Friday, August 01, 2008

With Rove's proven lies and deceit I am sickened his advice is seeked! Hannity thinks he is a friggen Messiah!

Rove calling Obama pompous! WTF? That is the pot calling the kettle black!

With the house voting to cite Rove for contempt and
attempts to jail him how the hell can the Right get away with Lording him and treating him as a Messiah? Why can't people see what is being done to them?

Watch the Rove Debate on Obama! To an Imbecile Rove proves the Right is lying!

Rove heads GOP attack on Obama's arrogance WTF?

Rove calls contempt vote ludicrous! Watch the contemptuous Bastard

This is a pretty comprehensive example of McCain's lies and Roves's including against Kerry You know the damage!

With Rove's proven record of lies and deceit going back to day one in the Nixon Administration along with the fact that even by Bush's father he has been rewarded for being a division causing underhanded Liar I refuse to believe he is even allowed to talk and should at the very least be censured to his destructive lies if doing the right thing for America mattered at all! Why do the Democrats continue to let Republicans in this case Rove with their obvious lies and are incapable of turning it around on them as it should be? Rove and the right are an easy target so what the hell is wrong with the Democrats? Is this another example of being complicit?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Brother Tim said...

"Rove and the right are an easy target so what the hell is wrong with the Democrats? Is this another example of being complicit?"

I think you've answered your own question, Jim.

I gotta laugh! Word verification for this comment: weewi

an average patriot said...

I know! I just refuse to believe we are simply [played as fools, it is obvious. we voice it, and are friggen powerless to AAARRRGGGHHH anyone to do anything about it!
That's funny! That word verification was just for your pleasure! Take care Bud you'll be seeing me!

Karen said...

"Rove heads GOP attack on Obama's arrogance WTF?"


an average patriot said...

I say it often so I'm sure you already know the hypocrisy bows me away and those bastards do not even flinch or hesitate to say it as long as they get their way. Lying to get what you want today has become the new truth and is more than fine. Unfriggenbelievable!

PoliShifter said...


McCain with his $500 ferragamo loafers, wife worth $100 million, the son and grandson of Admirals...yeah he's not elitist or

an average patriot said...

It blows me away that as you point out someone as elitist as McCain can distort reality to make someone as ground level as Obama appear elitist and friggen get away with it. We are living a lie! Lying is the new truth! Create your own reality to get what you want! I am sick of it and we are screwed!