Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It is time to implement a Verifiable Voting System that Represents the people not the Politicians!

As we are heading towards the 2008 elections I am reminded that the problems we experienced the last two times still persist. I have not heard anything done to resolve them. We cannot wait until we are in the middle of an election once again before this becomes an issue again. It seems as the usual out of sight out of sound is applying once again.

As I watched and listened to the nightmare Bush I am increasingly concerned that a nightmare like him could happen again. I keep hearing that the powers behind who really gets elected and the agenda that is actually followed will ensure that a President is elected that will continue Bush's stridence towards so called new world order.

There are those in both party's that allow abuse of our election process for many reasons. First, many people are still lazy and think in the end their elected officials will do the right thing for them. That will never happen and they will continue to do the right thing for themselves.

People fall for the line that we must move our election system into the 21st century and that is why we must go electronic.

It should be updated but not influenced by the 21st century of political lies we are surrounded by! It should start with an Abolishing of the outdated electoral system that wrongly let Bush in as President in the first place. The Electoral College no longer serves the "peoples" purpose. It was needed when America was so Rural people could not be made aware or get their opinions to the polls so we needed someone to represent us.

That is no longer necessary! We are capable of getting to the polls and representing ourselves. Doing away with the Electoral College would eliminate what got the slime Bush into office in the first place. That is only one problem! Also, we know these electronic voting machines can be manipulated. Sadly, you know they will be in order to benefit one special interest or the other.

It is a sad situation as we are constantly lied to and manipulated for political gain. In order to have a paper trail and verification to move forward sometimes you have to move back to what worked in the past. We must go back to the paper and pencil system that can be verified individually. Until we do that and do it universally there is too much room for selfish exploitation.

We do need a grassroots movement in order to get rid of the electoral College, take the courts out of our Election process, give the process too the people who it is supposed to represent, and return to a verifiable paper process, so the entire process can be monitored and truly representative of the people and their desires.

This will not happen as long as we leave it up to the Politicians. They will try to manipulate the process in their Political favor as seems to be the prevailing thought process today. That is the case in every instance in today's Political environment and is the primary reason for the majority of the countries problems today. How can "We the People" get involved and ensure that a voting system representative of the people not special interests is in place for 2008. We cannot wait until the last minute when we have another crisis and I am afraid we are.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

Good thinking,Jim!

Something I wonder about is how history, especially American, is taught in grade school now as compared with when I was there.

Are children still taught to revere the American flag no matter what, recite the pledge with "God" included,and to believe that just because you are president you can do no wrong and deserve their unreserved support?

an average patriot said...

little bill
I am a respect freak especially when it comes to my country and people that deserve respect.
Of course I respect our America but not Bush's. I also believe the Presidency deserves respect but not Bush's. When it comes to Bush he deserves his own history Book and we should call it the Book of Hell!