Friday, March 20, 2009

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! We must have a National Confession Day and start with a clean slate! I wish I had an easy button!

Obama suggested as you know that we press the restart Button with Russia so we can erase the contention of the last 8 years and start working with each other to take on the worlds problems together, It is essential that we come together if we are to successfully deal with so called terrorism and Islamists. We can not be ramping up to take each other on in the future. This is it! We are too far along in our cycle of life. Our weapons are too advanced. The planet is already a shambles. We must join forces and brains if we are to have any future at all. Forget the past! Start over and prepare for the future!

We must start over here too. This is beyond critical! As I said before, Obama is on his own! This really stinks to put it nicely. I am so fed up! They are all dirty covering up and lying. I was up again last night listening to the news channels and it was overwhelming. Theatrics, grandstanding, flat out lying, This has to stop! All these friggen idiots not just politicians better grow up. This has to stop!

Going through the various news shows once again I won't name names but every one of them, every commentator was making jokes at the obvious lying going on by both sides. This is not friggen funny! They are all lying. Barney Frank feigning indignation with A.I.G. is responsible for all of this as far as I am concerned. Frank and many Politicians received donations from A.I.G including a Senator named Obama. I heard Tucker Carlson saying Fannie Mae is much worse than A.I.G. Freddy too and those in Washington knew it was a scam 10 years ago! WTF?

I am listening right now to both party's sniping at the other, playing childish ignorant games as usual. This is not usual we are in serious trouble and these idiots keep lying and playing their games like the good old days. This has to stop and now. For 8 years I kept saying lying is the new truth. Say whatever you have to in order to get what you want. Regardless of the lie that was the truth! I have a fantastic doable idea first look at this crap. It has to stop!

* Fed to convert $1 trillion to treasury bonds and mortgage securities to drive down the value of the dollar. That doesn't sound good!

* Jobless report wasn't as bad as they thought. Only 645,000 joined the ranks of the unemployed so they were happy. Geezuz, that makes it 5.5 million now!

* In regard to the Government getting in the business of investing our money and becoming owners in essence I hear socialism is difficult and no one in the Government is capable of running a business. Hell we know that they can't even run a Government!

* The commenter's had a great laugh saying we have 535 Hugo Chavez's in the Government. That isn't friggen funny!

* Then I hear that even if we screw ourselves over some more and the stimulus works we could still end up with 20% inflation. Oh that sounds great!

* Indignant self righteous Barney Frank As Chairman of the Financial Service Committee in the US House of Representatives plays a crucial role in determining in what ways much of the bailout and stimulus money is spent. The committee over which he presides oversees the housing and banking sectors, two industries that are at the center of the current economic crisis. He is more guilty than most because he should have been overseeing all this crap and was playing up A.I.G Fanny and Freddy for years and like Obama and many Politicians at the same time getting money from them. Gee?

* I just heard the 90% tax on A.I.G. bonuses is going to happen. I think it should be 110% if they accept the bonus but Republicans call it a sham!

* Madoff's accountant for 20 years has been let out of jail on $2 million dollar bail! The good news just does not stop!

* I just heard that some Guantanamo prisoners might be released right here in the US because of Obama. I mean grow up! Cut the stupidity and scare tactics!

* This pissed me off! Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson retired former Colin Powell chief of staff said that because of Cheney assisting Al Qaeda another attack is very likely. We always knew him and Bush were creating more terrorists to keep this so called war on terror going but it amazed me to hear that Cheney was knowingly keeping innocent prisoners in Gitmo. From a 13 year old boy to a 90 year old man, out of the 25,000 prisoners at Abu Graib only about 500 were guilty. That will be great for us when the book comes out!

* It really peeved me finding out it was Chris Dodd who took limiting Bonuses out of the bailout Bill. Gee what a coincidence he got $123,000 from A.I.G. He should be thrown under the bus not Geithner as he was responsible for the loophole and he blamed it on the Obama Administration!

* A.I.G. CEO Liddy said Bernanke and the Federal Reserve knew about the knew about the A.I.G. bonuses for years because everything went through them!

* I can't take it any more. I am sick of the friggen lying. Enough of the lying already! I am listening to both party's right now belittling each other for not being honest. None of them are honest. They are all liars. They are all guilty as sin! I propose a National Confession Day! Not just Politicians but across the top to bottom. President Obama should announce this and give people a week to think about it and then with no repercussions total freedom from any legal action murder or not Fess up!

* Everyone has one day to come clean free from retribution and we can start over with a clean slate! This lying and childishness is not funny. This is just not right! No Government or country can operate and succeed this way on a good day forget about under these this still developing crises environment! Everyone is dirty and playing games! This is really sickening! Everyone knows everything yet admits to nothing. Everyone seems to be lying. Everyone is playing games while we just sink, they don't seem to care. Only they and the party matters.

** Everyone is guilty and claims innocence until found guilty. We can not afford to play this asinine game anymore. I am sick of feigned indignation at others by those who knew of the corruption often for years enabling it, did nothing and are now screaming "how Dare you" How dare they? I am sick of it, Sick of the lying, sick of the game playing, sick!! It was bad under Bush real bad but now with him gone the truth is coming out! It gets worse in a myriad of ways every day.

It is overwhelming, we are under attack! We need a National Repentance Day for everyone except Bush and Cheney who should be tried and convicted for setting the foundation for all this and much worse! Obama and Biden would be the only two exceptions. One day free to confess of anything and everything! If it comes out after you are toast! What do you think?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

When liars confess you just get more lies.

Brother Tim said...

Why should Obama and Biden be excluded?

an average patriot said...

I know,they only dig a deeper hole. However I do think set aside one day to tell the truth without recourse and if after that they are caught lying they are screwed!

an average patriot said...

They have to be excluded because they have to be able to lie! No?

an average patriot said...

They have to be excluded because they have to be able to lie! No?

Brother Tim said...

That's what got this whole mess started, thinking it was acceptable for some to lie. The old saw, What's good for the goose, is good for the gander' was not idly written. Without respect for honesty, evil prevails.

I will only answer that question once.

an average patriot said...

I do not mean lie to us but I refuse to believe world leaders have ever been honest with each other nor can they be! Can you imagine Obama being honest with Putin or vice a versa? I would like to see it but do not believe it ever happens!

Brother Tim said...

Honesty is the cornerstone and foundation of character. If you can't be truthful, keep your mouth shut.

Sadly, Jim, I agree that it will never happen. Politics, by it's very nature, be it domestic or international, is built on lies. *sigh*

Karen said...

Love all the 'toons! Gotta be able to laugh at the Wall Street mess because it really is pretty comical.

an average patriot said...

Yes we have to be able to laugh! I usually go to your place to see the good ones. The cartoons are the only funny thing about the news oh yeah and the comedians.

Jolly Roger said...

The UN is about to push the reset button next week, when a discussion on using currencies other than the dollar as a reserve currency commence.

There will begin the complete collapse of the dollar, says I.

an average patriot said...

Hi Jolly
Funny but because of Bush and his on purpose damage to absolutely everything the reset button is necessary everywhere.

I do not know if you have read in the past here but dollar has got to collapse.It was set in motion on purpose years ago. They already have plans to replace the Dollar.

You have to wonder about all this debt and what is going to happen to China etc. A couple years back I surmised they were purposely running up the debt and robbing the coffers because of it. How else can you think?