Monday, August 18, 2008

Nuclear war? Musharraf resigns now what about the Nukes? Russia promises to use Nukes, 2009 nuclear attack on US will start WW3! What say you?

Musharraf resigns now what about the Nukes?

Russia has promised to use tactical nuclear weapons on us if they are threatened!

Meanwhile the Debate over the Russian Nuclear threat!

* What ever happened to Iran? What about India getting more nuclear assisstance from us and weapons from Russia? What happens if we go into Pakistan? I guarantee you Pakistan and India will unite to Repel the infidels! What happens if Bush declares martial Law? If McCain steals his way in this fall? i have been talking about Bush's Forever War and WW3 and it looks morea than ever that it will be a nuclear war! You know the rest!

Well son of a bitch now I have to find this! In 2009 US will be hit by a nuclear bomb, US will start full scale world war! Worse this guy is Russian!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Robert Rouse said...

Gee thanks, Jim. And I woke up in a good mood. LOL

an average patriot said...

Not for nothing but I experience it every day. AAhh I won't get negative you know! Did you watch that last video on us getting attacked by nukes in 2009? That guy sounded Russian and it was very sobering! It is going to happen!

Weaseldog said...

I don't know who that Russian is. Sounds like a Dr. Gene Scott.

Still, Bush made it clear that the US will use tactical nuclear weapons in a conventional war.

If the US says it's OK, then everyone can do it.

I commented a few times back in 2002, that I think that Bush wants to be the first president of the new millennium to use nuclear weapons in war.

This act will give him a place in history.

Back then, people gave me that familiar look that says, "Jack, you're a nut." I wonder what those same folks would say today?

Bush is a mad dog. There's no telling how many more people he'll kill before he leaves office.

an average patriot said...

I don't know who that is but I believe he is Russian and I found it a bit disturbing! I did a few posts in the past myself that every single country that possesses nuclear weapons claims nuclear first strike rights and that the Doomsday clock should be moved up again!
I had an Indian Politician write me a couple years back and send me some information. He said if we go into Pakistan India and Pakistan would unite to repel the infidel.
He also said that the US would be the first to use NW and whoever did would be annihilated by the rest of the world. I wish I still had that!

DushesRUS said...

I hope that US and Russian governments aren't so stupid to begin nuclear war. It will be the end of mankind.
Russia and US are not Afganistan and Iraq. If tactical nuclear weapon will be applied, application of strategic weapon will follow at the moment.

Well son of a bitch now I have to find this! In 2009 US will be hit by a nuclear bomb, US will start full scale world war! Worse this guy is Russian!
Yeah, this guy is a famous extrasense here, in Russia...

an average patriot said...

I have done a few stories where all countries possessing nuclear weapons declare nuclear first strike rights.
It is not a good environment in light of the tense one we find ourselves in today and I blame it on Bush. Someone has to stop and think but I see no suspects including Bush.

It use to be that the threat of mutual destruction was a deterrent to nuclear war. Today it looks like the goal.
Who is that guy anyway? Him speaking and sounding so matter of fact and knowledgeably is very telling and not good for the already frail world!

Brother Tim said...

Get ready for the end, Jim. It's getting so close, it's stench is suffocating. I know you keep a positive outlook, and say we should just stick together and we'll be alright. However, when all hell breaks loose, and it will; the ones that survive will live a miserable existence.

There will be some that have safe contingency plans, such as the ruling class (members of Congress, Executive branch, et al), but the average people........fugedaboutit.

an average patriot said...

Give me a kiss man! You are right it is getting very close and moving too fast. It pisses me of all the more because you know Bush purposely did all this.
I just told Dave you got me thinking and I am sure we talked about it before but them SOB's drive us shit house with their screams and threats of justice then they cave in without exception.
It makes me realize in this too we are dead on. We always accuse them of complicity.
We say Bush and the right have dredged up dirt on everyone. We talk of the 3/14 secret Congressional meeting on declaring martial order. We talk of Bush pundits calling for a lifetime dictatorship for the scum. man all I can say is hold on for this fall!

I try to get people to realize the coming nightmare but I don't want to overwhelm them. In my manifesto to the World 4 or 5 years back I said we are on our own and the Government will be taken care of. With the military they can start over.I know what is coming but like you I am surrounded by people who think I am nuts and just go about life as normal.
I have a ticket to fly to Florida 12/9 to drive back here with my son. Hell who knows what is going to be happening then? Not me! At this point We know bush f@*'d us and we don't friggen matter so I just keep trying to make a difference and shore people up. Hey you just married your daughter you know what I mean.
Oh well WTF can we do? Just take care my friend and call if you feel so inclined!

Ingrid said...

