Saturday, August 23, 2008

In choosing Biden as VP Obama picks assassination Insurance and guarantees a third stolen election!

Obama taps Biden as running mate and assassination Insurance!

Back on July 8th I did a story on Obama's plane incident that was called nothing because it was something and I expected it a convenient way to get Obama out of the way. As in JFK, MLK, and RFK, I believed 100% that this was done by the right to keep their agenda moving forward. Knowing the deployment of the emergency chute in mid flight does not happen and that this was a last minute replacement plane this was no coincidence. Then we hear this! Control tower tapes reveal that the pilot of presidential hopeful Barack Obama's plane told air traffic controllers there was an emergency when he made an unscheduled landing last month in St. Louis, Missouri.

According to the tapes, the pilot told an FAA air traffic controller that he had limited ability to move the plane's nose up and down. "We have limited pitch authority at flight levels; we're descending to see if we can regain pitch authority," the pilot told the air traffic controller. "At this time we would like to declare this an emergency and also have CFR (fire and rescue equipment) standing by in St. Louis," the pilot said. The pilot remained calm throughout the recording.Midwest Airlines acknowledged at the time that the pilot had detected a control problem in the pitch of the plane after an emergency evacuation chute opened in the aircraft's tail cone while in flight. Normally, the chute deploys only after landing and after the tail cone pops off.

The pitch, or angle of the nose of an airplane, affects the pilot's ability to control the plane. The airline said the pilot had "full authority of the aircraft." According to the tapes, the pilot said he regained control as the plane began to descend into St. Louis. "We had a pitch authority problem, now that we have come down to a lower altitude it seems to have rectified itself. We do have pitch control of the aircraft at this time," he said. Fire trucks met the aircraft when it landed at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. After the plane landed, Obama told reporters the plane landed because of a mechanical problem and noted it marked the first time he had had to do so. Pilot says Obama landing was an emergency

* I do not care what they say! That was an assassination attempt! There have been too many "accidents" and "suicides" of people against the right and trying to expose the truth. I believe unequivocably that today Obama took out Assassination insurance and guaranteed another stolen election! Barack has chosen Biden as his Veep thus giving him the experience he has constantly been accused of not having by McAssHole! Throughout Barack Obama's search for a running mate, Joe Biden has always been hiding in plain sight, a man who appears supremely qualified to be vice president of the United States.

Biden has been on the national stage so long that he was able to mount two credible runs for the presidency himself an amazing 20 years apart, in 1988 and 2008. He has served as chairman of both the Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Relations Committee, traveling the globe to meet world leaders and to be directly involved in almost every major international and domestic debate of the last two generations. He has excelled as both a speaker and a debater. His Irish-Catholic heritage makes him a demographic dream in appealing to swing voters. He is both a Washington insider and a hero to working-class Americans and labor union leaders, in part because of his rhetoric, but also because of his own middle class upbringing. He has mastered the art of the network Sunday show television appearance as well as the classic vice-presidential skill of savagely attacking his political opponents with both a smile and the use of casual, kitchen-table idioms. Biden pros and cons

* Yes Joe has a tendency to foam at the mouth but I believe that can be controlled! The right is already using Biden's words saying Obama is not ready to be President against him and Obama but if the Democrat's had half a brain amongst them they would already have turned the tables on the Republicans as they would do to Democrats! Obama should be saying you Republicans are slow! Biden now knows I have what it takes ande has gotten behind me. You better too if you want a future! What Obama has done has taken out life Insurance and I now believe the election that is a runaway being termed too close to call so it can be stolen a third time will be! The alternatives are much worse! There is no way in hell I can see the Right quitting their agenda or allowing the Presidents abusive power in Democrats hands. no way! what is going to happen next?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Robert Rouse said...

I think the choice of Biden combined with the Convention coverage over the next week will give Obama a bump that the Republicans will be unable to recover from - even if they get a slight bump from their convention. He's going to choose Romney - I'm almost certain of that and if he does, he will lose even more of the evangelicals who look at Mormonism as a cult.

That said, their only chance would be to arrange an "accident".

an average patriot said...

I just gave up in frustration trying to comment but I think I e'd you! I will screw with it later. I hate these things. Anyway Biden was a great choice and Romney was a given a year ago! You know I absolutely expect something to happen. The right will not stop now and they will not allow President Obama to happen!

