Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tell me why! You know I know why but play this full screen and loud and Ponder!

Tell me why by Duncan Galbreath!

Tell me why! Why do we not listen to the kids? Why are we destroying the world for them? Destroying all our future? Insisting on starting more war? Refusing to do the right thing for the country and the world? Tell me why? This is our only chance and we insist on blowing it! Tell me why! Speak up!

Why are we powerless to stop the lies and this purposeful train wreck of our society? I am just going to have a little list today and the latest as I will now guarantee a third stolen election one way or the other and you know what that means!

Yesterday we discussed the Anthrax lies and we said we believe some people from the dark recesses under orders from Cheney approached this guy to get some anthrax. They then sent those anthrax letters to Daschle, Leahy, and Tom Brokaw hoping it would create a panic and the atmosphere to pass The (anti)Patriot Act. It worked.Cheney likes to spend time in the shadows. This whole thing reeks of him. Cheney's latest plan is to dress Navy Seal up like Iranians and attack U.S. targets to justify attacking Iran. They will not relent and if stealing a third election by scumming McCain in looks in jeopardy look for any number of distasteful scenarios to occur this fall. The right will not stop this agenda no. It is too far along and the abusive power gained can not be allowed in Dem hands!

Well now we are hearing increasingly that the election is too close to call. White House says the election too close to call That means a third stolen election! What will they do this time?

As you know, we have been living a lie for almost 8 years now! Rove, Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Gonzo, Mukasey, Rummy, 9/11, the phony commission hearings, the Government's Anthrax attacks on Democrats and average Americans so Bush could get his abusive power from the Patriot Act so he could subvert our America and the world. Letting our infrastructure fail, manufacturing our financial collapse, etc, etc, etc, we are living a lie and it is coming to a head. What are they going to do this fall? Stay together!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


D.K. Raed said...

Could they still steal the election if we vote in overwhelming numbers? It's this close election BS that works for repubs, no wonder they are spreading it. I hate to think in the end it will actually work because so many voters will be turned off & stay home. So much for our voluntary election system. I wonder if countries that have mandatory elections fare any better.

an average patriot said...

You are right! The close election BS serves the Repugs because it gives them the cover to steal another one. We will come out in numbers as people realize how critical this is.
I firmly believe though that the right will not give up their agenda or abusive power. It has gone to far and I have to wonder what underhanded crap they are going to pull. They will pull something you can bank on it.
Bush's BS talk! This is not a Democracy today. It is a facade.

D.K. Raed said...

oops, I meant mandatory voting, but you understood! In Australia, they fine eligible voters for not voting. Now ... what crap will they pull as the election nears ... well, we already suspect some kind of terra attack (hell, repubs even TOLD us to expect it) ... but why that helps McSame is beyond me. It is a critical election ... and so I do hope the american voters will exercise some critical thinking & stop being knee-jerked around by push-button issues. I hope I'm not hoping for too much, because we are at the tipping point here.

an average patriot said...

Knowing Cheney is looking to instigate war with Iran and at last note Olbermann reported he thought of using a small boat with Navy Seals disguised as Iranian's, this war will get instigated eventually.
Though McDink is spent as far as I am concerned he has a majority convinced that he is the best to have at the helm at times of war because of his lies I mean record. Nothing could be further from the truth!
Red I hear what you are saying but I will shut up because the fall...

PoliShifter said...

Republicans are purging voter rolls all across the country where ever they can....they will do it again.

It would have to be an OVERWHELMING vote for doesnt look like that will happen.

It seems the Conservatives are mobilizing to not so much vote for McCain but AGAINST Obama.

Of course who the hell really knows since the polls can be manipulated and the media as an interest in keeping it close as they did between Hillary and Obama.

But I do fear they will steal this election. I do fear that if push comes to shove Cheney will come through and either attack Iran, have Bin Laden endorse Obama, or just declare martial law.

These guys want to maintain power.

The sad thing is the American Public as it is now is on the verge of just accepting Totalitarian rule.

I don't know that anyone would do anything if Bush Cheney "suspended" elections or just ceased power for "National Security" reasons.

I've watched the Constitution get trampled while those who pointed it out get shouted down as traitors and terrorist enablers.

The whole thing is inside out.

an average patriot said...

I think it was your site I was just on talking about George Washington being a liberal and that's right but I will save it untile I go back in case it wasn't you.
Any MSM as well as McAsshole and the White House want it close because they can steal it in one way or the other. Otherwise they are going to have to do it in a more disruptive way but they will do it. There is no way in hell I see them giving up the awesome power Bush has stolen or their mis agenda as it is so far along. If that was your place I will be right back!

Larry said...

"When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened".

John M. Richardson, Jr

an average patriot said...

You are right! There is a 4th! There are those of us that see what is happening, want to stop what is happening but are powerless so it seems it is going to happen regardless! Thanks Bud, just thinking about you. Hope all is well!

Wally da Weasel said...

Shifter said
"The sad thing is the American Public as it is now is on the verge of just accepting Totalitarian rule."

I hate to be the one to break it to ya, Shifter, but they already have accepted it.

Brother Tim said...

Be nice, Wally, or I'll cut off your supply of sugar-cured bacon.

Robert Rouse said...

All we can do is keep pounding away at the truth. If Bush can catapult the propaganda, then we should be able to catapult the truth!

BTW, the letters of my word verification on this comment are
h LIE jxp

landsker said...

Maybe there are just simply too many of "them".
After all, it isn`t just the policy makers in Washington, but also all those ordinary people those whose allegiance they own.
The employees of the DEA obviously support government "war on drugs".
The border patrol guards are naturally in favour of oppressive immigration policies, and all those FBI and CIA folks must need enemies in order to justify their paychecks.
Without enemies and targets to attack, the airforce, army and navy have no justification for their existence.
Homeland security agents must actually believe that there are "enemies within!", and no doubt all those snoopers listening to `phone calls and reading e-mails are too scared to admit that in reality, they are agents of a fascist state.
The same happened in Germany, in the thirties, citizens were inducted into the service of the state, mainly to round up the political and social enemies of the ruling classes, and eventually there was no-one left to produce food and other basic essentials, resulting in hyper-inflation and recession.
Millions of corpses later, the Germans thought that maybe militarism and fascism weren`t so cool.
Let`s see if America and Britain can achieve peace without going to war once more.

an average patriot said...

Yhep1 At this point they have bent over and it is up to the likes of us to get the suckers to stand up and fight!

an average patriot said...

We will not stop! Problem is while he catapult the truth it boomerangs on us as the right using the new truth "lies" following their mis-agenda real conspiracy and the real truth is dismissed as conspiracy theory!We won't stop but we are screwed! we continue to be powerless to wake up anyone of consequence.
Yes I have to laugh! I don't know if it is coincidence or not but quite often I am reminded that the word verification is aprapo!

an average patriot said...

Landsker Buddy!
We are living a total lie while this improved Nazi agenda is not so clandestinely followed. More sadly we are taking the world Down. You see the survival situation and it is rapidly going to worsen without this friggen impending forever war Bush has going and McCain wants to continue.
The other day I saved a link attributing the beginning of covertly bringing down Iran to Carte. I find it funny because the right always accuses him of being a wimp and Obama of being just like him.
I am so sick of the lying deceit and it is the order of the day. Take care!