Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This is funny please watch then look at Obama's latest. I believe the tide is turning against McCain!

Paris Hilton responds to McCain Ad with one of her own!

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I really hope McCain's lying BS starts catching him because of something stupid like this. Wouldn't that be ironic?
They are asses but the tide is turning!After getting a chuckle from the video, McCain’s campaign released a statement.

“It sounds like Paris Hilton supports John McCain’s ‘all of the above’ approach to America’s energy crisis - -including both alternatives and drilling. In reality, Paris Hilton may have a more substantive energy policy than Barack Obama,” spokesman Tucker Bounds said.

Look at Obama's new Ad!

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's new television ad links Republican John McCain to President Bush and questions whether McCain is the political maverick he claims to be. The Obama campaign released the spot on Wednesday. It shows McCain acknowledging that he agrees with Bush on most issues.

The ad also criticizes McCain on three economic issues of concern to middle-class voters: tax breaks for the wealthy, money for oil companies, and tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. The ad ends with a smiling McCain and Bush side by side. McCain's campaign turned out an ad Tuesday in the other direction, suggesting that McCain differs from Bush and the GOP on important issues — without mentioning Bush by name.

* I do believe the tide is turning!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Weaseldog said...

Is old white guy laughing now?

an average patriot said...

You are Johnny on the spot. I was looking at his campaigns smart ass response but I haven't posted it but after seeing responses to the Ad from her Parents and other donors plus Obama's new Ad that I just added I firmly believe the tide is beginning to turn against McCain.

Weaseldog said...

So you think people are wising up to his un-maverick status?

These latest ads may help people see the real McCain.

But as many of us seem to agree, Obama is no better.

He represents the same people, and the same policies, while pretending to be a maverick.

an average patriot said...

Yes, I believe the tide is now going to start turning against McCain. Obama has got to start hittting back quickly and with more punch than McCain's idiocy
I agree that Obama has issues too but despite what he says I see McCain as another decider and Obama as someone that will listen and do the right thing for average Americans and our America not Bush's.
It should boil down to the difference in personalities because I hope they will both do what the people want at least while campaigning.
Once elected is when we will see the real difference. McCain just seems so much the unbending Dictator douen'y he?

Robert Rouse said...

Jim, is that a tinge of hope I read in your post? I recently read Mark Nickolas' post on Political Base about how the MSM wants us to believe the race is closer than it really is. Turns out the daily tracking polls aren't even close to the truth. Obama is actually leading McCain by over 100 Electoral votes in the most important "poll".

an average patriot said...

Damn Robert!
Nickolas is right! You may have read my story on it because the White House just said it is too close to call. That means another stolen election.
It has to be termed too close to call so it can be stolen instead of one of the more distasteful disruptive methods.
The right will not give up their underhanded power or agenda now but yes you are right. That is a slight tinge of hope you sense. I remember a while back also writing about Obama's widening electoral lead too. I am so sick of this agenda controlling crap!
I am looking forward to their debates to open up a chasm for Obama but that to will be tumultuous! I am going to check out the link now. Stay in touch and take care!

Robert Rouse said...

Let me know what you think about what Nickolas had to say.

an average patriot said...

Thanks for reminding me I forgot all about it! I just read it and it confirms what we can feel just from paying attention. It confirms the numbers I posted on Obama's electoral lead. It confirms what we already know and that is that the MSM controls the agenda.
It confirms the MSM is complicit and wants the right to stay in charge to keep the gravy train going. It confirms that they are friggen driving us crazy for their gain.
It confirms as I said that if Bush and MSM get away with fooling the masses that this is close it is going to get stolen a third time. It confirms again what we already know and that is that we are in serious trouble.
It confirms what I keep harping on and we get reinforced every friggen day and that is that from day one of this mis-administration we have been living a total lie with no exception. Thanks Robert, stay in touch and take care!

Weaseldog said...

I'd feel better about Obama if his recent voting record was different.

enigma4ever said...

well, I do hope the tide is turning...I think once the debates start maybe I will feel better...but for now I am worried...but I always worry...

an average patriot said...

You are right to worry but you make me laugh. Don't get me going! You know! Obama is getting the idea of how to beat McCain's belittlement and lying so called humor. I said a long time ago that if Democrats do not start successfully combating the Rights lying, underhanded, disinformation Juggernaut we have nothing.
I believe he is getting it and the tide is turning. Did you look at the link Robert sent about MSM saying this is close when Obama overwhelmingly has the delegates.
I have written about that before as well as the White House saying it is too close too call. They say that so they can steal a third. Yes, you are right to worry but we will be okay. Those debates will seal it for Obama watch! Take care and stay in touch!

an average patriot said...

He is getting it! To me McCain is another decider and Obama will try to do the right thing for average Americans and our America not the rich and Bush's America. That is the beginning and end of this match up to me!

DB said...

I for one am a moderate, but with all the antics the McCain camp has been pulling lately I am starting to think that he is nothing new and will be just another embarrassment to our nation. I am curious how the VP selections will play out. Will McCain pander to the far-right? I think so, sadly enough.

an average patriot said...

Welcome and thank you for the input. In the way they pigeon hole politics today I am called a liberal but I consider my self just someone who expects the right thing done for everyone and our America not the rich, special interests, or Bush's frigged up America.
I believe people are waking up to the damage Bush has purposely created and under McCain it will get much worse.
McCain's lying idiocy and facade of just lightening up the campaign while really trying to ridicule and belittle Obama is beginning to catch him and the debates will sink him. At this point Obama is our only chance and he and the right know it and will not allow him. This fall??

Weaseldog said...

Obama is on record supporting Israel's upcoming war with Iran.

Obama voted against the US Constitution, when he voted for Telecom Immunity.

As I see it, he's just a nicer face for the forces destroying America.

Obama is learning. He talks better. But when he picks up his pen, he betrays our nation, just as Nancy Pelosi and John McCain do.

We're choosing between Kang and Kodos.

an average patriot said...

Of course you are right! To me the only difference between Obama and McCain is McCain is an obvious lying unbending Decider and Obama is not and will do the right thing for average Americans and our America not the rich, special interests and Bush's America. Whoever is elected will help Israel and these wars are just beginning! Take care!