Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taliban Rebukes Obama! Yeahhhh? Also, Today's Mamoond Vietnam's Montagnards?

Taliban say Obama's call on moderates "illogical" What else would you expect?

Obama's Outreach to Adversaries Takes Unexpected Turn With Taliban ... This is Fox news that said this so WTF? Unexpected to who?

Pakistani tribe to surrender Taliban leaders under peace pact I want to say this is big but remember the Montagnard's in Vietnam

Biden Sees Terror Threats in Afghanistan, Pakistan Ya think?

Biden warns of 'deteriorating' Afghan situation Naw? At least he is smart enough to warn NATO and all Nation's that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are a threat to them too!

Russia says Obama signals 'completely positive' That is good because Russia too is key to victory in Afghanistan!

We better unite as a world and quick! We could add a million troops and it would only be matched by the Taliban and other insurgents. They can and will more than match us fighter to fighter and this is their home turf. I used to say if we could secure the Afghan Pakistan Border we could then concentrate on the Taliban and rebuilding Afghanistan. However, knowing the territory and seeing the map there is no way in hell that is going to happen. I thought the Mexican border was violent and it is but the Pakistan Afghanistan Border is the most violent in the world today.

I have been long convinced Bush guaranteed a loss in Afghanistan and everywhere else when he insisted on attacking Iraq so he could help Israel create a new middle east order. I am afraid this is just taking shape and both sides, the Taliban and our so called allies are still just forming the front lines and gathering forces, Both sides are still just beginning to build and This is still just beginning! Afghanistan has never been defeated but that is not even my biggest concern. We have for generations been angering Muslims and certainly in the last 8 years done everything possible to ensure an endless supply martyrs wanting to give their life to kill infidels for Allah!

If we are to have a victory Russia, India, Iran, indeed the entire so called civilized world is going to have to unite. This region throughout history has never been defeated militarily and will not now unless we all realize the future we want will not be unless as a whole we realize how critical the situation is and that united we stand divided we fall, one at a time!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Minnesotablue said...

What I love about your writings is that you always call it the way it is. I have learned so much from you.
Obama is possibly the brightest, smartest President we have ever had. He has replaced Bobby Kennedy as my my first hero. Naturally the right will do anything they can to discredit him but they have all proven to be nothing but losers. Keep exposing them for what they are. I don't always comment but trust me I read you every day

an average patriot said...

Hi Minnesota
Well thank you very much! I am always happy to hear from you here or on your Blog!
A lot of people say that about Booby and Obama also comparing JFK and Jackie to Obama and Michelle!
I do have misgivings about some things he has kept from Bush but I do still expect he will do the right thing for average Americans but fear nothing will change in many respects in the middle east but he will at least try the carrot not the stick approach first. Take care!

PancerBali said...

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Brother Tim said...

I am amazed that people keep identifying Muslims as 'martyrs wanting to give their life to kill infidels for Allah!'. This is blatantly WRONG! Sure there may be a few, but it's a damn few. Most of the Muslim fighters of today are merely practising self-defense. We need to get off of their lands.

It's a pity that Americans have bought into the Neocon/Zionist propoganda that Muslims want to take over the world. It is the typical 'projectionist tactics' that the Republicans have been so successful at. Accuse your enemies of the things you, yourself, are guilty of doing. Rail against them loudly and non-stop, and eventually it will be believed.

Americans are just too busy (doing what?) to bother and learn anything about the Muslims, or their Holy Book, the Qur'an. If they did, they would see through all the smoke and mirrors being presented by the Imperialists.

To help out, I'll start by giving just one reference to the Qur'an. I'll be offering more in the future.

God does not prohibit you, regarding those who do not fight you or drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them. Indeed, God loves those who are just.
~Surah al-Al-Mumtahinah 60:8

For the dense amongst us, this means 'loving thy neighbor as thyself'. Read it over a few times, word by word. Let it sink in.

Let me pose a question to you, Jim.
If a foreign military power were to invade Massachusetts, bombing the snot out of your towns and villages, and killing your family, relatives, and friends, and stealing your resources; would you not be willing to 'fight to the death'? Or would you just capitulate, saying, "I'm sure they mean well. It's for own good."?

Screw diplomacy, screw the carrot, and screw the stick; Get the hell off of their lands, and get off now! Besides, who the hell can eat a carrot after they've had their teeth knocked out by the bully's big stick?

Obama is either in the pockets of the Military/Industrial Complex or he's stricken with fear over what they'll do to him if he messes up their playhouse.

Obama is a consumate politician; offer the people a six-course meal during the campaign, and after winning, sweep them a few crumbs off the table. Spread the blame around for your inaction. Blame the Republicans, blame the Taliban, blame al Qaeda, blame the bankers and corpopatists, etc, etc, etc. Then use the chic 'buzzword' excuse, 'it's LOGISTICS'.

I'd have more respect for the man if he'd just come out and be honest, by saying, "If I tried to end all wars, the military/industrial complex will have me assasinated".

Instead, we hear of the Iraq 'successes' and visions of grandeur for Afghanistan. Funny we weren't hearing all of that on the campaign trail. What's changed in the last six months?

Afghanistan will not be defeated. History proves that. Any presumed defeat, is only temporary, at best. Why waste any more American blood or money on folly? What are we trying to prove?

OK, I'll shut up now.

Dave Dubya said...

I hear you Tim. The only way to "win" the "War on Terror" is to stop it. Period.

Same with the "War on Drugs".

Unfortunately the Reich Wing goons are cashing in on both corporate profit-driven wars, so the suffering and violence will continue.

This will always be since the dems sold their souls to the owners of the Republican Party. It's clear who's calling the shots in this country. The Military Industrial Complex, AIPAC, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Alchohol, and last but not least, Too Big To Fail Big Money.

Obama could become a hero and defy these powers, but you're right about the consequences. He'd quickly become the next JFK.

They'd probably take him out just for de-criminalizing hemp.

an average patriot said...

Thanks and thanks for coming by

an average patriot said...

Hey Brother
You know I agree! Just look at the Muslim's opposed to the rest of the world.

You are right as you know but at this point in our civilization giving them back all their land right or wrong would be giving them our world in essence.

I wish to hell we would just leave them alone and keep an eye on them from a distance. I know I am naive but I think we could reinvent ourselves and do without resources from their land!

Middle Ditch said...

Will it ever end. Will we ever learn from history? Sigh

an average patriot said...

Brother I have to laugh people tell me all the4 time don't shut up and that applies to you!
You know damn well I will fight to my last breath and it sucks but you and I both know with the change from Bush to Obama middle east and world goals have not changed!

an average patriot said...

I am in many regards disappointed with Obama and where it matters never going against the Repugs. I have come to the conclusion that they run things in power or not
You know I fear an Obama assassination period. Just imagine the chaos in this country if he was!

Demeur said...

First off Obama wasn't expecting the real economic mess we now face.
If you want an eye opener about Afghanistan go to the CIA world factbook and read it. I'd say Pakistan is the real key to getting any peace in that area but the Pakistan government has been shakey at best. The final solution will have us out of there.

an average patriot said...

You are more right than you realize. Pakistan is the big time key. Remember the Swat Valley? Take a quick gander at The Taliban get their wish

BBC said...

Nothing has changed, you are still an idiot. :-)