Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bush's instigation to his Forever war is bearing fruit in the former USSR!

If our Politicians can shut up for a day and keep it in their pants we can discuss the latest in Bush's instigation to an oil Forever War!

Monitoring Russian crisis as Georgia declares state of war, withdraws its 2,000 troops from Iraq, asks for US help! Russia and Georgia do Battle!

Georgia and Russia go toe to toe!

With full war breaking out was this timed to occur during the Olympics?
Russian troops, tanks and warplanes descended on the province of South Ossetia on Friday, responding to a Georgian offensive aiming to crack down on the province's separatists. The conflict is rooted in a battle between the Georgian government, the people of South Ossetia and Russia, whose officials said they have peacekeeping missions in the area. The Georgian government is battling with the people of South Ossetia because of their continued demands for independence. The Georgian government insists South Ossetia must remain part of its territory and refuses to budge on the region's continuing demands for independence.
The Georgian government also refuses to bow to a push by some South Ossetians for a reunification with North Ossetia, which would place the region under Russian control. Russian leaders have said they will defend their citizens in South Ossetia, referring to the nearly 70,000 people who have Russian passports or work in the neighboring country. Watch the Georgian president describe being under a "full scale" attack" »

Leaders in Moscow insisted the Russian military response was aimed at protecting peacekeeping forces and civilians in South Ossetia, but Georgia cast it as a full-on invasion. The battle holds significance to other world powers, including the United States, for its threat to the stability of a critical region, and for its importance in the oil trade. World powers do not want to see the region destabilized by a military battle because the area is important for oil transport, serving as a keystone in a route that avoids Russia and Iran. Georgia's territorial turmoil

You have to think this will erupt in the total war Bush has been instigating over oil and this Forever war is beginning again at the perfect time for Bush to take total control of us! Georgia removing its 2,000 troops from Iraq to join their war

* With oil running the White House the Country and the World think about everything that has happened to us certainly of late, around the world or happened period since Bush. Can there be any that this too is all about oil and controlling the future?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Brother Tim said...

Not only is it about oil (the Caspian Basin Reserves), but Israel has become involved.

Check this out, Jim:

Israel backs Georgia in Caspian Oil Pipeline Battle with Russia

And here is how Iran plays in:

Iranian Early Warning Station, Anti-Air Base on Lebanese Peak

The chessboard is being set up as we speak. This is gonna be an interesting game. Too bad for us, that Bush hasn't even mastered checkers yet (he couldn't get past that 'King me' thing).

an average patriot said...

Where the hell did you get that? Israel it figures. listening to Russia and them promising a heavy hand and we are seeing it and Georgia looking for US intervention of some sort, Bush has been instigating this for years as you know.
This will not be avoided and it is part of the whole that will come to a head here and around the world this fall if not sooner. This is just beginning. I was just outside telling my neighbors and of course getting hyper. Oh man, hope you are well!

D.K. Raed said...

yup, less about any kind of nationalistic idealism than plain old-fashioned lust for control of oil and oil pipelines. The Ossetians have the misfortune to be sitting on valuable real estate, always a dangerous place to be. But of course, Condi & Bush can look daggers at Putin & chide him (nod, nod, wink, wink), but what are we really gonna do. seeing those tanks & bombs rolling in Friday made me wonder how the news can become so fixated on the Edwards story & ignore an actual new war. The Georgia parliament voted today to accede to their president's request to declare war. Isn't that newsworthy? oh what am I thinking, of course a dropped-out candidate's affair would trump that. perhaps if Putin were to have a mistress the news might be more inclined to cover what's going on with his missiles.

an average patriot said...

You are a good one and right on! Our complicit MSM does not want you to know how bad things really are. They want to screw around and keep their gravy train going. Did you see the links Brother supplied?
I have been following events and with Abkhazia and the Ukraine getting involved and threats to the Russian navy this is just beginning.
Bush has been instigating this for years and along with what is happening to us it is not a coincidence that it is all coming to a head at the perfect time for the Right. Keep watching, this mess it just beginning!

landsker said...

In the "Bigger picture", the founders of Israel, (Rothschild/Hertzl etc.) had a "dream" that Israel would be the centre of the world for all banking, trading and political systems.
Rockefeller family members have also been staunch supporters of "One world/one ruling elite", naturally with themselves upon the throne.
Since the late 1800`s, much of the political and military movement around the globe seems to have been part of this "goal".

an average patriot said...

Israel is beginning to look like the center of the world period. We are hearing that they are helping instigate in Georgia. We have heard forever that they are the chosen ones. We are helping Israel in the middle east. Israeal seems to be running the show behind America and everything! Israel is beginning to look like the end!