Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We are screwed: It is very telling and confusing when you agree with a "manufactured" enemy!

Once again we will never know the truth as grey area is created to hide the truth: Georgia, South Ossetia, Russia in a nutshell!
This is what we are Hearing! First:

Georgia calls for international help while Russia appears to be taking it all!

UN emergency meeting on Russia Georgia Crisis!

Meanwhile From South Ossetia:

Russians are our saviors! Russia is invincible! what about Abkhazia?

In A Nutshell: Russian troops, tanks and warplanes descended on the province of South Ossetia on Friday, responding to a Georgian offensive aiming to crack down on the province's separatists. The conflict is rooted in a battle between the Georgian government, the people of South Ossetia and Russia, whose officials said they have peacekeeping missions in the area. The Georgian government is battling with the people of South Ossetia because of their continued demands for independence. The Georgian government insists South Ossetia must remain part of its territory and refuses to budge on the region's continuing demands for independence.
The Georgian government also refuses to bow to a push by some South Ossetians' for a reunification with North Ossetia, which would place the region under Russian control. Russian leaders have said they will defend their citizens in South Ossetia, referring to the nearly 70,000 people who have Russian passports or work in the neighboring country.

Leaders in Moscow insisted the Russian military response was aimed at protecting peacekeeping forces and civilians in South Ossetia, but Georgia cast it as a full-on invasion. The battle holds significance to other world powers, including the United States, for its threat to the stability of a critical region, and for its importance in the oil trade. World powers do not want to see the region destabilized by a military battle because the area is important for oil transport, serving as a keystone in a route that avoids Russia and Iran.
Georgia, South Ossetia, Russia in a nutshell!

It is intentional once again but are you confused yet? Look at what they are saying at Russian Bloggers.com
"Truth is the first casualty of war," as is always said about now, because that statement is almost always right. And the second casualty is surely civilized restraint. Wars are easy to start, hard to contain, let alone end. Right now, the surprising events in South Ossetia and Georgia represent a clash of information and interpretations. This is getting sorted out, but slowly. However, the events themselves are agonizingly speedy.

For a couple of years now Discovery Institute's Russia Blog has been almost unique in representing otherwise ignored news about Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Often we provide access to news about business, culture and social developments that are occurring in a region that the West--including the USA--has tended to neglect since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now we are faced with a war in Georgia that is as big a surprise to most people (diplomats, too, it appears) as it is an obvious catastrophe for the peoples involved and an historic setback for Russian/Western relations. The complications for other regions will soon develop.

The most we can hope for would seem to be an immediate cooling-off period. After that must come some sober investigation of how things got out of hand. Then how to find a way ahead. Our first task at Russia Blog has been to try to get out facts and responsible opinions, letting readers sort them out. We do not want to promote some of the incendiary options being proposed and don't want to give them space. Our second task is to help air alternatives that stand some prospect of establishing peace. in this case, people who think the solutions are simple probably don't understand the situation.

*Sounds like the truth to me! Please read the rest! They have a great archive! This is all about the oil and no one is going to relent. The region is embroiled and this too is only going to get mach worse as Bush, Medvedev, Georgia, and everyone else in the world today hides the truth so they can create a gray area and further their hidden agenda. This is just one small part of the turmoil created as the world fights over oil and each countries role as they endeavor to move into the future! You see what is in store for all of us so once again I will only say relax, be prepared, and stay together and we will make it through this!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Robert Rouse said...

This is more about oil and natural gas than it is protecting the people of South Ossetia. Russia is simply following the lead of George Bush who was following the lead of the Japanese in 1941. Fuel fuels wars.

Thanks for writing about this, Jim. I keep trying to get my thoughts together for a post, but I just can't bring myself to think about the consequences.

an average patriot said...

I will be by eventually! It is all about the oil! A bit back I sent you a link to a story I put together. In it was a link about why 9/11 happened and the oil pipeline Bush wanted through Afghanistan. Anyway Georgia is critical to the west because of the oil pipeline. You have to believe Russia will end up controlling it then what?
Anyway you are welcome but after monitoring your site for the week end I came to the conclusion that you should do stuff like this and regularly. You are good and deserve more activity than most but I think you move around to much. What ever happened to your other site?

Robert Rouse said...

I decided to drop the other site because Blogger seemed to be down an awful lot. I like the fact that I have complete editorial control and my site is always available. Once school is back in session and I have more time, I'll be writing a whole lot more!

an average patriot said...

