Friday, May 25, 2007

Col. Hunt says our Military leaders Can not Lead, Bull, Bush leads not the military!

Usually I see these books on how to fight Bush's illegal war in Iraq and my first response is Disgust. This new book by Colonel Hunt is no exception. In fact I take particular umbrage to this one. Hunt said this war is about real people out dying and getting blown apart because of a few incompetents. Our generals, the most senior of the military, are to blame for this. They are the very root of our demise, our malaise and our inability to win he says.
Wait a minute! He is blaming this morass on our military leaders and their inability to lead and fight. I must say I was livid when generals Mcinerney and Vallily came out with the book end game. The end game should have been planned before Bush created this war for one thing and they were way off. the problem right from the beginning was the Decider.
Hunt also wrote the book "they just don't get it" and that is right but neither does he a supposed expert. Sadly those three Gentlemen are advisors on Fox and people listen to their crap.
Hunt is right that the soldiers are simply the recipients of the many bone headed decisions coming down the pipe line. However it is dead wrong to put it on the shoulders of the Generals in charge.
They are in charge in name only! Petreus was put in charge because his predecessor did not agree with Bush and Petreus could be led by the nose. All of a sudden now Bush wants to listen to the General in Charge. He doesn't care what the Generals think, not even the Joint Chiefs. Now that he has been given the money to continue his illegal war until September and his plans are failing and will get worse, he all of a sudden expresses an interest in following the Iraq Study Group that until now he has ignored.
There is a report out that says what we have discussed numerous times and that is that Bush heard as we did, all the dire ramifications of attacking Iraq before he ignored it all so he could get our military into the middle east. He will not let them out now until he screws up the entire middle period. Anyway of course Bush shrugged off any criticism as usual and just said I thought we could do it. He is the idiot in charge!
The trouble is he doesn't think and couldn't care less what anyone says who may know how to. Our Military despite what Colonel Hunt says is well led but are not controlled by military leaders but as you know, By Bush whose bidding they must do or be gone. This entire fiasco beginning to end is Bush's responsibility and no one else's.
In Colonel Hunts book he does point out something else we have discussed numerous times and that is the problem of IED's. First, I was happy to him describe O'reilley as Mr. Bill "I-have-the-number-one-show-on-all-of-cable-and-you-don’t" O’Reilly and I hope he meant it because while O'reilley is doing well for the kids he is a horses ass on Iraq. Hunt was in Iraq with O'reilley and was able to sit in on a routinely worthless battle update briefing where nothing helpful to our troops was discussed.
We have discussed it before but I refuse to believe the subject of IED's as deadly as they are to our troops, has not been adequately addressed. I was disturbed but not surprised to find that a vehicle called the MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) that offers four to five times the protection of the most heavily armored Humvee and 2 years later it is still pending. These MRAPs, with their V-shaped hulls, can cut casualties by two-thirds. Out of the 1,169 vehicles requested to date only 185 have been ordered. That ought to tell you how much the troops matter.,2933,275336,00.html
I remember a year ago of a system the Israeli army was using that had a remarkable record for stopping rocket propelled grenades, exploding them before they hit the vehicle but the civilian and politician special interest controlled military weapon appropriation bureaucracy got in the way of doing the right thing again. I am sorry but these events are not rare and they are well known. Again the responsibility lies not with our military leaders but our Government and its agencies.
If it was not for our military and its leaders we never could have dealt with Katrina. Look at what has been done there since control was handed back to the government. That is only one instance of many where the military and its leaders have pulled Bush's chestnuts out of the fire and it will not be the last.
No, our problem is not our military leaders but our so called political leaders who almost to a person have proven unable to lead and totally incompetent. I am going to Email this response to Colonel Hunt to the email at the top right hand side of the story at the link. I hope he listens! I hope you do the same. My son is home from Afghanistan but I would love to go with anyone to visit my son who will be flying support for Iraq until August 30th.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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