Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How much more can we take on? Pakistan's rapid decline to chaos reminds me why we have 5 aircraft carrier Battle Groups in the Gulf!

How much more can we take on? Pakistan's rapid decline to chaos reminds me why we have 5 aircraft carrier Battle Groups in the Gulf if not to go after Iran they are there for Pakistan!

First: Pakistan coalition is close to collapse! Remember the nukes and the Islamists!

Pakistan's political turmoil deepened Tuesday after the two main parties in the ruling coalition split, weakening the fragile government just a week after president Pervez Musharraf resigned. The world's only nuclear-armed Islamic nation, already facing a fresh campaign of bombings by a resurgent militant movement, now faces the prospect of a bitter political battle over the choice of Musharraf's successor.Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif pulled his party out of the coalition on Monday, saying they were moving to the opposition because of what he said were the broken promises of the other main party's leader, Asif Ali Zardari. He said Zardari had gone back on a pledge to reinstate dozens of judges sacked last year by Musharraf -- an issue that has been at the centre of a political dispute in Pakistan for the past year.

"We have taken this decision after we failed to find any ray of hope and none of the commitments made to us were fulfilled," Sharif said Monday. "This situation forced us to withdraw our support." Zardari, in a televised address late Monday, appealed for Sharif's return to the government. "We are sad over Nawaz Sharif's decision. We want to move together and solve the problems facing the nation," he said. "We will request Nawaz Sharif to return to the government." Meanwhile, Pakistani stocks reacted negatively over the break up and slumped four percent on Tuesday. The benchmark Karachi Stock Exchange KSE-100 Index finished down 383.37 points to close at 9,430.29. Lawyers meanwhile called for a nationwide protest on Thursday to demand the reinstatement of the judges, who were pushed out as Musharraf purged his opponents in the judiciary.

Sharif's PML-N party has put forward a candidate to challenge Zardari, widower of another former premier, Benazir Bhutto, on September 6, when lawmakers will select who will be the country's next president. Zardari and the PML-N candidate, former judge Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui, will face off against the party formerly behind Musharraf, which has nominated its secretary general, Mushahid Hussain. Political chaos is nothing new in Pakistan, which has been under military rule -- including under General Musharraf -- for more than half of its existence since being partitioned from India after World War II. But the months of turmoil that eventually forced Musharraf to resign last week under threat of impeachment, and the new split between Sharif and Zardari, have made Western allies jittery about Pakistan's role in the "war on terror." The United States, which turned Musharraf into an ally after the September 11 attacks and has supplied the country with tens of billions of dollars in aid since then, played down the importance of the split. Will Growing violence force our hand?

* How much more can we take on? As we watch the situation with Russia worsening every day with Russia saying the break away regions will be recognized by them and defended as Kosovo was by Bush. As we watch Bush push forward his war creating MDS in Poland and Czech with Russia countering with like deals in Syria and Jordan. We remember that Bush has given $20 Billion in arms and advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia and other so called allies over there.

It reaffirms something I said 2 years ago now and that was that Bush was arming the middle east to do the fighting for him on the ground. Meanwhile our now 5 aircraft Carrier Battle Groups in the Gulf are in a position to attack Iran and at the same time provide a large military response to Pakistan if needed without any significant increase of military personnel. Knowing that this entire world and US mess has been fabricated and instigated by Bush or whoever is behind the mindless worm is just beginning and at the perfect time for Bush or whoever to take total control of us and prosecute this Forever War. Knowing as we discussed yesterday that we are sending severely wounded back into combat because they are needed. Knowing the country is now emotionally and financially strapped thanks to Bush. I have to ask How much more can we take on? What is the Breaking point? What the hell is next?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Weaseldog said...

Sounds like a lot of interesting stuff is about to happen.

an average patriot said...

It's mind boggling! I was just listening to Russia saying they don't want problems but if we bring them they will confront us. This is just taking shape.
Knowing Pakistan is erupting and between Bush and Russia they are arming the entire world to the teeth. Oh man this is going to dwarf WW1, WW2, the Cuban missile crises, The Great Depression, combined. I just want to scream because the chief scum did this all on purpose while crying the peace loving victim!

Karen said...

Pakistan is a very serious concern.

I'm so involved in our convention that I forget there's lots of *evil* lurking out there.

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
I am watching it too but there is so much happening while this facade of Democracy continues I have to keep in the light because it is all going to hit us in the face soon!

Dave Dubya said...

And now N. Korea has stopped dismantling nukes because the US still says they are a terrorist state.

Republican Diplomacy = Threats and violence.

an average patriot said...

Son of a gun! I was going to include that as part of Bush's success to total world collapse but I guess I got off into other crises. Thanks man!

an average patriot said...

oh yeah here it is! they threaten a nuclear U turn

Dave Dubya said...