Okay! I keep forgetting you have the kids. I do not understand how or why some Blogs get so much activity? Like the MSM it seems gimmicks are more important than substance. When you can be consistent you will see more activity. Your take is important!

Ingrid said...

well, you know what Zbigniew Brzezinksi said re. the area; (I better have spelled his name correctly otherwise I'll be compared to the 'idiot'..anyhoo..)

"Seventy-five percent of the world population, most of its material riches, 60 percent of the world's GNP, 75 percent of sources of energy, and behind the US, the six most prosperous economies and the six largest military budgets."


an average patriot said...

Welcome and thanks for thee input! It's funny but I had to look up how to spell Zbigniew Brzezinski. I have to laugh! No wonder Republicans chose mcAssHole. He talks as bad as Bush. He mispronounced Saakshavili 3 times and didn't blink an eye!
By the way who are you discussing?

Dave Dubya said...

The only good guys I see in this Georgia mess are the innocent civilians. Russian and Georgian leadership are both dictatorships.

They all have joined the Bushevik Belligerent Bully Club.

an average patriot said...

I get it! That, knowing that it is all spread through many countries over there makes for the very convoluted complicated mess we are seeing. This like everything else is just beginning and will get much worse!

an average patriot said...

Situation normal in that regard! To my dismay I was just listening to Saakshavili telling his citizens John McCain said today we are all Georgian's and people cheered. That scum!

DushesRUS said...

Thruth is: 2000 innocent people, women and children were killed by georgian army IN ONE NIGHT. But CNN told nothing about it. When georgian army killed thousands of women and children all night 08/08/08 CNN, BBC and others western mass media kept silence...
And keep silence about georgian crimes at present.
Georgian soldiers and officers fired point-blank peaceful people! Georgians burned ossetians children alive!!!
People! If Russia had really attacked Georgia, this country would not have existed at present! We just defended ossetians from georgian agression!
Your mass-media are under control of U.S. government. You are defend of georgian faschists! Yours mass-media don't say truth to you...

WhiteKnight said...

The main problem is that you hear only the one side in this conflict. And here you can see how everything you see is staged http://www.nebog.com/truthaboutwar.htm
Right after Georgia got independence it has immedeately proclaimed 'Georgia for Georgians' and effectively pushed away its Russian, Osetian and other 'non-title' population. This resulted in unrest in S.Osetia and Abkhazia. Tbilissi tried to use brute force - and unsuccessfully. Instead of changing tactics, all their efforts were focused on dreams military resolution. I have my aunt living in Tbilissi, so I know what had happened and happens there now. And the majority of population is just afraid of Saakashvilli regime - last year elections were forged and protests were eleminated by army (US backed). And now the country led by zombie presisdent is led into a fight with a much stronger rival just for McCains support.

an average patriot said...

Welcome! You are right! I kept hearing about what the Georgian's were doing. They were by the Russian's accused of genocide and all you hear here is how they just wanted to be a nice Democracy. Well!
Anyway you are the first one other than myself who has even mentioned that. Knowing there are 2 sides and the issue if purposely being confused to create a gray area to cover a hidden agenda I want to the Russian Bloggers link to find out what they were saying!

Karen said...

GWB has f*cked things up so bad and now expects Putin to listen to him!! After all, Bush "looked into Putin's eyes and got a sense of his soul".

Ha, Ha, Ha!!

Who's got the last laugh now!!

an average patriot said...

Welcome and you are right! With Russia saying that Saaskashvili must leave and Saaskashvili refusing and saying Georgia must stay as one country and they will never give up their Democracy this is just beginning and will be an integral part of this just developing Forever War.
I am very concerned about what the fall is going to bring in this facade of a Democracy as I see no way in hell that the right will stop their agenda now or relinquish the awesome power Bush has amassed. This entire mess is just beginning!

an average patriot said...

He looked in Putin's brown eyes all right but that wasn't his soul the ass hole saw.
You're funny! Bush has a lot of audacity saying Russia cannot attack a sovereign nation while he attacked Serbia and Iraq. Hell Bush is the only one that can do what he wants.
Do as I say not as I do! Screw him! He set the standard and other nations are following that is why we are in trouble as we try to move successfully into the future!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Now u know u making me mad homeboy. If it wasnt for the turkish daily news, id be lost. Hope ua and fam are doing well.

an average patriot said...

