Thursday, August 21, 2008

The race to Bush's Forever War: Russia to cut Military ties to NATO warn of military response to MDS as Pakistan continues to explode!

Destructive updates and videos Below First a recap: The US has absolutely no political or moral standing to denounce Russia or anyone else for deploying military force. Washington asserts an unlimited and unilateral right to mobilize its massive apparatus of military violence wherever and whenever it wishes, spreading death and destruction from the Persian Gulf to Central Asia and threatening even more bloody conflagrations. In the current conflict, the US government and media have cast Russia as the aggressor. There is no progressive content to Moscow’s actions in Georgia. They are motivated by the predatory aims of the Russian ruling elite, which is intent on reasserting Russian control over territories on its border that it dominated for centuries. However, the eruption of war in the Caucasus is the outcome of a policy pursued by US imperialism since the breakup of the Soviet Union whose ultimate aim is the reduction of Russia to a semi-colonial status.

It is inconceivable that Washington was not intimately involved in the preparations for Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia. US military advisers virtually run the military of what Washington considers its key ally in the Caucasus, a strategically critical bridgehead between the oil-rich Caspian Basin and Western Europe. Just one month ago Secretary of State Rice visited Tbilisi and reaffirmed US support for Georgia’s admission to NATO, a development which Russia considers an intolerable threat to its security. Rice’s visit was followed by a massive three-week military training exercise, in which 1,000 US troops participated. The incendiary measures announced by Bush on Wednesday represent the response of American imperialism to the major setback it has suffered as a result of Russia’s military intervention in Georgia. There is great concern within the US ruling elite that Russia’s routing of Georgia will undermine Washington’s drive to displace Russia from Moscow’s former spheres of influence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and establish American hegemony over the Eurasian land mass. US policy makers worry that the example of Georgia will weaken US control over right-wing client regimes it has established in a whole number of countries that were either part of the Soviet Union, such as Georgia and Ukraine, or allied to the Soviet Union through the Warsaw Pact.

A pattern of provocation: From the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 to the present, the United States has carried out a policy of militarily encircling Russia and surrounding it with hostile states dependent upon and subservient to Washington. As the USSR was disintegrating, the United States launched its first war against Iraq, a key ally of the Soviet Union in the Middle East. During the 1990s, the US and Western Europe sponsored the dismemberment of Yugoslavia in order to isolate and weaken the Russian ally Serbia. In 1998, the US spearheaded the incorporation into NATO, the US-dominated military alliance, of a whole number of newly independent states that had been either part of the Soviet Union or allied to it through the Warsaw Pact, including Estonia, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria. Please read the complete report

Now, Bush thinks France and the world are on his side as he instigates his Forever War but look at this! So how did the crisis in Georgia really come about? Many Europeans believe that the events of the past week can be traced back to the recognition of Kosovo - which was also a clear violation of international law - and which the Russians have skillfully turned to their own advantage. For France’s Le Figaro newspaper, Renaud Girard writes in part:

“Twenty years after being eclipsed by what was called the American ‘hyper power,’ we are witnessing the Russian Bear’s big comeback to the international scene. The Western diplomatic ballet now trying to temper the violence of the Russian reaction to Georgian President Saakachvili’s forceful blow against Southern Ossetia last Thursday will change nothing. … Naively, Saakachvili believed that having international law on his side was enough to enable him to use force. The problem is that his Western friends have just precisely violated these very rules, by unilaterally recognizing Kosovo’s independence … In Brussels earlier this year, Russian Foreign minister Lavrov solemnly warned his American counterpart Condi Rice: the recognition of Kosovo would set a precedent for Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Americans and their major European allies were mistaken not take him seriously.”

By Renaud Girard Translated By Nicolas Dagher August 12, 2008 France - French - Original Article (French) Twenty years after being eclipsed by what was called the American “hyper power,” we are seeing the big comeback of the Russian Bear to the international scene. The Western diplomatic ballet now trying to temper the violence of the Russian reaction to Georgian President Saakachvili’s forceful blow against Southern Ossetia last Thursday will change nothing. As Vladimir Putin clearly hinted, Georgia seems to have definitively lost its rebel provinces of Ossetia and Abkhazia. this is dead on Please read the rest

Not only this but the Ukraine is getting involved! Ukraine's military pledged on Thursday to carry out orders issued by the president obliging Russia's Black Sea Fleet to seek official permission for its movements. "There is a presidential decree and it will, naturally, be implemented. I guarantee that we will do everything to ensure the president's decree is carried out," Chief of Ukraine's General Staff Sergei Kyrychenko told a press briefing. President Viktor Yushchenko issued a decree on Wednesday requiring Russian naval vessels to request permission 10 days in advance before returning to the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol. Russia's defense ministry quickly denounced it as "not serious." The move ratcheted up tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which has given political support to Tbilisi during Russia's military conflict with Georgia. Russia has maintained its Black Sea fleet base in Sevastopol since the 1991 Soviet collapse and the current Russian lease on the facility expires in 2017.

