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Reading about Mussolini's opinion about Hitler and ensuing events so struck me as to the chief idiot what the world thinks of him...

Because Buchanon is right about so much and reading about Mussolini's opinion about Hitler and ensuing events so struck me as to the chief idiot what the world thinks of him and what is about to happen I thought I better post this!.

Pushing Russia Into the Cold
by Patrick J. Buchanan (more by this author)
Posted 08/26/2008 ET

A year after taking power, in June 1934, Adolf Hitler made his first visit abroad -- to his idol Benito Mussolini in Venice.

Babbling on incessantly about "Mein Kampf "and the Negroid strain in Mediterranean peoples, the Fuhrer made a dismal impression.

"What a clown this Hitler is," Mussolini told an aide.

Two weeks later, Hitler executed the Roehm purge and murdered scores of old Stormtrooper comrades. In late July, Austrian Nazis, attempting a coup, assassinated Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, a friend of Mussolini whose wife and child were then his guests.

Il Duce ordered four divisions to the Brenner Pass and flew to Vienna to vent his rage and disgust with Hitler. He called a summit at Stresa with Britain and France to agree on military action should Hitler make any new move in violation of Versailles.

At the time, however, Il Duce was also plotting revenge on Abyssinia for a bloody border clash with Italian Somaliland.

Mussolini thought his Allies would understand if he invaded the Ogaden to add an African colony to his new Roman Empire, just as the British and French had so often done in previous decades.

Mussolini miscalculated. Morally outraged, Britain and France went before the League of Nations and had sanctions imposed on Italy that were too weak to defeat her but punitive enough to insult her.

Friendless, isolated and condemned as an aggressor by Europe, Italy and Mussolini had nowhere to turn now but Hitler's Germany.

Thus, over the fate of an Abyssinian slave empire, Britain drove her faithful World War I ally into the arms of a Nazi dictator Mussolini loathed and had wished to confront beside Britain. And Abyssinia was overrun.

Are we making the same mistake in the Caucasus?

Mikheil Saakashvili started this war with his barrage attack and occupation of South Ossetia. Russia's war of retribution was far less violent or excessive than the U.S. bombing of Serbia for 78 days over Kosovo, or our unprovoked war on Saddam Hussein's Iraq, which has brought death to scores of thousands, or Israel's 35 days of bombing of Lebanon for a border skirmish with Hezbollah.

Yet, declared John McCain of Russia, "In the 21st century, nations don't invade other nations." Even Dick Cheney must have guffawed.

Russia must get out now, adds Bush, for South Ossetia and Abkhazia belong to a sovereign Georgia. But when did Bush demand that Israel get off the Golan Heights or withdraw from the birthplace of Jesus, which Israelis have occupied for 41 years, as he demands that Russia get out of the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, which Russia has occupied for two weeks?

As Israel was provoked in 1967, so, too, was Russia provoked.

Russians died in Saakashvili's attack, as American died in Pancho Villa's raid on New Mexico in 1916. We sent "Black Jack" Pershing, future Gen. George Patton and a U.S. army 300 miles into Mexico to kill Villa. Was this proportionate?

If we proceed on a course of isolating Russia from the West, keeping her out of the World Trade Organization, throwing her out of the G-8 and ending cooperation with NATO, where do we think Russia will go? Where did Il Duce go, when he was excommunicated from the West?

Condi Rice compares Vladimir Putin's action in Georgia to Leonid Brezhnev's crushing of the Prague Spring in 1968. She raced to Warsaw to ink a deal to put 10 anti-missile missiles and U.S. Patriot missiles manned by Americans into Poland.

Does the Stanford provost have any idea where the end of this road lies, upon which she and Bush have started the United States?

What do we do if Russia responds to our Patriots in Poland with the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft system in Iran and Syria?

If the United States intends to bring Georgia and Ukraine into NATO and arm them to fight Russia, why should Russia not dissolve the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe and move her tank armies into Belarus and up to the borders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania?

Would we send U.S. troops into the Baltic republics to signal that we will fight Russia to honor our NATO war guarantees? Which NATO allies would fight alongside us against a nuclear-armed Russia?

If we bring Ukraine into NATO, what do we do if Russified east Ukraine secedes and Russia sends troops to back the rebels? Do we send warships into Russia's bathtub, the Black Sea, and commit to fight as long as it takes to restore Ukraine's territorial integrity?

In March 1939, Britain pledged to declare war and fight Germany to the death to guarantee the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Poland. How did that one turn out for Britain and Poland?

Before we start down the road of isolating and encircling Russia with weak NATO allies, let us think through Gen. Petraeus' question in 2003 about Iraq, "Tell me, how does this thing end?"

But, then, these folks never seem to think anything through.

* I have been getting updates today from Danny I am really glad to see. I am glad someone of consequence is on top of events at least somewhat! I decided to post this instead of many other happenings because Buchanon is right about so much and reading about Mussolini's opinion about Hitler and ensuing events so struck me as to the chief idiot what the world thinks of him and what is about to happen. I hate to tell you Pat this has all been done on purpose including this drive to a major world population decreasing Forever War and it is coming to a head at the perfect time for Bush to take control! Watch!

