Thursday, August 07, 2008

McCain who has missed more votes than anyone else has the B's to tell people to order Democrats back to work to allow drilling!

McCain who missed more votes than anyone Chastises Democrats for not voting for more drilling and tells people and Obama to tell them to come back to work! I am sick of his scummy. lying, underhanded, crap!
From Move

At the world's largest motorcycle rally, John McCain angrily accused Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi of skipping out on votes to solve the energy crisis. "Tell 'em to get to work!" he shouted.

This from the man who has skipped more votes than any other senator.

McCain even missed two key votes to repeal Big Oil tax breaks and ramp up solar and wind power—both of which lost by a single vote!

John McCain and the Republicans think demonizing Obama and the Democrats over high gas prices is their ticket to victory. We need to get the word out—when it comes to the energy crisis, McCain is all talk.

* I am just sick of this guy's lying' underhanded, scummy crap! I heard thar a prankster put an Obama sticker on the straight talk express and it was caught on camera. I was hoping to find a video on it but couldn't. If someone finds it please send it to me. That is priceless! I have to get together and run down to the VA so I will post this for now and will be back eventually to converse. Take care!


Dave Dubya said...

People can compare McCain to Obama in many ways. But the bottom line for me is the certainy of right wing Supreme Court justices under McCain.

Obama is the clear choice on this issue.

LydiaCornell said...

AP - YOu are so right and so true! The MSM is doing something sinister with propaganda again. We have to stop giving power to the media and focus on the TRUTH: Obama winning. That is all.

I love your webpage. I found that so many liberal and political books have come out the past year (we receive between 3-5 per week for our radio show) that it's a veritable deluge. I think you can find a way to "angle" your material and writings in a way to attract a publisher...


an average patriot said...

You are right about the justices. Besides that To me the only difference between Obama and McCain is McCain is an obvious lying unbending Decider and Obama is not and will do the right thing for average Americans and our America not the rich, special interests and Bush's America.
Whoever is elected will help Israel and these wars are just beginning! Take care!

an average patriot said...

Thank you and nice to see you. The complicit MSM does not want to see their gravy train end. With the MSM and the White House calling the election too close to call that means they are going to steal a third one.
At this point To me the only difference between Obama and McCain is McCain is an obvious lying unbending Decider and Obama is not and will do the right thing for average Americans and our America not the rich, special interests and Bush's America. Whoever is elected will help Israel and these wars are just beginning! Take care!
Live and learn but stupidly I turned down a publication offer for my second and third. Writing fron the view point of the average American in the trenches of society I thought I have a great angle but no one cares what we think about what is happening.
I worded a bit to get my 7th published because I nailed that one and the publishers of the Books for idiots series almost took it but Carter and others won the day
I stopped the boks and everything else because this mess is moving too quickly with Bush running out of time. I will get back to it though eventually. I have to get back to my kids book too.
Meanwhile when the time is right I have every I have every day and every lie noted and the truth about it for this entire mis-Administration. Some day. Take care and stay in touch! Sorry I took so long just got back from the VA.

Weaseldog said...

Jim, I hope you're right about Obama.

But frankly I don't think things will change if he is elected.

Maybe the slide will slow...

If he's elected, we'll find out. I have no faith at all that he'll turn back the abuses we've endured.

an average patriot said...

He is our only hope at this point. I am not convinced he can slow the slide but I do believe he will try to help us and our America not Bush and his. I was just on the phone with the son in Iraq.
After my rant he laughed his ass off and said dad your the angriest guy I ever heard. You bet your ass I am angry because we are living a total controlled lie and my sons and others Patriotism is being used on them so they will prosecute this lie we are living.
Yeah I'm angry! He is on the Iranian border. What is next with the scums instigating more war. Angry! Hell!

Brother Tim said...

McCain is such a hypocrite! I heard on one the news shows tonight, that he has not even been to the Senate in the last 90-100 days, let alone cast a vote.

I sent you the pics of Obama's sticker on McCain's bus. Check your inbox.

D.K. Raed said...

So McCain threatened that if he was prez he would FORCE the congress to stay in session on the energy bill? Does the prez have the power to do that? I thought the legislature was an independent branch of govt. I know a prez can call a special session (like for voting on Terry Schiavo), but I don't think he could compel the congress in the way he is angrily implying to his audience. Guess I shouldn't be surprised he is lying.

ps, thanks for your kind words about Juna. They meant a lot to me.

an average patriot said...

McCain's lying hypocrisy sickens me and it is so unabashedly blatant and obvious. Like the chief scum he wants to follow it is sickeningly obvious but he could care less as long as it works and once again it will unless it is broadcast loud clear and often!
Thanks for the pics, how did you get them?

an average patriot said...

Under normal conditions the President can's because as you say Congress is an independent branch. However things are not normal today and as you know Bush is the sole decider if he feels National interests are threatened. That means anything against what he wants period.
There is no way in hell the Right is going to let that power in our hands or end their agenda. They plan on passing it to McCain underhandedly and that is why the White House and the complicit MSM are calling it too close to call again. They plan on stealing a third. The alternatives to keep them in power are much worse. This is not going to be good, watch!

Distributorcap said...

mccain is worse than bush in my mind -- because he is exactly like bush, only smarter.

one giant fucking club -- repubs and the MSM

will do anything to see their boy elected.

an average patriot said...

Yes McCain is much worse than Bush and as I have been saying for qui9te a while is already the next false Repug God chosen to further this month. I am very concerned this fall as to what they are going to do underhandedly to keep their abusive power ans agenda going!