Thursday, August 28, 2008

This will just feed the just beginning Bush Forever War: Georgia's integrity, reconstruction to be Czech's prioritiy as Russia plans to redraw Europe!

There is Crisis in the caucuses thanks to Bush!

As US aid to Georgia upsets Russians! At this point nothing is going to be right and I don't trust us myself!

PRAGUE, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- The territorial integrity of Georgia and the country's reconstruction after the recent armed conflict with Russia will be the Czech government's priorities at the forthcoming EU summit on Georgia, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said on Wednesday. What the hell can they do? The reconstruction plan should concern the whole territory of Georgia, including the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhasia whose independence Russia officially recognized on Tuesday, the Czech news agency CTK quoted Schwarzenberg as saying.

Russian troops entered Georgia in early August after Georgia tried to dominate its province South Ossetia by force. Schwarzenberg told journalists after a cabinet meeting that Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek received a relatively open mandate for the summit to be organized on Monday on the initiative of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Topolanek said the summit would discuss long-term reconstruction of Georgia. The Czech Republic wants to earmark 150million crowns (about 8.9 million U.S. dollars) for it in the next three years, according to CTK. EU Affairs Minister Alexandr Vondra said the Czech EU presidency, lasting from January till June 2009, will certainly deal with the conflict, CTK said. Georgia's integrity Czech's priority

This is the perfect recipe for the Forever War Bush instigated and Guaranteed as Any doubts about why Russia invaded Georgia have now been erased. By illegally recognizing the Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s president, made clear that Moscow’s goal is to redraw the map of Europe using force. This war was never about South Ossetia or Georgia. Moscow is using its invasion, prepared over years, to rebuild its empire, seize greater control of Europe’s energy supplies and punish those who believed democracy could flourish on its borders. Europe has reason to worry. Thankfully, most of the international community has condemned the invasion and confirmed their unwavering support for Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. I don't know about thankfully? Russia is responding to Bush's instigation towards total war as expected what the hell is there to be thankful for?

Moscow says it invaded Georgia to protect its citizens in South Ossetia. Over the past five years it cynically laid the groundwork for this pretence, by illegally distributing passports in South Ossetia and Ab­khazia, “manufacturing” Russian citizens to protect. The cynicism of Russia’s concern for ethnic minorities can be expressed in one word: Chechnya. Since Russia’s invasion, its forces have been “cleansing” Georgian villages in both regions – including outside the conflict zone – using arson, rape and execution. Human rights groups have documented these actions. Moscow has flipped the Kosovo precedent on its head: where the west acted to prevent ethnic cleansing, in Georgia ethnic cleansing is being used by Russia to consolidate its military annexation. Once again the issue has been totally confused so hidden agendas can be followed to all our demise. Doesn't Czech Poland Georgia and the rest of them realize they are screwed and for oil? WTF!

Russia’s campaign to redraw the map of Europe is based on the propagation of misinformation. On Wednesday on this page, Mr Medvedev asserted that Georgia attacked South Ossetia. In fact, our forces entered the conflict zone after Russia rolled its tanks on to our soil, passing through the Roki tunnel into South Ossetia, Georgia. Mr Medvedev also claimed Russia had no designs on our territory. Why then did it bomb and occupy Georgian cities such as Gori? Why does it continue to occupy our strategic port of Poti? The next step in Russia’s invasion script, of disinformation and annexation, is regime change. If Moscow can oust Georgia’s democratically elected government, it can then intimidate other democratic European governments. Where will this end? What we know about Russia, and especially the current regime, is not encouraging. Russia's plan to redraw the map of Europe

* With Both sides so firmly entrenched in redrawing the map in Europe thanks to Bush imposing his will for oil. This is just another small piece in the Forever War Bush has guaranteed for our future. You see what he has done in the middle east for oil causing division and Russia and the US both arming them to the teeth to fight this Bush created future mess and it is coming to a head rapidly and at the perfect time for Bush to take total control of our facade of Democracy to prosecute the lie we are living! !

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Karen said...

Can't wait for Barack and Joe to get in there and clean up the bush messes. It's a daunting job, but they're up to it.

btw, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Joe Biden, hit it out of the park last night. The were awesome!

It *that* John Kerry would have emerged four years ago, he would be prez today.

an average patriot said...

Kerry should have been President but the liars succeeded in slandering a good man. Did you hear Kucinich's speech?
I think it was the very best! With Bush Rove and the rest of them at the RNC I cringe at what is going to be done there.
As you know the best man should win but that never seems to hold true especially in this new world of F the truth Politics!

Dave Dubya said...

Two points about the breakaway provinces of Georgia:

The people within them do not want their provinces to be parts of Georgia. They tried voting for their cause, but were denied their wishes.

Who made them parts of Georgia anyway? That would be the world famous Georgian, Stalin.

So the neocons (and now democrats as well) of the US are defending the actions of STALIN against the will of the people.

That seems about par. We never met a dictator we didn't like to do business with.

Saddam, Stalin, Hitler... We embraced all of them when it was in our interests.

And now we support up and coming junior dictator, and pipeline custodian, Mikheil Saakashvili.

And we still love to say we are "spreading freedom and democracy".

Ingrid said...

Jim, I wanted to quickly drop in to make sure you did not think I was not bothering to check things out. I'm trying to get a routine started with school on the way now and having to time manage my day..I'm not quite there yet.. at any rate, I tried clicking on the map but it brought me to the blogger start page.. just so you know..I'll be curious to see it!


an average patriot said...

You know bush instigated this! Freedom and Democracy my ass! That is the lame excuse used to prosecute this new world disorder. Dave watching this lie along with all the others is sickening and we are powerless. It sucks, knowing this is all underhanded and it is coming to a head soon! Not good!

an average patriot said...

Hi Ingrid
Those days are over for me but I understand. I wish you luck on reestablishing your schedule. You have to remind me, what map?

an average patriot said...

Ingrid is this the map and link you were refering too at Red's

Brother Tim said...

What Russia is doing is no different than what the U.S. is doing. It is noble and just to be under the sphere of U.S. influence, but ignoble and unjust to be under the sphere of Russian influence. This is a steaming bushel of horsesh*t. Russia is starting to play the 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander' game.

We didn't expect that............. or did we?

an average patriot said...

You are dead on and only an idiot wouldn't have expected it in fact as you and I know it was instigated by by the peace loving war monger F him! I will welcome any visitors!