Friday, May 11, 2007

Republicans take Bush to the Woodshed, Bush will accept Benchmarks on Iraq but not himself!

There is no news here so I will not supply links unless someone asks because they have not seen the old news. The story here as always is in the interpretation and I am posting this early for me because I hope to have a long discussion on the subject.
As of the last few days we have heard that Bush has lost his main ally in his push for an illegal war in Iraq. Tony Blair as you know announced his resignation Thursday in a poignant — almost apologetic — speech to the nation, thanking his compatriots for his successes during more than a decade as prime minister, and seeking understanding for leading Britain into an unpopular war in Iraq. I expect Gordon Brown to replace Blair and he will not give Bush the blind support he has enjoyed to the demise of Blair.
At the same time Republicans have finally taken Bush to the woodshed on his mispolicies concerning Iraq and has agreed to Benchmarks for Iraqi progress.
The president's remarks came day after reports that 11 moderate Republican members of Congress held a blunt meeting with Bush in the White House to express growing concern over the war and to warn that his political support was eroding.
In his comments to reporters on Thursday, Bush quickly dismissed the idea, backed by many House Democrats, of a funding bill that would dispense resources in two stages. Congress would subject release of the second stage to another vote. I and other concerned Democrats see the vehicle as a means to put pressure on Bush over his management of the war and to press for him to begin withdrawing troops.
Bush of course threatens a veto again saying it is wrong to play politics with this and hamstring our troops as he has done and is doing. I cannot believe the obvious idiocy of this guys ststements are just listened to and we have not been able to successfully take him to task. This has all been taking place as Cheney is in Iraq misinforming the troops once again. He is stupidly lying to our troops again. Cheney framed the troops’ efforts as part of the fight against global terrorism and made no promise that an end was in sight.
"We’re fighting a war against terror," the vice president said, according to the prepared text of his remarks. "We are here, above all, because the terrorists who have declared war on America and other free nations have made Iraq the central front in that war." What happened to what he stupidly said last time that the insurgency was in its deathythroes?
Like you I am sick of hearing the lie that we are in Iraq fighting terrorists who have declare war on us. There were no terrorists in Iraq in Saddam's day as you know. Bush has brought them there to fight supposedly so we do not have to fight them here.
However Bush has diverted from Afghanistan to attack Iraq and begin what he wrongly thinks will be his idea of a new middle east order. Bush is now willing to accept Benchmarks on Iraq such as the Iraqis passing a new oil-sharing bill, updating the Iraqi constitution, and holding provincial elections but no Benchmarks on Bush in his endeavor to stay in the middle of his created hell and civil wart in Iraq.
He will accept these benchmarks as he said, as he moves forward in Iraq. That means he will stay the course until he is able to find an excuse to atack Iran as was only part of his original plan for his new midle east order. this will all end in total chaos but can't we all see that this is what Bush is doing?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Messenger said...

GOPers didn't take Bush to the woodshed. They just asked him not to lose the election for them.

an average patriot said...

I know and you are right! That wass just the message we were supposed to get out of it.
However, nothing will change, nothing will get done, and Bush will stay his miscource. As usual it was just another facade of concern and cooperation so he can get what he wants.
It will all be detrimental to not only us but the entire world. It is still just starting and the damage he has created will continue long after he is gone. Just watch!