Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lebanon Battles Al Qaeda, If Unity was their goal so wouldn't Iraq and not kill each other!

We are watching Lebanon Battle Al Qaeda to the death, If Unity was their goal so wouldn't Iraq and not kill each other! Why tolerate the lies?
There is so much happening in the middle east there is no shortage of important subjects to cover. I was focusing yesteray on what was happeniong in Lebanon when it highlighted a very important Question. Lebanon right now is battling what is being called an Alqeda group with links to Syria, Fatah Al-Islam.
There's the sense here that both sides are hunkering down, they're re-arming, stockpiling weapons, and that there is going to be quite a nasty fight. "The Lebanese army is under orders to finish off Fatah Islam and there is no expectation that Fatah Islam is not going to put up a fight. This is a force that is well equipped and obviously well trained," said CTV's Middle East Bureau Chief Janis Mackey who has been reporting from Nahr el-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon. The camp was originally set up to house Palestinians escaping violence and the violence it seems has followed them. Members of Fatah Al Islam has been holed up there since Sunday and insist on fighting to the death. The Lebanese Army seems morte than willing to give them that opportunity.
Lebanon is requesting additional military help from the U.S. and I as of yet do not know what that entails. My question is that we have little Lebanon willing to take on Al Qaeda interests in order to wipe them out and have peace so they hope. If unity was Iraq's goal they would be doing the same thing. Especially since they have U.S. forces there right now to help do the job if that was the real issue. With the supposed threat os a possible U.S. withdrawal you would expect them to hurry up and get the job done.
Iraq has been preparing for a possible withdrawal but there is no way that will happen under Bush. You also have to wonder what that preapration is?
I understand this morning that one of the 3 captured U.S. soldiers has been found floating in the Euphrates in the Triangle of Death.
I always thought the triangle of Death was called that because of all the American deaths that occur there. I heard on the radio this morning that it is primarily because the Sunni remnants "as they are called" of Saadam's loyalists kill Shiite who are the primary farm owners whenever possible. We constantly hear of the Al Qqaeda insurgency being responsible for the worst violence in Iraq while we watch civilian and American deaths climbing daily because of Sectarian violence.
If getting rid of Al Qaeda was the Iraqi's goal I think that would be done already. As we watch Lebanon deal with AlQaeda and sectarian violence in Iraq steadily worsening as many of us knew would happen you really have to wonder how Bush can routinely mistate what is happening there, get away with it, and what hell Iraqi's will have in their future amidst the hell on earth Bush gave them?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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