Thursday, May 17, 2007

While Palestine Erupts, Iraq and middle east fails, An Important Idea to get info on missing U.S. Troops!

I really want to talk about Bush's successful Democracy as it appears to be erupting in civil war as we said it would just like his other successful Democracy in Iraq. I believe too that I have the way to get our troops back if at all possible, let me know what you think!

An Israeli air strike destroyed a Hamas compound in central Gaza City on Thursday, killing one and wounding at least 45 people. The strike came a day after 22 Palestinians were killed across Gaza City in the most widespread factional fighting in nearly a year between Hamas and Fatah. The raging street battles have turned the densely populated seaside city into a war zone, putting terrified civilians increasingly at risk.

The Israeli army confirmed it carried out the air strike, which came after Israel threatened "harsh" action in response to repeated Palestinian rocket attacks. So far this week, 49 Palestinians have been killed in the factional fighting. The violence has left the fragile Palestinian unity government in tatters, although Fatah and Hamas leaders have said they hope to preserve the coalition. A main goal of the alliance, formed in March, was to halt months of factional violence. But the unity deal never addressed a key area of dispute — control over Palestinian security forces.

Jordan's King Abdullah II said he was "very concerned" by the inter-Palestinian fighting and warned that more violence will follow unless progress is made in the peace process. "I'm very concerned about the violence in Gaza. It must stop for the sake of the Palestinian people and for the sake of Palestine," Abdullah told a gathering of Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian peace activists.

I hate to be the one to inform King Abdullah but nothing including Bush, the surge, Congress, nothing will stop the total collapse occurring in Iraq and now in Palestine. It will soon engulf the entire middle east and it will not be stopped. It will only get worse from there. Democracy middle east style! So for now I would like to focus on something we can help with and that is the three missing American troops. 

This is important to me as I have 2 sons over there myself and I will be sending this suggestion to my Congressman, Senator Kennedy. We appear to be doing everything possible in order to find the missing troops while failing to do the one thing that would work and I have yet to hear it mentioned as is usually the case today.

As the massive search for three U.S. soldiers feared captured by al-Qaida entered its sixth day Thursday, the military said militants who ambushed their convoy apparently stole the dog tags of one of the four Americans killed in the attack. About 4,000 U.S. troops and 2,000 Iraqis are searching for the three soldiers feared captured by al-Qaida during the ambush, which also killed one Iraqi soldier.

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of U.S. troops south of Baghdad, said the U.S. was offering rewards of up to $200,000 for information on the missing soldiers. "We've done so much as to drain canals after a report that the bodies were in a canal," Lynch told The Associated Press. "So we're leaving no stone unturned."

Lynch said he was optimistic the three would be found alive and I wish I shared that optimism. We must continue to search for our missing troops but An al-Qaida front group, the Islamic State of Iraq, has said it captured the U.S. soldiers and warned the Americans in a Web statement on Monday to call off the hunt "if you want their safety."

Again we have learned nothing. We will merely succeed in getting more Iraqi's murdered if they try to help us because they have to live there. Haven't we learned that Rewards regardless of how large do not work. The money is not their interest. Safety and practicing their Religion their way is all that is important.

Now tell me what you think about this idea please! I think the Reward is fine but it should be a little larger. The thing that would get more cooperation and results is that coupled with an irrevocable promise of U.S. citizenship and entrance into a Federal Witness Protection Program if our soldiers are returned alive.
Please let me hear what you have to say on this and later I will be sending it as I said to

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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