James m Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

Pat Buchanan and Jerome Corsi are two peas out of the same pod. Another stopped clock that's right twice a day.

As I infered in the last post; knowing about this sh*t and doing something about it, are two different things. Danny needs to get off his elitist flabby white ass and get the ball rolling. We don't need to hear more flimsy lame excuses like, 'these things take time' or 'you can't move too fast'.

Lord, Help us!

an average patriot said...

I liked what you said about the stopped clock being right twice a day! Gee you make me laugh! I have never met Danny but I have met Jerome and he is skinny! No flabby white ass! I just saw one of the cousins at the DNC discussing it and he was an identical younger version of Jerome!
My biggest obstacle has been that these guys are Politicians and think we have been here before and we can work it out . Forget it! We have never been here before, this is just beginning, and will not be prevented.
Reading this article should make one realize we are in Britain and Poland's position this time and there will be no US to come to the rescue!

an average patriot said...

Reading this article makes me reassert a couple things: Reading this article should make one realize we are in Britain and Poland's position this time and there will be no US to come to the rescue!
With Russia and the US arming the entire middle east and Russia warning they will take us on, Bush's"peaceful" instigation to major war has paid off! Sadly this is still just taking shape and just beginning. This is coming to a head at the perfect time for Bush to take total control of us and prosecute this mess.
There are no surprises or coincidence here only Politicians failing to realize the brevity of the situation or what is really happening and playing their regular Political games in this facade of a Democracy while this Forever War ramps up!

Robert Rouse said...

There will only be one Freedom War and that is likely to take place right here in the heartland of America. Should the neocons and PNAC get their wish fulfilled and try to continue their faux stealth campaign toward world domination, they will have to completely trample on our rights first.

Before Japan - through tacit approval of certain Americans - attacked Pearl Harbor most Americans didn't even realize there was a World War going on. And like Isoroku Yamamoto so famously said that the Japanese had "awakened a sleeping giant", the neons and PNAC may end up awakening that giant's offspring. Many people who call themselves Republicans will end up joining the rest of us in a second American (un)civil war.

Right now Bush is trying to get other nations, Israel, Georgia, etc. to fight our battles for us. This will not work. Bush will have to declare martial law, create a mandatory draft and clamp down on our citizens. We will not stand for it.

Bush's Forever War may just end up being fought in North America by Americans. And like that first civil war, foreign nations will quickly figure out which side to ally themselves with for the betterment of mankind.

an average patriot said...

Man you nailed that and I don't have to add a thing! All I will say is I am totally bummed knowing how far down and bad it is going to get before people wake up and that happens.
Remember it will be going on in the midst of much war all instigated by the war mongering Peace President!

Brother Tim said...

You are soooooo right. And this civil war is gonna make the last one look like a schoolyard scuffle.

Robert Rouse said...

Other than the obvious - more technical and deadlier aspect of a new civil war - the major difference will be there is no Mason-Dixon line, there will be no clearly defined front. That is probably the most frightening aspect. I would have to say if there is a main area of focus, it will be States along the Gulf Coast. The Eastern Seaboard and West Coast will quickly end up in the hands of the people who hold the Constitution in high regard. The battleground states will be the same as they are in the elections. Look at the last electoral college map, those red states will have hell to pay.

The reason I mentioned the Gulf States is because that's the only way the Reich Wing will be able to ship in supplies. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida will be a literal bloody mess.

Mariamariacuchita said...

You all have good points, but I'm especially impressed with your assessment, Robert. They have started the campaign to take away our rights.

Robert, why do you think the Gulf coast will be the only or main point of entry for supplies?? Why would they not come in from Canada or Oregon, for example?

There is one point some forget, though. Texas has a constitutional guarantee that it can secede at any time and become its own country again. Written into its constitution with the US and the only state with that provision.

This also brings up many questions of gun ownership. If people really believe this is inevitable, they would move in the direction of arming. Have any of you seen any statistics that indicate there are significantly more weapons being sold here, either legally or illegally?

an average patriot said...

Total chaos that is what I see and in the midst of ongoing world war. This is not going to be good and we have to stay together. I wish I could remember who posted it but yesterday Ingrid,Maria, Helen or someone posted a map yesterday or the day before that looked broken up like you said!

Robert Rouse said...

Maria, Oregon is a lot more liberal than you might think and when push comes to shove, those who are not will still come down on the side of civil rights. As for Canada, there is no way someone on our border would want to take a chance of being pulled into the melee.

an average patriot said...

Who posted that map where we had that conversation? I would like Robert to see it! I must admit until you said that I never knew that about Texas. Watching this all and more coming it hurts me for the young and bothers me that absolutely everything has been done on purpose and we have been powerless to make a difference in the lie we are living but I won't stop!

an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

I just found the map of the 9 nation's of North America. It is posted at Red's

Mariamariacuchita said...

