see total disaster unless we can force the Right to somehow cooperate which will never happen so I will say "coerce" Republicans to let President Obama go forward with his plans to save our America! They created this still just just developing hell and after they and Bush depleted our coffers and with no oversight sp their cronies could rob us blind of $Billions. Now they want to blame our demise on Democrats and in particular on President Obama saying he will destroy America if allowed a second term.

I have news for those fascist idiots, Bush and they already destroyed us and Obama is our only chance at a future at this point Listen to their crap if you can! They call themselves the party of Ronald Reagan! That scares the hell out of me because Reagan was the Father of the war mongering high Deficit compassionate Conservatives that gave Birth to much war present and future unless Obama can turn around the disaster they created around the world with their war mongering!

If only because I feel compelled to keep reminding the country of it Reagan also was the leader of the over spending "small Government" "fiscally Conservative" trio Reagan, Daddy Bush, and Bushie, who rang up 74% of our Nations debt choking our children's future while once again they want to blame Democrats for and Obama for worsening as he must in order to try and rescue us from the mess they have created and passionately want to continue!

I have been down right scared ever since I heard the spew coming out of Romney's mouth when he came out for McCain when he was running for President. That was the real start of the Fascist vitriol to me. It was the first time I heard us being called the enemy of America while they were destroying it. It was getting bad during the race for President particularly when they started getting desperate realizing people wanted change. That meant from them and their caustic divisive Fascist lies. It is getting much worse now as they endeavor to "change" the face of the two faced party with the likes of Jindal, Frau Eva Braun Palin, and Michael Steele while staying their destructive, divisive, underhanded course of destroying our America.

I tried to watch a bit of it but it was like watching a Nazi convention. It was gut wrenching to hear. Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Joe the Plumber spoke. Tom Tancredo, Bay Buchanon, Pat Buchanon, Tom Delay Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin they were all there or spoke.They were all equally fascist, divisive, and calling us the enemy and destroyers of America that they destroyed. They are all rabid divisive, lying, Fascists. Where were the people loving conservatives Limbaugh mentioned? Is there such a thing? If so where were they?

Anyway it is Limpburger that scared me the most. He thrived on the lies and attention. His speech was scheduled for 20 minutes but he went on for an hour. They loved him! One second! I just turned the channel to see a decrepit school corridor and heard that some students are being asked to bring light bulbs paper towels and even their own toilet paper to school. That is sick! I remember the Republicans slashed the money for new schools and repairs and supplies. Is this what they want? Is this what they call success? Loving people? Caring about our children's future?

Limbaugh closed CPAC last evening by declaring that too many misconceptions exist about who conservatives really are. No we see who they really are and like Bush it is just the opposite of what they say. They are down right scary! He said when conservatives look at a group of people they see Americans, not groups of people, not victims but potential. Yeah that "potential" is what you better fear!

He said Conservatism is what it is and will be forever. Another words people nothing has changed but the face they want you to see! Limbaugh said that conservatives believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. "If you wonder why I have to point that out, it is because we believe all three are under assault," he said. No kidding, by them, by Reagan, by Bush, by them.

He said We have destroyed poor families, we destroy peoples futures. He said Conservatives must take back the country before it is destroyed. Too late! They already destroyed it and we need Obama to try and rebuild it. My big concern is what these Fascist scum who like Bush call themselves conservatives will do to get back in and finish us and our America off following the Reagan Bush agenda?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

not to scare you further :) but romney topped the poll of prez candidates at cpac :) and i pick warren buffet.

an average patriot said...

I know! It is very frightening knowing how much he destroyed my State and still wants to do it for the country.
When he first came out for McCain and said Democrats are the country's big enemy not terrorism it gave me chills.
Our situation as you know is a hell of a lot worse now and Bush and Republicans set it up and guaranteed it. We are in dire trouble now but certainly if the right succeeds in making Obama a one term President!

One Fly said...

If these people had their way people like us would not be able to speak out and jail would be a distinct possibility. They will stop at nothing less than total control.

We are the last defense as the media is their army.

Weaseldog said...

Our old Mayor Ron Kirk is up for a presidential appointment.

He's passed the first hurdle. He hasn't been paying all of his taxes.

Talking head on the TV said it was just an innocent mistake. No harm done.

Naj said...

Hi jim, sorry to hear you haev had naj-loading problem?!

(am buried to my neck with work :/ more later)

Larry said...

The Repugs love the tanking and the hidden Depression they have driven the country into, so accepting anything else is beyond their comprehension.

an average patriot said...

One fly
Yes! They are getting much worse now not better as they get increasingly desperate to make Obama a one termer and get back in and finish us and their agenda off!

an average patriot said...

Glad to hear from you Bud! I really am surprised to see how prevalent not paying your taxes is among Politicians.
I am sick of the crap! Before they are aloud to take their positions they should be vetted to make sure they meet the basic requirements of citizenship.
If not, instant disqualification. There are no innocent mistakes on that level!

an average patriot said...

I finally got through to Utah! I will try you again as soon as I get situated. Good luck with whatever it is. Hope you are well!

an average patriot said...

I am sickened that they did this and get away with blaming it on Democrats and now Obama!
They screamed about the friggen ear marks then we find out 43% of them are there's.
I forget her name but one Democrat is going to call them out on it and I can't wait! I am so sick of the childish games and hypocrisy while we are simply allowed to sink!