You know what Jim? I actually do not think it's going to happen. I believe that ultimately, it is rhetoric to show force towards the US that they need to quit the encirclement. (or however you put it) It was a message that said, don't mess with us. Because after all, what else would those missiles in Poland and the Czech republic be for? In June, Putin visited Bush and the worrisome discussion was on the necessity of the missile defense system. Putin came over to talk just about that no doubt! ( I have a link on that with the Bush and Putin pic?) Putin probably saw the writing on the wall and they have been noticing the camp being circled. The US cowboys and their allies saw them oil pipes (ok, they mostly, US and Brits) financed the oil pipelines but still, wouldn't Russia need 'some' leverage in world politics? After all, like another commenter mentioned, if 'they' do it why can someone else not? As for the Indian politician..pardon my english but I think I do not have to be 'proper' here..ehem.. NO SHIT! Especially Pakistan is a powder keg where you have the educated liberal elites, and the vast Muslim majority of some who are VERY conservative and TRIBAL! Did you know I lived in Saudi for a few years early 90s? Talk about the same mix of tribal mindset and educated.. In Pakistan, women who get raped get punished. If someone wanted to punish someone else, they can just plain get away with raping their relative.. Pakistan with nuclear ability is just as bad if not worse than Russia. Russia has a greater picture to worry about with good reason. Pakistan does really not have anything good to offer (no oil) except the jumping board from which to launch airstrikes into, the US just likes having bases everywhere I think..and think nothing of being on foreign soil and what those 'foreigners' might think about that. The slightest incursion here of a foreign gov (think of when China wanted to buy into an American oil company, well geez, you might as well let them since they ship most of our imported crap over here..what are we going to buy???)

I digress. [g]

It does not bode well with the world but I do not think we're as close to brink of destruction as you and others might fear.. so I'll be the encouraging one for now and say 'there there'..all better.. you can live another day! lol


Distributorcap said...

do you think bush has built an underground bunker in Paraguay. maybe he can invite the Mengeles and the Borrmans over...


an average patriot said...

No I had no idea you lived in Saudi Arabia. I was wondering why you settled in Austin.
Anyway I have written on the MDS extensively. Whether it can shoot down in coming is not important. It has already done its job.

It was wanted in Britain but that would not have served the purpose. It has to be on Russia's doorstep to instigate this developing war.
The question to me has always been why Czech and Poland would be crazy enough to want it there knowing Russia would not go for it?

I know Bush says we will be right by them but there is no way we could save them from destruction. The MDS is going to guarantee it.
Russia has already moved missiles to target Poland. There is no posturing here on Russia's side only ours. Russia has had enough. Eventually the Draft will have to be reinstalled and whoever is President is going to have to fight the Forever War Bush set the foundation for.

As you know, my 4 sons are already on board. I have a not in front of me as I was having coffee lying in bed listening to the news and heard Rice threatening Russia who has been harassing US planes off the US mainland. I want to look it up.
We have Russia surrounded but they have us surrounded as I also have written about many times.Russia is at our door step with military assets in Venezuela and that is just the beginning.

Did you see the video about the Russian saying we will receive a devastating nuclear attack in 2009 and it would go from there and DushesRush's response to my query on it that Yeah, this guy is a famous extrasense here, in Russia...?
There will be no avoiding this. It has gone too far and man is not that smart!

an average patriot said...

I am sure Bush and essential Government will be safe maybe in his Paraguay fortress but certainly somewhere!

Ingrid said...

you know, if that ever were to happen, a nuclear attack on the US, I am almost suspicious that this gov' would let it happen as a ploy to get everyone fired up.. most people already do not bother to find out what is going on..

btw.. Yes Prime Minister has a funny clip on this whole 'england' needing nuclear deterrent'.. they talk about the missiles being a better alternative.. I posted it on thursday august might recognize what they are talking about better than any layperson..
I bet you have knots in your's like a bullet train speeding along and you see it coming and no one is hearing the 'ding ding ding' of the train crossing bells..


an average patriot said...

I don't know if you go to Robert Rouse's but he just did a new "that's my take" Coincidently enough I discussed it on a growing scale because of Russian's growing head butting with Bush but this was my response.
Anyway mutual destruction use to be a deterrent to nuclear war but not any more. It seems like the goal today! You know Robert, We have enough war heads just war heads to blow up the planet 1,000 times over.
What we used to take classes on every week in the military because I worked with nukes was that there is no way to get rid of them period. They have an indeterminable life span.
Dismantling the weapons would be nice but there is no way to get rid of all the waste. We use to learn that Russia would never attack us because we were the worlds food basket. That is no longer a deterrent either.
I will go back to your post on the 14th and see if I can find that. You know, I really wish I could have made a difference and stopped this but the key players do not care and are going to do this. I guarantee it!
I do not have knots in my stomach just acceptance. I will not stop hoping and trying but my thoughts are for my kids and Grandchildren and the Robert and Ingrid's with small children. I am good to go!