How you doing buddy? Sorry I haaven't been around. Been a bit laxidasical lately but I'm getting ovrt it. You never hear the truth here. If you want it you have to search for it yourself. When you find it, it will be called conspiracy theory so the real conspiracy will just be continued!
It is all about the oil Bud! Thanks for asking me and my sons are fine. Hope you and your daughter are too. Take care and stay in touch!

Brother Tim said...

I had to laugh! McDipsh*t said he's been a friend of Saakshavili for many years. McDumb*ss couldn't even pronounce his 'friend's' name correctly.

an average patriot said...

The hypocrisy that S.O.B. gets away with, the well placed lies and bullshit friggen sickens me. 3 friggen times he mispronounced the friggen guys name . He never blinked an eye and not a friggen soul brought itt to the mouse shits attention. I am sick of it, friend my ass!

Minnesotablue said...

I also remember Bush saying he looked into Putins eyes and saw his soul. I thought at the time what a fool he was but now I realize he saw hinself. Invaders both!

an average patriot said...

You have that right! I just watched a video from a forgotten US Presidential candidate and it is the first truth I have heard about events in Georgia. It is all about the oil. Absolutely everything today is as the lie we are living continues! I will be outlining it soon for today. Take care!

DushesRUS said...

For the last 4 years Georgia was under an external influenceof the USA. Saakashvili would not begin battle actions against Sonth Ossetia without a command from Washington. Purpose of this action - to leave Russia in an isolation. Lie, going from American screens and pages and other Western mass-media made it perferctly. All thirst to destroy all Russians and all Russian.
But the point is that Russia is planning not to give up. But if business will reach to atomic war -we won't be the first, who drive the atomic rockets...
I am glad, that yet ithere are people who trust us. Thank you, that even here you talk true about this war.

an average patriot said...

Thanks for coming back! I went to your site but I couldn't contact you. I used your comment yesterday to update this story as to the truth about the lie Americans are living. You will want to check out the links and read it. Many of us are aware that Bush has been instigating war not only with Russia but around the world. Everything is coming to a head and at the perfect time for Bush. This is no coincidence!
We are supposedly starting to fly humanitarian support to Georgia so any way you look at it this is all about oil but a very tenuous situation. I am listening to Condi Rice right now. She is on her way there and says Russia is not withdrawing yet.

Ingrid said...

I'm referring to the general situation of why the Americans are involved , hence the ZB quote. I've become too cynical and I'm not even that old (yet)..sigh(hell, I have so many links on my own site, sorry, don't remember them off hand but the 'oil' reason is in a few of them)

Great research on your post after this one btw.. forgot to mention..

an average patriot said...

Thank you! We are living a t6otal lie. I post on it often myself and we will never hear the truth! It pisses me off these scum will get away with all of it. This Bush manufactured nightmare is just beginning along with his forever war. I have 4 sons 2 in this and one on his way. They just laugh at my anger but I tell them relax and don't get tired these wars are just beginning!

Ingrid said...

btw.. AS I was doing the dishes (ehem) my thought were all over the place and I just thought of the following;

if 'we' know all of this about the neocon agenda (bombing afghanistan because of the oil etc), wouldn't Russia as well? They'd have extra reasons to come down extra hard on Georgia..

other thought;
what if the Bushies intended to have Saakashvili think that they'd help him in order set him up to fail (expecting the Russian's move and coming down hard)..wouldn't that make it good for the US to be able to inch in closer to Russia under the guise of peace keeping even IF it's done by proxie nations?

ok..now gotta stop and have the kiddies 'air out' outside..it's central texas and DAMN hot!!

later Jim,

btw..just saw you listed forever war as a book, I'll have to check that out..

an average patriot said...

Hi Ingrid
I am sure while we know Russia has been clandestinely helping to see that we fail they know to a certain degree what bush has been up to while denying it as he does with us so they have their suspicions but as it is with us, it is denied and just continued.
Well, we would never move closer to Russia! They know bush's goal is one world one economy one world power and they are not going to lay down. Bush did not want Georgia to fail because that pipe line from Turkey through Georgia is too important to the West. It is ratcheting up and this is only a part of Bush's Forever war.
I'm sorry I don't remember listing Forever War as a book. I wrote many on bush's entire Presidency and i do have a manifesto to the World detailing this from beginning to end but other than coining the phrase in regard to Bush I haven't written a book on it. I will have to go back and look. Texas Hmmm, take care!

DushesRUS said...

an average patriot
my email: dushesrus@pochta.ru :)