Now watch the Fascist reaction to Russia recognizing N. Ossetia and Abkhazia as NOT parts of Georgia...

It'll drive 'em wild.

an average patriot said...

Them bastards! Danny sent me something i thought I might use but what you said! This will piss you off! McCain's man lobbying Georgia for a Nato war guarrantee! Unfriggenbelieveable!
Who is Randy Scheunemann?
He is the principal foreign policy adviser to John McCain and potential successor to Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski as national security adviser to the president of the United States.

But Randy Scheunemann has another identity, another role.

He is a dual loyalist, a foreign agent whose assignment is to get America committed to spilling the blood of her sons for client regimes who have made this moral mercenary a rich man.

From January 2007 to March 2008, the McCain campaign paid Scheunemann $70,000 ­ pocket change compared to the $290,000 his Orion Strategies banked in those same 15 months from the Georgian regime of Mikheil Saakashvili.

What were Mikheil's marching orders to Tbilisi's man in Washington? Get Georgia a NATO war guarantee. Get America committed to fight Russia, if necessary, on behalf of Georgia.

Scheunemann came close to succeeding.

Had he done so, U.S. soldiers and Marines from Idaho and West Virginia would be killing Russians in the Caucasus, and dying to protect Scheunemann's client, who launched this idiotic war the night of Aug. 7. That people like Scheunemann hire themselves out to put American lives on the line for their clients is a classic corruption of American democracy.

U.S. backing for his campaign to retrieve his lost provinces is what Saakashvili paid Scheunemann to produce. But why should Americans fight Russians to force 70,000 South Ossetians back into the custody of a regime they detest? Why not let the South Ossetians decide their own future in free elections?

Not only is the folly of the Bush interventionist policy on display in the Caucasus, so, too, is its manifest incoherence.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says we have sought for 45 years to stay out of a shooting war with Russia and we are not going to get into one now. President Bush assured us there will be no U.S. military response to the Russian move into Georgia.

That is a recognition of, and a bowing to, reality ­ namely, that Russia's control of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and occupation of a strip of Georgia cannot be a casus belli for the United States. We may deplore it, but it cannot justify war with Russia.

If that be true, and it transparently is, what are McCain, Barack Obama, Bush, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel doing committing the United States and Germany to bringing Georgia into NATO? For that would commit us to war for a cause we have already conceded, by our paralysis, does not justify a war.

Not only did Scheunemann's two-man lobbying firm receive $730,000 since 2001 to get Georgia a NATO war guarantee, he was paid by Romania and Latvia to do the same. And he succeeded.

Latvia, a tiny Baltic republic annexed by Joseph Stalin in June 1940 during his pact with Adolf Hitler, was set free at the end of the Cold War. Yet hundreds of thousands of Russians had been moved into Latvia by Stalin, and as Riga served as a base of the Baltic Sea fleet, many Russian naval officers retired there.

The children and grandchildren of these Russians are Latvian citizens. They are a cause of constant tension with ethnic Letts and of strife with Moscow, which has assumed the role of protector of Russians left behind in the "near abroad" when the Soviet Union broke apart.

Thanks to the lobbying of Scheunemann and friends, Latvia has been brought into NATO and given a U.S. war guarantee. If Russia intervenes to halt some nasty ethnic violence in Riga, the United States is committed to come in and drive the Russians out.

This is the situation in which the interventionists have placed our country: committed to go to war for countries and causes that do not justify war, against a Russia that is re-emerging as a great power only to find NATO squatting on her doorstep.

Scheunemann's resume as a War Party apparatchik is lengthy. He signed the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) letter to President Clinton urging war on Iraq, four years before 9/11. He signed the PNAC ultimatum to Bush, nine days after 9/11, threatening him with political reprisal if he did not go to war against Iraq. He was executive director of the "Committee for the Liberation of Iraq," a propaganda front for Ahmad Chalabi and his pack of liars who deceived us into war.

Now Scheunemann is the neocon agent in place in McCain's camp.

The neocons got their war with Iraq. They are pushing for war on Iran. And they are now baiting the Russian Bear.

Is this what McCain has on offer? Endless war?
Why would McCain seek foreign policy counsel from the same discredited crowd that has all but destroyed the presidency of George Bush?

"Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence ... a free people ought to be constantly awake," Washington warned in his Farewell Address. Our Founding Father was warning against the Randy Scheunemanns among us, agents hired by foreign powers to deceive Americans into fighting their wars. And none dare call it treason.

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Brother Tim said...

Empires are not sustainable. The same thing that brought down the Romans, Napoleon, the Ottomans, Hitler, et al, will bring us our demise.........opening too many war fronts.

When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Robert Rouse said...

