Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shadow Government Comment about Iraq, Congress furious over Iraq Parliament Break, Sound familiar?

Lou Dobbs Shadow Government Comment about Iraq, Congress furious over Iraq Parliament Break, Sound familiar about us?
It really isn't funny but I saw the title, Shadow Government! On Lou Dobbs show last night when I was going through news reports to see what I wanted to discuss today.
I instantly thought it was in reference to Bush and the shadow Government that was behind his Misadministration. It was in actuality reference to the fact that the Al Maliki Government is not the real force in Iraq. I do have to agree with that and happen to believe it is Al Sadr, Iran, and others, that are running the country behind the scenes.
The thought of a shadow Government though is something I often think about with Bush and have to wonder who are the real powers behind the scenes? It seems we have more in common with the Iraqi's than we want.
I also saw another story about how the people were against an unpopular war and that is was grossly mismanaged. Again, right off the bat I thought it was in reference to us. What it actually was about was the Israeli people being disgruntled with Ehud Olmert's mishandling of the war with Lebanon.
Seems like we sadly have an awful lot in common with Israeli's too. our leaders seem incapable of leading. It is a trait that seems to be a shared legacy of at least Israel, Iraq, and the United States.
Then I noticed a story about the fact that our vacationing busy doing nothing Congress "at least until now" are upset and furious with the Iraqi Parliament for wanting to take a break without doing any real work.
American Lawmakers divided over whether to keep U.S. troops in Iraq are finding common ground on at least one topic: They are furious that Iraqi politicians are considering a lengthy break this summer. "If they go off on vacation for two months while our troops fight -- that would be the outrage of outrages," said Rep. Chris Shays, R-Connecticut.
The Iraq parliament's recess, starting this July, would likely come without Baghdad politicians reaching agreements considered key to easing sectarian tensions. Examples include regulating distribution of the country's oil wealth and reversing measures that have excluded many Sunnis from jobs and government positions because of Baath party membership.
I don't have to say that once again our Politicians have a lot in common with our own at least in regard to needing a break from doing nothing. I really don't know if they are going to get that break or if their is anything they can do for Iraq but I do not think there is.
However, I know there has been only backward progress in Iraq. Again it sounds too much like our own experience. With that said and knowing the duress Iraqi's in general are under I have to sympathize with the stress Iraqi Politicians live with day in and day out, I have to think the Iraqi Parliament deserves a break more than our own Congress did. Please give me your thoughts on all of this!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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