Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bush's instigated Forever War with the world gets much closer as all sides draw a line in the sand! They are the sands of time we do not have!

The latest involving Georgia and Bush's Forever War! What happened to the middle east?
Bush sends in Rice and threatens Russia!

Russian tanks in Georgia to help with withdrawal, so they say?

Roadmap to peace drawn in Moscow!

Meanwhile EU foreign ministers sending in Observers!

and a look at the Reality of Georgia and "Humanitarian" Aid! Video temporarily unavailable!

* This is all a recipe for war! Look at the big picture, Democracy? No war, oil, supremacy into the future, Russia will never recognize Georgia's territorial Integrity the chief slime says they must and you know How this is going to end. Another entry in Bush's created instigate world war "forever War" What about the middle east?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


betmo said...

and the scary thing is- in forever wars- what goes around comes around. we will have war here in our 'pristine' country- from sea to shining sea. folks don't like you- they want to spoil what you have.

an average patriot said...

I have to run out for a while and do the New England homeowner thing in the yard. I will not be long. I want to discuss this. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Johnny on the spot you are! Despit what the chief scum says, he has worked hard for it and guatranteed that we will have more than our share of war right here. Geezus!

Ingrid said...

[quickwavetoBetmo)..Adrian Hamilton from the Independent has a good commentary where he puts the onus on the EU to act rationally and the G8 NOT to exclude Russia as this is 'the' time for talking and cooperation. This has to become Europe's 'reality based' politics, not the neocons'. When you read the commentaries from that piece, you realize there are many MANY people who do not buy the official squeemish lines of the BBC etc as well. As for independent news coverage, at least the UK has the Independent and the Guardian and they are both pretty renowned. So at least in the UK people have easier access to alternative viewpoints than we do here..


an average patriot said...

The EU should take the lead but getting the Chief Nazi to shut up will never happen. Bush's insistence on putting the MDS on Russia's doorstep to instigate war instead of Britain who wanted it caused Russia to re aim their nuclear weapons at Europe. Bush is a great little Nazi I mean friend!
Somebody might get things to quiet down temporarily but Bush has purposely laid the foundation for

Ingrid said...

people in Europe really, I mean REALLY dislike/hate/disdain Bush.. so if any politician allows that to happen, there will be trouble at their own political homefront..


Robert Rouse said...

And just where is Bush planning on getting troops for his forever war? Something tells me if this thing starts to explode that the draft will be back big time! And screw the lottery, unless you have parents with a lot of pull, you're going to end up in the military. I have a feeling homosexuality may soon become "contagious".

an average patriot said...

I have been following their opinions closely and so has McCain. Their approval of Obama should be a big plus as they think he will do the right thing for us and the world not the Nazi Right.
However McCain turns it on him daily saying he is world famous but has no experience and whose Country is he trying to run anyway. I really hate the friggen ignorant lying childish games while we are in such a mess!

an average patriot said...

You have it! Bush has done everything possible to make it necessary while doing everything possible as you know to stave it off until the next Presidency.
Whoever it is if we are lucky enough to get rid of Bush will have to reimpliment the draft, and get blamed for everything else Bush did. This is just beginning Bud. Tasks care!

an average patriot said...

Breaking news!
105 Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers are moving deeper into Georgia! Great cease fire!

Weaseldog said...

Robert, I've been bringing up the draft more often lately, and now people are starting to agree with me.

For so long, I've argued that the draft is inevitable, but people tell me that it won't happen, because the government knows that the people will revolt.

I don't see any sign that people will actually revolt. It's more like that they'll try the Republican strategy of saying they will. Just as Republicans say they'll filibuster but don't, and this makes the Dems cave.

Our populace is going to find out that this doesn't work for the regular people. Saying you'll revolt, but sitting in the lazy boy, watching the game instead, will not cause the Republicans to cave.

Until the networks start reporting that people are ignoring the Superbowl because they are marching on Washington, our representatives know they can safely ignore us.

For this reason, I see no short term downside to bringing back the draft after this election.

People will riot and demonstrate. The police will gun them down with rubber bullets, and arm chair quarterbacks will laugh it up.

For a couple of years at least.

Weaseldog said...

The Russians are moving in more heavy artillery in order to help with evacuations. Aren't you paying attention Jim?

In other news, the sky is orange, the sea is yellow, the sun orbits the Earth and the planet really is flat.

Dave Dubya said...

The public will NOT take to the streets over a new draft. Bush has already taken care of that by killing the Posse Comitatis Act.

The troops will be in the streets suppressing the people.

It's not like they are amateur despots anymore.

an average patriot said...

Hi wease
At one time people would have revolted but not any more. Along with all kinds of other distasteful crap Bush has necessitated this too on someone else's watch while they get the blame and he swears he was the best President in history. Son of a bitch!

an average patriot said...

Yeah burning and pillaging along the way! So much for bad actor I mean Bad ass Bush! You know I don't follow the news!
In other news, the sky is orange, the sea is yellow, the sun orbits the Earth and the planet really is flat. No guarantees tomorrow though!

an average patriot said...

Hey Dave
Bingo! What a friggen future and Bush says he has done a great friggen Job. What's that tell you?

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Up to now, I had believed that there would be no war with Iran.
However, it might be, given recent ship movements and a forthcoming financial crash, that the hawks and neo-cons will actually instigate an attack on Iran, if for no other reason than to divert attention from the never-ending list of calamities and injustices for which they could be held accountable.
After which one would expect some Iranian retaliation, and probably some 5th column activity on american soil.
Which would give the currwent administration an excuse to declare martial law, and thus forego the election process.
Which in turn should arouse the patriotic passions of the doves within the military, resulting in civil war between two militarised factions, and given the incidence of firearm ownership amongst US civilians, who knows what might transpire?.
Rather like the Russian revolution, or the rise of the communists in China.

Who knows, will we have...
"The United States of Socialist America."
Peace, ;).

an average patriot said...

You are getting it Bud!There will be war with Iran. There will be war with Russia. They are both long instigated and necessary to Bush's forever war and declaring martial law.
Have you ever heard of the "denied" North American Union between the US, Canada, and Mexico? The North American corridor connecting them? A new monetary system to replace the dollar?
Yes it is all long in the works and coming to a head perfectly for Bush. There is no coincidence or surprise here jusy denial until it all becomes undeniable fact!