Brother Tim said...

This is a shock to me. Biden is the perfect pick. He's tenacious like a bulldog. The negatives of his gaffes will be overcome by the ire he will raise in Mc*sswipe. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas. Biden will have McSh*thead spitting and foaming at the mouth. McMoron is as bad as his mentor, Bush, when it comes to speaking off the cuff. He can't put together a cohesive sentence without a teleprompter or cue cards. I'm waiting for Biden to modify his Guiliani remark with something like, "McCain's messages are all the same, a noun, a verb, and POW".

McSenile has a hard time remembering anything, I wish he'd forget he was running for President.

an average patriot said...

I am right now listening to Obama and Biden at their first event in Springfield, Illinois. Gives me hope anyway! McAsshole jumped right on it but oh here comes Biden I have to go for now take care! Bring on the debates!

an average patriot said...

Biden's first gaffe: After 8 years of Bush and McCain! Wonder who is going to catch it. Biden is doing great!

an average patriot said...

I don't care what they say. Listening to Biden, the right is nervous!

an average patriot said...

I am listening to Biden's speech being discussed and they are saying that it was great saying we can not afford 4 more years of Bush and McCain!
They are jumping on Obama's mis speak saying I want to introduce the next President Joe Biden saying see Obama isn't ready to lead. I hate this crap!

Robert Rouse said...

I caught the Obama gaffe, but he caught it himself and changed it to Vice president. As for Biden, I believe he said four more years of Bush/McCain foreign policy, which does make sense.

I do know that if Obama wins, Microsoft will have to send a patch to a lot of computers so neither Obama or Biden will come up as spelling mistakes anymore.

an average patriot said...

I didn't know that about the spelling mistakes. I do know the other day the machines were mentioned as problems in Ohio and I refuse to believe they are still screwing with those fraud machines. Oh man!
Anyway the gaffes were minimized and I thought Biden did a great job. I think we have a winning team if we can keep it from being stolen or worse. It really stinks that we see this crap in America or even have to think the way we do!

Karen said...

Loved Biden jumping on McSame's McMany McMansions today!

This definitely will give Barack a bump in the polls that won't be overcome, especially since the conventions are back-to-back this time.

MSM said the rethugs most feared vp choice was Joe Biden. All in all, it's been a very good two days for Barack!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
Glad to see you! Yes I think Biden was the perfect choice and of course the right wing scums jumped alll over4 this.
It pisses me off because the right including Rove are lambs and never feil to leave themselves wide open but the idiot Democrats don't have a clue as to how to turn their words against them and it pisses me off. This is day one FU in your face kindergarten!

Brother Tim said...

Bush/McCain was no gaffe. This is the start of 'Pit Bull' Biden's attack. He's gonna tie 'em together at the navals.

I also loved that line he did about sitting at the kitchen table with his wife and solving the problems of kids, finances, etc. He said, "McCain's problem is trying to decide which of the seven kitchen tables he would sit at".

Biden is what the Obama Campaign official attack dog!

This is gonna be a GREAT 70 days til the election!

an average patriot said...

I'm a little slow because I am literal but I got that after I said that!
I was going to talk about Jordan Russia and Syria's rocket agreement but I just heard one of our battle ships armed to the teeth is in the Black sea supposedly with emergency supplies and a ten car train was just blown ou by a mine planted by Russia in Georgia. This forever war is taking shape rapidly now!

Tom said...

Biden is a great pick. He is a loudmouth and a loose cannon who will surely kill the ticket and avoid the obama debacle.

Of course for all of the losers that want wealth redistribution this only leaves 2 choices - start working for a living, or keep whining about how you should get the hard working folks' money.

I wonder which way that wind will blow???

Brother Tim said...

Probably out your arse.

an average patriot said...

You are a friggen riot! Some people do not have the brains they were born with and I will never understand flaunting that! I wasn't going to justify that with an answer but you called that one right!

Tom said...

You call that an answer. More like a snort from a pig at the trough.

I didn't realize this was a mutual release gathering rather than a forum.

Keep telling each other how bright you are.

Enjoy your circle. Got to go.