Sorry, I was totally exhausted from work and went for a swim.
Long long day.

So you think liberals will capitulate and conservatives will fight or the other way around?? Just trying to understand and make sure I am clear.

Yes, Texas can legally secede. Lots of cars have the bumper stickers now that say secede, not sure if those think it is a joke or are serious...but Texas is on the cusp of turning blue, Dallas has gone Democrat and Hosuton is almost there...I know lots of Republicans here who are not voting for McCain. how does that change the equation, if any? Also, lots of libertarians down here and the huge Hispanic vote.

Robert Rouse said...

Actually Maria, I'm saying that both will fight - TOGETHER! Most Republicans do not believe in the Neocon's objectives. In fact, most only vote Republican over single issues like abortion and gay rights. Once they see our Constitution being threatened, most will come around. Especially in places like Oregon, Colorado, Iowa, etc.

Dave Dubya said...

I wish a majority of Americans were aware enough of the Constitution of care. We are no different than "Good Germans" of 1939.

If the Democrats had a spine, they would be ripping the Republicans apart over the Constitution. They are collaborators.

Remember, a quarter of the population are authoritarian personalities. They will take up arms against the freedom seeking people. I doubt the number of those willing to resist fascism would amount to much.

Maybe a quarter, with fifty percent sheeple in the middle, too ignorant and intimidated to do anything.

landsker said...

It seems as though the will for war is loosing appeal and glamour for many americans.
As the war machine starts to collapse and unravel, the states and individuals that pay taxes to support this trillion dollar war machine may feel inclined to withdraw their support.
Secession, or independence would certainly sever the obligation to fund the never-ending expansion of the militaries.
Perhaps the break-up of the US and its` continental hegemony is approaching.

Brother Tim said...

Americans have become too unprincipled. They have traded their principles for falsely perceived personal safety from an unseen and imaginary enemy. The unfettered growth of government, and it's insatiable lust for power and control, will eventually bring about the regression to the primal tribal mentality that is inherent in human nature. This will be the travailing of the break-up of the U.S..

Hope I'm wrong. *sigh*

an average patriot said...

I firmly believe the Right is going to steal this election one way or the other. This is all coming to a head at the same time and perfectly for Bush to stay in power. With the plan for the NAU and the Northwest corridor already being built in Texas secession will never happen regardless.
Funny but speaking of all that I just got an E from an ex Pat. living in NZ offering relocation help saying the Bankruptcy of America is due to come to a had 9/30. Man there are no surprises here only complicity and ignorance!

an average patriot said...

I wish I could agree with you on this but regardless of why Republicans vote Republican they will and the Neo Cons will stay in control and do as they will unless we force the issue and do it enmasse! In todays environment it needs to happen around the world and that will never happen. Sheeple are not just American you know. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Damn Dave
As usual you are right on! I wish there were millions more like you! The comparison to 1939 is stark and these sheep will follow the plight of the German people and they are taking us with them.
You are lock step in what I just sad to Robert and nothing will happen until enmasse we force the entire Congress to do what is right for America. Even then I think it is too late!

an average patriot said...

I don't see a break coming for America just total chaos in the midst of much war that regardless of the Americans getting tired will get much worse as Bush has motivated much of the world to take us on. I am convinced this is the absolute beginning of all of this!

an average patriot said...

You are all right! You know there is no safety. People have voluntarily fallen for the total lie we are living and we will all be controlled while this just beginning Forever war is prosecuted! Take care Bud!

Robert Rouse said...

Jim, I'm not saying most Republicans will vote with the Democrats now, I'm saying if things come to a head and our rights are taken away, even most of the Republicans - those who do not believe in the neocon agenda - will rise up to protect their rights. That is an American thing, not a party thing.

an average patriot said...

I see! That has to happen! The only concern and question to me is how far down, how bad it is going to get before that happens and at the same time these wars are absolutely just beginning. What a friggen future!

Mariamariacuchita said...

As Bush has stolen power for the executive branch, and the other branches have allowed it, it is indeed a sad day for this country and for the Constitution. Thanks for the responses.

an average patriot said...

We will never relent but at this point I can not reiterate enough that it is of the utmost importance that we stay together!

Ingrid said...

Jim, I wanted to creat a hyperlink thing (or create a link) to this can i do this? you do not seem to have this feature here..

(I sometimes do that if someone else's post is wortwhile promoting and I'm not just going to do a lame copy and paste job)


an average patriot said...

You're funny! You assume I knoow this stuff. I know nothing about computers and use them out of necessity. I don't know what a hyperlink is but this is the link to that post!

That was on the 27th! On the right of my page is everything I do month by month so if you go to any month and click on any story you will get the permalink to that story. I think that's what they call it! You let me know!

an average patriot said...

Let me try that again! Here

an average patriot said...

I think you are right I don't have that ability for everyone but I can do it!