Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cutting Funds to Iraq: Isn't that Cut and Run while leaving troops and Equipment on line?

Cutting Funds to Iraqi's: Isn't that Cut and Run while leaving troops and equipment on line to attack Iran in the Future?
I was looking for an alternative to using the story from Fox but could find no one else that did it for whatever reason. I decided to give you the link because I was disgusted with all the stories of Bush acting like tough shit and making demands that Democrats give him what he wants.
Yesterday I talked about Jimmy Carter and how he was 100% right in his calling Bush the worst President in U.S. History and then amidst God knows what kind of White House pressure, recanting that statement somewhat saying instead he meant to compare Bush to Nixon. Oh that's better, sure. Many shared my disgust with Democrats continuing caving in and being labeled as no better than Republicans. Anyway I caught last night that the Democratic Congress was now caving in to Bush's demands of a "clean" Bill with no withdrawal demands. Again I was stunned!
My first thought was, What the Hell is this? when is the caving in to the Bush's idiocy going to stop?
I do not like it but I realize Politics is all about give and take. You must give up something in trade to get what you want. Democrats intend to draft an Iraq war-funding bill without a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops and shorn of billions of dollars in spending on domestic programs, officials said Monday. the only good part of this proposal is that The legislation would include the first federal minimum wage increase in more than a decade, a top priority for Democrats. That I like!
With that said, agreeing with the fact that Democrats in Congress have insisted for months they would not give Bush a blank check for his war policies and that they were talking for me. I am hurt by the turn around nevertheless. I do agree that officials said the legislation is expected to include political and military goals for the Iraqi government to meet toward establishment of a more democratic society. However! http://www.foxnews.com/...
Doesn't putting goals on Iraqi's you know damn well they are not going to meet simply amount to cutting funds for what is already structural, political, and military, failures? The Iraqi civil war will simply worsen and now our troops will be funded and left there to be used along with the equipment once Bush does find his excuse to attack Iran as was only one of his original goals of putting boots on the ground in the middle east.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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