Sunday, May 27, 2007

We must cancel the antiquated Electoral College and Politicians must take Blogging 101 to....


We must Cancel the antiquated Electoral College Then Politicians must take Blogging 101 to Prove they're doing the Peoples work to get elected!

We discuss the countries problems all day every day not only here but on many Liberal Blogs and on the other side Conservatives do it on their Blogs. However, we need to stop wasting our time and talking the issues amongst ourselves and implement a system in which we are heard. We can do this! What "We the people" think should be heard and required to be acted on as a prerequisite to being elected or reelected. We have been burned not only by this Republican MIS Administration but by inadequate public representatives from both parties.

Last week Clammyc brought the election problems to light once again and I last did it on May 2nd myself with a diary titled "It is time to implement a verifiable Voting System that Represents the people not the Politicians!

It covers many important issues as does Clammy's but we must get them addressed before this bites us again and another election is stolen by Republicans. However thinking about it more these solutions are even more basic and comprehensive and voting time is rapidly creeping upon us again as our attention is diverted to the many problems around the world. The issue of solving our election problems so another election is not stolen and "'We the people" are heard and our thoughts acted on are more important than ever and I have a very viable way to accomplish this but we must get our solutions heard where it matters and have them acted on. Tell me what you think!

First, we must Abolish the antiquated Electoral College. that served the peoples purpose when we could not get ourselves heard in rural America. As we learned with Bush it now represents the interests of the Politicians. We are capable of going to the polls today and speaking for ourselves. While on the subject of a system working for the Politicians we must also throw out these new electronic voting systems because they can be tampered with casting any vote the tamperer wants and you ca not detect it. Paper trail or not it is worthless because you cannot prove the vote was real.

Technology is not the voters friend! Technology is the Politicians friend! Anyway 2ndly we must as a prerequisite to running pass a requirement that every single politician or perspective Politician must make an enforceable promise to do the work of their constituents and America not their special Interest handlers. While having to take a course about the top Blogs from their party to know what their constituents want and make them responsible for speaking for the people and not them and special interests.

Politicians must prove performance. We have got to hod them accountable. We do not care what Politicians think. They are supposed to care about what we think. They are supposed to represent "we the people" not we the Politicians.

Our Government of the people, for the people, by the people, facilitated by society, has become a Government of the Politician, for the affluent, by the media, facilitated by the so called legal system. This has got to change. We have got to take "our America" back. It is imperative to the countries future and we owe it to our kids.

Just this second I got off the phone with one of my sons that just got back from Afghanistan. Of course the conversation turned to Politics. I explained what I am saying right now and laid the future of his kids and country on his shoulders. He must for his children take an active role in cleaning up this mess. He is still determined to go to Iraq next year. He is EOD and I don't like it but some of these idiots my 3 son's included find some perverse pleasure in this.

I am afraid Bush will keep him busier than he wants regardless of who gets elected next. He wants to retire after 20 years and that is 10 years away. I can only pray that he makes it and survives paying off Bush's trillions in debt he put on their shoulders to be paid when he is gone. Boy are our kids getting a screwing!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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