Monday, August 11, 2008

We live a lie! The forever War Bush started with 9/11 is getting under way at the perfect time for him to keep power! It's No Cincidence!

We live a lie! Time for talk is over! The forever War Bush started with 9/11 is getting under way at the perfect time for him to keep power! It's No Coincidence!

After trying and failing to alert the public, the complicit MSM, Politicians on every level, I have come to realize that after trying to get anyone to see the awful truth about this mis-Administration it has now taken on a life of its own thanks to Bush's instigation around the world. I have consistently warned that was going to happen and events in Georgia are proving it true as Russia is now going against Bush openly and defending its region. Absolutely 100% everything this mis-administration has done including the MDS was designed to take total control of the world but we knew it as an instigation to war. About 2 weeks ago I laid out a undeniable map of events leading up to this. I am sick of living a lie

Please pay particular attention to the links involving that from the absolute beginning with this mis-Administration oil has run the White House and the country with oilmen in charge (Bush and Cheney) and oil their only concern. Remember the secret meetings with big oil in the White House to determine a new energy policy? Well you are living the result and it will get worse! After failed meetings with the Talban in Crawford and the White House to have an oil pipe line run through Afghanistan to the Caspian 9/11 mysteriously happened and 10 days later Afghanistan was attacked. 9/11, the Patriot Act, the terrorists, all a lieWhile this has been happening those behind this mis-Administration have been orchestrating the financial collapse of America via Allan Greenspan. This too is undeniable and part of "The Great setup" Michael Whitney the Second Great Depression

Coupled with a growing Forever War this will Dwarf the Great Depression and WW1 and WW2 combined and it has to as you will soon read the truth that the goal is to reduce the planets population by at least 30%. As you know things here will continue to worsen every day. Yesterday I had a friend who was feeling the pressure on his business, A friend whose bank was one of the ones that just failed, and we got notification from our oil Company we would have to start giving them $800 per month. This will get much worse especially after war with Iran and Russia starts.
To create another facade of concern that once again will help no one that needs it. Fannie and Freddie amongst others will be bailed out and our debt ceiling has been raised once again to $10.6 trillion to supposedly be paid by our children and grandchildren if they survive this forever war and still have air to breathe! another bail out sent to CongressBankrupting America is necessary so people will be more receptive to total control. As you will read, a new currency will be enacted to replace the dollar. Now do you know why we are being Bankrupt? In march a secret meeting was held in Congress to Declare Martial Law if things continue to worsen as they are and people increasingly become disgruntled as they are. Please read it if you haven't it is important that you doMeanwhile Bush's advocates want him to have Lifetime dictatorship

* After almost 8 Years of watching this moronic monkey act like a fool and have fun while destroying the country and world order I think I am finally done trying to make a difference! multitudes of pamphlets, documents, treatises, manifesto's, have done nothing! Thankfully I have monitored every single day, every single lie of this mis-Administration from the beginning, the first 4 years in books and someday when Bush is held accountable for what he has gleefully and purposely done to us and the world I will be ready! People just refuse to wake up and want to be happy thinking this will somehow get better while they go ahead enjoying life as usual. It is not going to happen! After the last couple of days watching a spirited in large well intentioned debate on Georgia and what was in fact instigated once again by Bush I have come to the conclusion that though I have said it 100 times by now, talking about who is at fault or who did what where does not matter. While appearing the hapless moronic well intentioned idiot Bush has following his Dad and Reagan has done it all on purpose. Sadly I firmly believe something is going to happen soon to keep the S.O.B. at the helm of this mess if the right thinks stealing a third election this time for McCain will be in jeopardy. Have your fun but be fore warned, be prepared, and stay together!

*As I have said numerous times Nostradamus gave us 2 roads to follow into the future that we know on our own. One to peace, success, and prosperity and the other to war and world destruction. Needless to say we have taken the wrong road and there will be no turning around now regardless of who is President. I will not go into it here because it is too explicit but if you need it laid out from beginning to the way this will end I put it together years ago and it is available upon request.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Weaseldog said...

I had really hoped that things wouldn't get so bad that open war would come to the US.