Jim, there's no way the US military can sustain what we have now. Should McCain win in November or if Bush declares martial law, a draft will be instituted and I expect them to take all eligible males between the ages of 17 and 35, maybe even 40.

an average patriot said...

I love it bud! Yesterday I went full circle with all the developing war and that song is where I ended up. Never!

an average patriot said...

Did you see the comment I just gave to Dave? That was given to me by Danny so they know what is going on so let's do something about. Lobbying for NATO to go to war that is friggen BS!
You are right about the draft! You know, last I checked the age limit was up to 42 might even be 45 now! With my sons in this as long as I am breathing I will volunteer to be with them if needed. I hate this lying war mongering crap!

Brother Tim said...

"U.S. soldiers and Marines from Idaho and West Virginia would be killing Russians in the Caucasus"

Just as bad, Russians would be killing U.S. soldiers and Marines from Idaho and West Virginia in the Caucasus. We have become too used to fighting little rag-tag armies in third world countries. Russia has a well-oiled, fine-tuned military. The Bear has been hibernating, it's best not to start poking it with a stick.

We are soon to learn the true meaning of 'biting off more than we can chew'.

an average patriot said...

You bet your ass Brother!
Sadly my youngest just signed up as a combat engineer! That is 3 of the 4 WTF? This is still just taking shape1 AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Dave Dubya said...


My heart goes out to you and your sons.

And my heart goes out to the rest of us, who must once more pay the cost of neocon treason.

Weaseldog said...

Well, I'm ten miles from some prime military targets.

If this war goes hot, my nervous system will be shorted out by the X-Rays, before I'll know we were hit.

Bush is taking us into a new era. I never thought that in my lifetime, that US President would purposely bring us the threat of nuclear war.

But Bush is special I guess.

Dave Dubya said...


"Who is Randy Scheunemann?"

It's by Pat Buchanan!!

This could be Ol' Pat's redemption.

Maybe if enough people read this, soon enough, Ol’ Pat’s warning could save the day.

Mariamariacuchita said...

I hope your sons are safe....that's hard to think about one's children or any children being over there.

Yes, we are looking for a way to gun for Iran, but time is growing short....

an average patriot said...

Thanks but you can agree, my heart goes out to all of us and I am really bummed for our kids and grand kids future! I just got a comment on something I wrote in early April about assassinations in America and I got caught up in reading something. This will blow you away.Wars and decimation on purpose! The committee of three hundred! A Secret world Gonernment

an average patriot said...

It is all on purpose and as I say often, we are living a total lie! I live about 60 miles from Boston up in the hills. With no bases around here beyond Hanscom airfield a feel pretty secure. I envy no one that lives near a base unless they have access to their shelters.
I just sent a link to Dave that I wish you would read. It is coming quickly. It is very sobering!

an average patriot said...

"Who is Randy Scheunemann?" It's by Pat Buchanan!! This could be Ol' Pat's redemption.
You know what is maddening? That was sent to me by Danny as I mentioned Randy to his Father the relentless liberal so the entire hierarchy of the left including Obama's people that includes some of their family already know. So why the F is shit like this never mentioned?

an average patriot said...

Thanks and I agree! Iran is on the back burner now because Bush has plenty of excuses for further war and declare martial order. It is coming to a head soon! With 5 carrier bettle groups in the Gulf Iran and Pakistan can be attacked from there without a significant military man power increase or so they think!
With Russia and the US arming the entire middle east and Russia warning they will take us on, Bush's"peaceful" instigation to major war has paid off! Sadly this is still just taking shape and just beginning. I ask you to please read the link I just dug up from the past and sent Dave! Pass it or anything around!

Weaseldog said...

I saw that Jim.

Bush is following the same pattern he did in Iraq, in North Korea.

Even though the inspectors had full access to Iraq, it didn't stop the administration from declaring that Iraq had WMDS, that we could not find, and had no evidence of.

In Bush's world, if you want to avoid war, you have to disprove imaginary belief systems that don't require evidence.

an average patriot said...

It is all coming to a head soon! Danny just sent me another article that we have already discussed multiple times and that is the 5 carrier Battle Groups in the Gulf but I am happy to hear that the likes of him and his Father thus all Dems including Obama's people are on all this as many are finded or related to them!

Brother Tim said...

Yeah, but knowing about it, or being 'on it' and not doing anything about it, is worse than not knowing at all.

I wanna see some action!

an average patriot said...

You know I agree! Trust me Between them and I this is going full swing because though Jerome agreed with me right off the bat Danny use to get on me for blaming Bush for everything and being so negative. What he sent me that I posted today, another piece from Buchanon about Mussolini, Bush, and Hitler made me reaffirm that it is too late to stop this! Take care!