Also to really instigate this war Poland and the United States will sign a preliminary deal to place part of a U.S. ballistic missile defense system in Poland -- a plan that has drawn sharp objections from Russia, the Polish president's office confirmed Thursday to CNN. The Bush administration has long pushed to base missile interceptors in Poland. The interceptor rockets would be linked to an air-defense radar system in the Czech Republic, whose officials agreed in April to take part in the system. Both countries are former Soviet satellites but now are members of the U.S.-led NATO alliance. The United States' plans to base the anti-missile system in Eastern Europe have raised alarms in Russia.

Moscow has mounted serious opposition to the missile shield plan, although the United States has insisted it is designed to counter threats from the Middle East and is not an aggressive move against Russia. The United States has also agreed to help Poland modernize its military, which it requested as a condition of its support for housing the missile defense system. Thursday's agreement comes amid heightened tensions between the United States and Russia over Moscow's invasion of Georgia, a U.S. ally Read last weeks update on Bush's Forever War coming to a head

Now Todays updates:
Hypocrisy: Despite Rice's BS and saying Russia has lost credibility Russia hints at military respnse over Poland!

Then announce Russia to cut military ties with NATO!

not only do we now have 5 carrier Battle Groups in the Gulf as we antagonize Iran but Pakistan is degenerating rapidly as Suicide blasts kill 57 at Pakistan arms factory

* None of this will be turned around! Because of the lie we are living since Bush This will all only end one way and one can only wonder what will be left after? There will be war with Iran. There will be war with Russia. There will be World War. There will be a "Forever War" They are al long instigated and necessary to Bush's forever war and declaring martial law. Remember the "denied" North American Union between the US, Canada, and Mexico? The North American corridor connecting them? Rumor of A new monetary system to replace the dollar? Yes it is all long in the works and coming to a head perfectly for Bush. There is no coincidence or surprise here just denial per usual until it all becomes undeniable fact!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Mariamariacuchita said...

Since Russia is not a member of NATO, what does it mean, cut its military ties? I heard that yesterday and was confused. Great post.

an average patriot said...

Hi Maria
How convenient! I haven't had a chance to check yet but I was thinking last night that I have to link to you so thanks for commenting today. I feel like I comment to you but? Man I'm losing it!
Russia is not a member of NATO but I have a link where it was proposed she be one! It would solve a lot of problems buit not se3rve the right's purpose of instigating war to implement their new version of order.
Anyway, there has been a "cooperation" and accommodation of each other in Bush's part to create the facade of unity while clandestinely instigating war. Along with the mess here it is all coming to a head at the perfect time for the nightmare scenario I keep mentioning!

Mariamariacuchita said...

Ah, ok, so when do we invade Mexico? There's tacos and oil and cheap labor for the taking down there.

This Russia stuff really just scares the behayzeus outta me. It's a real 4-alarm issue. Bush needs to stop being an antagonistic arse.

Hey, I'm seeing my name in lights on your sidebar link..pretty cool, thanks. Added you a few days ago.

an average patriot said...

I just got back from looking at houses! We do not have to invade! There is a long plan to create a North American union between Canada us and Mexic.
With the cheap labor and fuel in both I guess it might make sense but of course it is denied. You have heard pf the Northwest corridor right?
It is a mega highway already being built between Mexico through us to Canada. Many are fighting it and pissed but it will go through There is a proposed again denied new currency too. Adds sense to the purposeful emptying of our coffer!
I don't know if you are aware but the southern border is being secured but not between us and Mexico between Mexico and the rest of South America.
Put everything together that is happening here and the entire world and it paints the total picture but of course again denied until it becomes undeniable reality!

Robert Rouse said...

Really? Next thing you'll tell me is that they're planning a superhighway north along I-69 through Fort Wayne toward Canada. What's that? They are!!! SHIT!

an average patriot said...

You are up to snuff bud but none of it will be stopped but denied again until it becomes undeniable reality!

Mariamariacuchita said...

Actually, lots of South Americans come into the US through Mexico. So I guess that Unkka Sam is trying to stop the flow of immigration at several places.
Yeah, I've heard of this Union. But can you imagine the Mexico druglords allowing the norteanos to look down their noses at them as they join? Mexico is way unstable right now... It is about 2 pesos away from civil war. I doubt Calderon could pull off a coalition without being assassinated from within.

