Thursday, May 10, 2007

425 Stories on Romney This Morning And only Boston had the Meat and Potatoes Issue of HealthCare!

I have to tell you, this morning the news and stories were filled with the usual preponderance of corruption and Bush Cheney idiocy with a smattering of China trade issues thrown in for good measure. Being in and from Boston I awoke this morning to hear what should be a very important issue knowing the standing of Mitt Romney as being number one right now at 38% as he endeavors to become the Republican Presidential nominee.
I first find it necessary to remind some that a year and a half ago I warned people of Romney and his two faced Bush wannabe Politics and that he would follow suit and say and do anything to get elected and follow Bush's miscourse. Remember The Big Dig Debacle which ran rampant under Romney's guidance and the following great program that Romney wants to emulate for the entire country.
Remember how Romney's Health Care program that he has forced on Massachusetts citizens as being one of a kind and a model for the rest of the country to follow? Well, I had to laugh when I heard the news this morning as to the reality of this great plan for the people.
However when I tried to find the backup for the news it was nowhere to be found. Instead I found 425 stories, every one of them about the supposed bigotry expressed by Al Sharpton towards Romney and supposedly LDS Latter Day Saints or Mormons as most know them. I have to admit I am no fan of Al Sharpton's but after hearing him say that his reference towards God believing people holding sway in the upcoming Presidential elections was towards the atheist he was debating, I am inclined to believe him atleast it can be construed that way which seems to be a standard Political Ploy today.
However true to form Romney made an issue of Sharpton's statement of course to be used for Political gain.
Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney on Wednesday criticized a remark about Mormons by the Rev. Al Sharpton and described it as "bigoted" and "un-American." Sharpton, a civil rights leader, said during a New York debate on faith on Monday that "those that really believe in God" would defeat Romney, a Mormon, in the 2008 race for the White House. Sharpton, who led recent criticism of radio talk show host Don Imus for racially insensitive remarks, later said he was not questioning Romney's faith but was aiming his comments at author and atheist Christopher Hitchens, who he was debating.
"It was a very unfortunate and un-American thing to say," Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, said. "I think it was a bigoted statement and I have no interest in seeing bigoted statements about my faith or anyone else's faith put into the public discourse." Of course Sharpton accused him of creating controversy to help his campaign. Creating Division as you know is a Rove's taught tactic Bush employs at every chance.
I do happen to believe the jab was directed towards the Atheist but pointed at Romney but Romney's capitalizing on the issue paid off while the important issue remains undiscussed.
Catholics and evangelicals came to the LDS Church's and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's defense Wednesday, calling on the Rev. Al Sharpton to answer for suggesting Mormons don't believe in God. The Catholic League called for Sharpton to "be held accountable for his bigoted outburst" and suggesting it "should finish his career," just as Don Imus' recent racist statements resulted in the cancellation of his radio show. Sharpton was among Imus' harshest critics.
The Rev. Rob Schenck, an evangelical minister who heads the National Clergy Council, issued a statement calling on Sharpton to "immediately apologize to Mr. Romney and the good people of the LDS Church and repent before God for such sinful hubris.
Evangelicals and Catholics expressed solidarity with Romney so right or wrong the creation of a non issue once again was used to successfully push a political agenda while the real issue has not been discussed and I have not been able to find outside of Boston.
That is Romney's great Healthcare for all plan he wants in the whole country. Taxpayers are bearing a larger share of the cost of the expansion of healthcare coverage than expected because the state has not yet collected a penny from businesses that do not help insure their workers.
Penalties on those businesses were expected to bring in $95 million this fiscal year and $76 million next year, according to the Legislature's estimates when the bill was signed into law a year ago.
But the state now expects to collect nothing in the fiscal year that ends June 30, and only $24 million next year, according to budget officials in Governor Deval Patrick's administration and in the House of Representatives. Please read the story at the link and look at the voodoo expecting to make this morasse work and it will not
I figured in one year the State of Massachusetts is going to be hit to the tune of $150 million to be paid by the taxpayer. That is not to speak of the fact that many are now forced to buy Health Insurance they cannot afford. If they could they would already have it. This is only one small State folks! This is once again a windfall for businesses in the true meaning of Bush Politics. I do firmly believe that a Democrat will be elected in 2008 so in the end this will all be worthless I hope. I am just sickened to see that Bush's two faced Politics are still being espoused and again by a supposed man of God. Oh man!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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