Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mehdi Army Growing and Bush wants Korea Role for U.S. in Iraq! What? How? Where? Sonofagun!

How can that idiot possibly equate Iraq and it's enlarging civil war to the Korean Democracy where we have a place and a duty to protect them from the North not to be the target in a civil war. I don't get it. enlarge our Army for this?
In wartime Washington there is but one point of bipartisan agreement: The land forces of the United States are too small. Hillary Clinton may be trying to make her fellow Democrats forget her vote to go to war in Iraq, but she insists that "it is past time to increase the end-strength of the Army and Marines." Sen. Barack Obama agrees, and even the New York Times has editorialized that "larger ground forces are an absolute necessity for the sort of battles that America is likely to fight during the coming decades."
On the Republican side, the leading candidates are straining to one-up each other on the issue. Rudy Giuliani wants to enlarge the Army by about 70,000 from its current strength of 510,000 active-duty soldiers. Mitt Romney thinks 100,000 is a better number. John McCain is working with his advisers to formulate his answer, but he might well trump his rivals.
Of course it is no secret that it has been called for a larger military for quite a while. But I assumed (I know) it was for expected future wars. I also credit Bush with those future wars and military needs.
Knowing that as of late Al-Sadr as of late has called for a Fatwa prohibiting the killing of fellow Muslims and his army has been increasingly focused on killing Americans, I was surprised first to find The Mehdi Army (MA) militia poses, in the eyes of the Pentagon, the greatest threat to Iraq's security, replacing Al-Qaeda in Iraq as the country's "most dangerous accelerant of potentially self-sustaining sectarian violence".
Its membership rose from just a few thousand after the US-led invasion to some 60,000, according to a December 2006 report by the Iraqi Survey Group. It was created in the summer of 2003, prompted by radical Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr, who preached in his sermons the need for a new force.
Young men were recruited at offices near mosques to defend the Shia Muslim faith and their country in defiance of the US-led coalition's arms controls.
First I have to ask where this acknowledgment came from all of a sudden? What happened to the great threat of Al Qaeda? Knowing that Iran or so we are told, supports the Mehdi Army and it will continue to grow you first have to believe Saudi Arabia the protector of the Sunni's is not going to just sit there and let this continue. However, knowing this I am a bit nonplused that Bush could possibly think a Korea type force would work.
President George W. Bush would like to see a lengthy U.S. troop presence in Iraq like the one in South Korea to provide stability but not in a front-line combat role, the White House said on Wednesday. Tony Snow said Bush would like to see a U.S. role in Iraq ultimately similar to that in South Korea.
How the heck could even an idiot compare Iraq to Korea? S. Korea is a successful Democracy. Iraq will never be. How can even the chief idiot make believe that this would work? We would be the target not the enabler of a Democracy. Where in Gods name would you locate such a force? this is an absolutely mindless ludicrous idea. What the hell is wrong with the chief idiot? Damn, what the hell?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


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