Monday, August 25, 2008

This Forever War is just beginning so a story on sending our severely wounded back into Combat! When will we ever learn? What is the future?

Peter Paul and Mary when will they ever learn, Where have all the flowers gone?

Please listen To Where have all the Flowers Gone? I call the song When will they ever learn! As I put the story together of arming the world to the teeth by Russia and the US as we guarantee Forever war to continue to send our broken soldiers into!Oh when will they ever learn? Sadly never!

Once again I set out to discuss the race to war around Russia and the arming of the world by Russia and the US as Russia makes missile and rocket deals with Syria and Jordan which surprised me. Thinking of the many developing facets of this developing Forever War I went full circle in my thought process when I saw the story of sending our Broken soldiers back into combat. It led me to thinking of Peter Paul and Mary, Where have all the flowers gone! I listened to it wondering when will they ever learn? Knowing Bush is sending severely wounded soldiers back into combat and that this Forever war is just beginning I thought I would focus on sending our walking wounded back into combat!

The battle within
Soldiers who struggle with pained bodies or troubled minds still get deployed, sometimes on crutches or antidepressants, by an Army pressed to fill the ranks in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the weeks before Christmas last year, a brigade of battle-bruised soldiers left Colorado's Fort Carson for its third round of war in Iraq. Sgt. Colin Barton was getting Botox shots in his forehead to kill the relentless pain from a brain injury. Army doctors said he should not wear a helmet — a safety requirement for the flight to Iraq. The Army sent him anyway. Sgt. Joshua Rackley, recovering from his eighth knee surgery, was classified as permanently injured. The Army sent him anyway.

Master Sgt. Denny Nelson and Sgt. Joseph Smith didn't have time to recover from predeployment surgeries. Nelson hobbled with crutches; Smith wore a post-surgical boot. Sgt. Tim Graham brought a sleep-apnea machine. Sgt. 1st Class Walter Overton had a shoulder injury and couldn't lift his gear. Spec. Joseph Leon was popping morphine pills to dull the nerve damage to his groin. The Army sent them too. Five years into the war in Iraq and six years after the invasion of Afghanistan, the Army is sending soldiers with physical and mental injuries back to war, at times overruling physicians' classifications of soldiers as "nondeployable."

Facing demands unprecedented in the history of the all-volunteer force, the Army has deployed soldiers with slings and crutches and some who need machines to help keep them alive through the night. Thousands are taking pain, sleep or antidepressant medication, with sometimes deadly consequences. The pressure to send marginal soldiers grew with the "surge" of troops to Iraq in January 2007, an effort that Army leaders say has succeeded in stabilizing the nation's government and reducing sectarian violence. Yet from the onset of the Iraq war, deployment pressures have been evident. An Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center analysis shows that 43,000 service members — two-thirds of them in the Army or Army Reserve — were classified as nondeployable for medical reasons three months before they deployed anyway. Multiple tours take their toll: Some soldiers who discussed their cases with The Post requested anonymity, fearing retribution, but their accounts were corroborated through Army records, interviews, observations or medical records that they or their families provided. It gets worse please read it
* Knowing this is just geginning and still just taking shape and that sadly we will never learn I have to wonder about the future?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Brother Tim said...

I know I'm dating myself, but my musical career started out in folk and delta blues. This was one of the first songs I learned. I believe I've covered every song Peter, Paul, and Mary did, as well as the Kingston Trio, and Pete Seeger.

How comes they got so old, while I haven't hardly aged?;)

Thanks for the memories.

an average patriot said...

I just finished this and had to digress again! I have to tell you That song prompted my brother to steal the album from the library do me.
Thinking about it today knowing this is just developing it almost brought me too tears. Listening to Seger and Peter Paul and Mary made me realize we are never going to learn! All right I will shut up and say thanks!

Ingrid said...

Carissa Picard from Military Spouses for Change has become pretty high profile (her husband was recently sent to Iraq) and she'll be attending both conventions. I hope they note her presence..especially the Republican ones..

since you're going to be part of uncommon sense, will you write about the executive order 51? You should! (I won''s yours..)

hope you're a bit better from yesterday, whatever yesterday represented. although I can guess but could be waaay off. Anyhow..good info re. Russia's next move.. I wanted to talk to you about something and hopefully tomorrow, when dh is out of the house (he works from home today and yaks loud on his blue tooth thingy, I have a borg in the house)..I'll email you re. the various moves and the ideas it gave me..

(back to catching up with the chores)

an average patriot said...

Hi Ingrid!
With a few of my sons in this and knowing it is just taking shape I have to wonder what is going to happen to them. The ine in Iraq right now I worry about with PTSD. The one going back in December foor a third tome flies so I don't worry too much about him.
Anyway I expect a lot of chaos attributed to Clinton supportes but I believe sanctyioned by Limberg, Rove, and others. Of course I will discuss executive order #51 but you can if you want.
I have contacted Robert 3 times and still have not gotten a reply so I don't know what's up though I know uncommon sense was supposed to go on today.
Yesterday I talked to a few of my sons and of course I get started. I have to laugh because they listen to me and then go and reinlist or something. AAARRRGGGHHH!
I just didn't feel compelled to jump around yesterday. I was talking to a sister in Cocoa, Florida and found out my parents who live in Melbourne were flooded out and may leave another sister's and go back today. I was just watching their communtity on TV!
Whatever a Borg is you feel free to E me any time whenever! Looking forward to seeing what's up! Take care!

Mariamariacuchita said...

I saw them play at least 3 times.
Love PP&M.

We need to take care of our vets, their medical needs, treat their PTSD and give them time to rest between assignments. We need to stop recruiting psychopaths and others with severe mental illnesses and shake up the military leaders. We also need zero tolerance against abuse of soldiers by their peers and abuse of women in the military.

an average patriot said...

I hate to say it but I have been listening to them for over 49 years but hell we know because I came out of the womb listening to them. Love em!
I am very concerned for our vets primarily of today because of the multiple deployments often of walking wounded, the placating of them saying we love them while they constantly get screw while abusing their patriotism, and one of my own sons really worries me as last year he returned from Afghanistan this year he is back in Iraq and his own troops are afraid of him because he id so hard cor and wants to be in the action!

Weaseldog said...

I've started a new tactic with pro war trolls. They don't like it.

It goes like this.

Say you succeed. You win. You get your grand new war started. War rages across the Middle East and up into Uzbekistan. As you're drafted into service, Tel Aviv is getting bombed back into the stone age. Bombs from Russian Migs are blowing huge craters in Israeli Cities.

Will you be carrying a rifle and a backpack through Syria, Libya, Uzbekistan?

When your legs have been blown off and your crying for your mother as you bleed to death in the sand, what country will you be in? What soldiers will you be fighting? Will you be proud of your hard work in starting this new war?

Dave Dubya said...

Great taunt Wease,

Too bad so many of the twits are just chicken hawks that are too old or too rich to serve, unfortunately.

an average patriot said...

I wish something would work but Frig man I just updated on the situation as Pakistan erupts! What the hell is net? There is no controlling this now and watch what is going to happen. We nailed it!

an average patriot said...

It sucks but they are not done yet and this is just beginning and we will just have to react to what Bush has set in motion around the world!

Weaseldog said...

That taunt is working fine on folks that I suspect are working in propaganda centers in Tel Aviv.

They get mad, give me an angry send off, then don't reply to any more of my taunts.

an average patriot said...

I didn't know you were talking about this coming from Israel!

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