Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't keep dealing with the results of the problem Deal with the source of the problem!

This morning when my alarm went off the first thing I heard had me thinking all morning because it just didn't make sense and as an ex cost Manager I believed in getting rid of the problem source not dealing with the problem whenever it cropped back up. Thinking of the countries and the worlds problems I found myself wishing it was as easy as applying that rule. Does anyone or anything come to mind?

The issue that got me thinking this morning was an Amendment Proposal here in Boston banning Pit Bulls. There has been a rash of pit Bull attacks here and I am sure everywhere but it does not seem like banning Pit Bulls is a rational answer. As I said, I was always of the frame of mind that instead of dealing with the problem every time it reoccurs you get rid of the source of the problem and the problems gone for good.

I understand Pit bulls are vicious or so we are led to believe. I happen to think the problem is the people who train them to be viscous. To me the idea should be to go after those that teach any dog or animal regardless of breed, to be vicious and hold them accountable. If you would like to sign a petition to stop this ban in your State

here is the petition.

After listening to the mornings dose of problems many of them attributable to Bush I wish it would be so easy an answer as to just get rid of him. I got an email this morning from saying,

 Is 2008 too late to get rid of Bush? What could the Bush administration do in the next 20 months? I think it is too late! Think about what the chief idiot can do to us, Iran, Iraq, the middle east and the world in 20 months.

Just as I am putting this together I hear Bush making another proposal he wants put into effect after he is gone. First it was in regard to paying off his trillions of Dollars in debt. This day it is in regard to gas consumption, he wants it cut by 2010. I am sick of hearing our biggest problem is oil consumption and dependency. Our biggest problem is Bush. I wish we could just get rid of him. Too bad there is no such thing as a Do Over!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


David Schantz said...

I signed the petition. My Daughter ( ) trains dogs. Some times for protection but never to attack for no reason. I don't feel there are any bad dogs, just bad owners and trainers. If there is a problem and you want to solve it go after them. I'm afraid it is to late to do anything about Bush but we can educate the voters. The day of the one party system (Democrat/Republican) is over. Check out all of the (so called) Third Party and Independent candidates. Do every thing you can for the one you feel can solve this countrys problems.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

an average patriot said...

Excellent comment! I agree that their are no bad dogs only bad owners. The same thing applies to kids and their parents. As for the two party system! I am ready myself for another party. I just want to see the right thing done for the average American and our America not for a selfish interest. Although I hope I never see another Republican as long as I live. Take care!