But I'm getting the sense that this is the intended outcome. Whether by a staged attack, civil war, a missile attack, probably doesn't matter.

But it's really looking like our masters want to keep kicking the hornet's nest until we're stung hard.

Multiple sources appear to point to US involvement in Georgia. Putin has told the US to butt out.

Once the Russians take Georgia, the Afghanistan Pipeline Project will be in ruins.

It's too bad that our culture believes that chess is for sissies. We might better be able to realize that we should always be looking twelve moves ahead.

an average patriot said...

I don't know how many of the links you read and I said much of it numerous times but Bush has instigated all of it. It is only tempered by ineptitude. He really pisses me off. I just heard the scum say it is ironic all we want is peace. I'll give him peace!
He is reaping what he sowed( or we are) and happy as a lark. This will not be avoided and will not be good. I told you a long time ago this ass hole is going to sacrifice average Americans as you see happening and the Government protected by their private security will start over on a small scale probably in Paraguay.
I just got through sending this post to Lydia because we are out of time and talking is worthless. Someone who has the medium, the pull, and will be listened to better step up and quick.

Brother Tim said...

I hate to be the one that breaks this to you, but no one who has the medium or the pull will step up. If they have have the medium or the pull, they are complicit in this sh*t. None wants to risk losing what they have. It's a shame. These people are not like our Founding Fathers, which most died paupers for their involvement in giving us liberty.

an average patriot said...

When I started reading your comment I started panicking! Of course i know and you are right. I usually aim at the relentless liberal in specific because he has ties any Politician would envy.
However in this instance I was retargeting Lydia who I keep trying to get to realize it is not going to be hunky dory because she wants it to be. This crap is just beginning and will not be quelled by the friggen chief idiot, McCain, or anyone else.

I sent a link to lydia targeting Bartlebee, voltron, Mike, and clif, as they were having a vigorous debate on Russia, Georgia, A return to the draft, etc. and I wanted to let them know to stop the talking and someone must act now.
Talking is worthless. We will change nothing. I am sick of McCain's lying rhetoric, We are going over the precipice right now and the games only continue.

Anyway Lydia moved on to discuss McCain's flip flopping (lying to me) and extra marital affairs. I do not want Mccain to get a by on this but Bush's Forever war is bearing fruit and Russia for one will no longer be controlled.
They are taking Bush's cue and attacking who and doing what they want. Like him thet will and are lying to achieve their goals as you would expect because of the low standard the scum has set.

Bush sickened me whan I heard him say this morning that isn't it ironic that all we want is peace and Russia does this. WTF we are screwed. Take care and stay in touch Bud!

an average patriot said...

Russia is pissed because we airlifted the 2,000 Georgian troops from Iraq to Georgia to take them on but I heard their anger about it and nothing else yet. They are also suspecting us of supplying mercenaries. Anyway this and everything else id just beginning and be very concerned about this fall!

Brother Tim said...

I gotta laugh! While they were loading up those 2,000 Georgians in Iraq to bring them home, Putin was bombing the snot out of all Georgian airstrips. Last I heard, they had no place to land those flights. Haven't heard anything more about it.

Bush has decimated our military with the follies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Russia, China, and Iran are all well aware of this. Hell, even ole Hugo, down in Venezuela knows it. Just about everyone in the world realizes it but BushCo and the dumb-ass American populace.

Welcome to the beginning of the end, my friend. King George and his Cabal of Neo-con Jesters are so arrogant, they'll destroy the world before they admit to defeat.

May God have mercy on us.

an average patriot said...

I was just listening to the chief scum condemning Russia in front of the White House. I thought Putin was his friend? What happened to the soul he saw? Bush was just saying Russia better back off amd they may try to unseat Georgia's President. You bet your ass they will.
Bush said there is evidence they may be trying to disable the airport. Gee! I also heard yesterday that Russia has military advisor's in Venezuela.
Yes Bush's forever war is beginning. Putin will not relent. It is screwed up but can you blame him? You are right Bush will destroy the world in the name of peace.
We were right all along and it is beginning to bear out. I am very concerned about the fall and yes I agree, God help us!