D.K. Raed said...

Hey Jim, I'm about 2-weeks behind here, so just wanted to say hi & thanks for analyzing this messy dangerous situation. This is pretty scary! Kind of reminds me of the Kennedy-Krushev moment. We are posturing, they are posturing = danger, danger ahead! And looking at who we have at the helm is not helping my nerves.

Russia isn't in the NATO pact; in fact one of their recent objections was us pushing NATO inclusion of many of their former vassal states. I wonder if Condi's trip to Georgia was the last straw in Russia's view. Just another diplomatic failure to add to her long resume of such.

Ingrid said...

side comment re. the North American union..that's one of the reasons for creating the Nafta highway that's been controversial in TX re. the Trans Texas Corridor with the many eminent domain issues.. it's been in the works for a VERY long time..

as for this's so unreal. I have not talked to my mom in Holland yet so I'm curious as to hear what's been talked about 'over there'.. The Austin American statesman today or whenever (read the newspaper at the hairdressers today) but anyhow.. this opion piece was written by two professor from Texas State University (if I remember correctly) and they were talking about the current hysteria re. Russia. They also mentioned who the aggressor really was and for a MSM piece, I was pleasantly surprised.. enough republicans read that newspaper as well so..'s way too late, I better get to bed..


landsker said...

The trend in Asia and Europe, in terms of gas and oil supplies, is to use pipelines instead of ships, and to deal directly with the producer states. (Iran and Russia.)
This infuriates the yankee oil machine, and it`s playmates in the militaries.
As for Nato, I`m sure most of Europe eagerly awaits its` collapse, which is currently taking place in Afghanistan.
The end of the olympic games is approaching, which will allow China to focus again on her role in the "never-ending war", which should shake the money markets over the next few weeks, as rumours abound that they are preparing to dump billions of dollars worth of US mortgage debt, thus depressing both the financial market, and the price of American properties.
Naturally, just an opinion, but I can`t see that the Chinese and Russians are going to hold back in their quest to defeat their oldest foe.

an average patriot said...

At this point I seem to be immune to what is being done and the dire future that has been created for us. I really feel though for the likes of you, Ingrid, Robert, enigma, and others. With everything everywhere unstable what will the future bring for the kids?

an average patriot said...

Glad to see you and thanks! This is the Cuban missile crisis times ten. Couple that with the second greatest depression and this just taking shape WW3 and this is going to dwarf all of those combined and at this point you can just relax, keep moving forward, be prepared, and stay together for?

an average patriot said...

The NAU is "the" reason for the NAFTA super Highway! It is being fought in the courts from Texas to Canada but like everything else, in vain!
As for Georgia it is all about the oil and energy and we are the instigators and aggressors. I will eventually talk about that today because something dire dawned on me about oil, Russia, and us, not good!

an average patriot said...

You are more knowledgeable than most Americans! The whole problem in Georgia is because the wast has built a pipeline and tried to cut out the Russians who will not be cut out. That pipeline is also key to Europe. This too is just beginning and another small part of this Forever War.
It remains to be seen though because of the relationship between China and the US and China and not just financial, as to which side China will take? I happen to be of the school of thought that when all is said and done they will side with us that fuels there economic growth! What a friggen mess and future!

landsker said...

What you say about China needing America to further their economic expansion holds true up to the point where the US, and its` people, run out of cash.
Even the Chinese cannot extend infinite credit, and now, with their state coffers full to the brim, they have begun to actually buy the corporations that came in search of cheap labour.
Neither, China nor Russia want to invade the USA in the military sense, but no nation wants to toil endlessly in support of a profligate and bankrupt consumer.

As for the pipelines, why on earth (pun intended) would anyone here on the Eurasian mainland need American/British corporations to become the middlemen in our energy transactions with the producer states?
By the way, there is one hell of a recession coming down here in the UK, falling house prices, rising unemployment, rising food and utility prices, we are all in the same boat, and those in command are eating well, and refuse to see the plight of those less fortunate.

an average patriot said...

landsker my friend!
I just finished todays update on this. It is one hell of a friggen future we have before us. With oil controlling the Kremlin and the White House we are screwed. It might have been to you but I just commented to someone that what is just still taking shape will dwarf the Cuban missile crisis, WW1, WW2, and the great depression, combined. Not only here but around the world as the entire world will get dragged into this and dragged down. Hold on bud!
It really stinks but we are experiencing the same thing you are and this is just beginning!