Saturday, May 26, 2007

Todays Increasingly Destabilizing events In new middle east (dis)order!

I have a lot going on here today trying to take care of two elderly parents. I have been unable to write anything until now. As a result I have spent the day monitoring events and every time I thought I found the event I wanted to write about something new cropped up. I caught that the U.S. has resupplied Lebanon with a rushed supply of ammo and weapons to be used in their battle against Fatah Al-Islam a purported Al Qaeda branch where both sides have vowed to fight to the death. There are supposed links between Fatah Al-Islam and Syria. Syria as you know is also accused of letting troops and equipment across their border to be used against Iraqi's and the successful implementation of a Democratic Government or at least some semblance of stability.
I am reminded that way back when Bush was bragging about getting Syria to leave Lebanon, my first thought was on no now Syria will be freed up to raise hell in other countries particularly Iraq. They have not disappointed me.
Hamas and Fatah are still going at each other in Palestine with no let up in sight or expected by me. At least Syria's involvement is expected here too.
Iran, threatened I am sure with U.S. Naval maneuvers being held of their shores by two U.S. Carrier Groups and attending Battle ships as well as tit for tat verbal exchanges with the U.S. involving involvement in Iraq and their nuclear program, seem to as of late stepped up their efforts to capture Iranian Americans and accuse them of espionage and or subversion. They have lost their British captives and bargaining chips so they have been busy gathering new ones while at the same time threatening action against Israel if they get reinvolved in Lebanon which I really do not expect.
I am reminded that Turkey is having their own problems with a recent Bombing supposedly by an Iraqi Kurd and I have to wonder what is next here too with their desire I believe, to remain secular. I have all the links for all these stories and will be glad to supply them. I just did not want to clog this up with links all of which you may have already seen. I wanted you to just look at what I think is the total picture and I am sure it gets worse. And then recent Iraq events!
The two missing American soldiers are still being searched for. I know Bush has said to expect a bloody summer in Iraq and of course we all do. I had hopes after hearing Anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, making his first public appearance in four months, on Friday ordered his Mehdi Army militia not to fight with Iraqi police and army forces.
He called the message a Fatwa and prohibited his followers from attacking their Sunni Brothers and any other Iraqi. My hopes of a more "peaceful" summer in Iraq were instantly dashed when I heard of British U.S. maneuvers to capture Al Sadr in which a prominent member of the Mehdi Army was killed and this brought me back to earth reminding me that Americans will always be fair game as long as we are in the middle of this mess.
I just also caught that 8 more Americans confirmed killed bringing the total to 93 on course to be the worst month of the war for Americans. I am sure the so called insurgents will make this a record month. am sorry, I know some here do not like it or want to hear it but all I see is still developing total middle east chaos.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

Wish I could disagree with your prognosis, but I can't. All I can do is cry.

an average patriot said...

I have to say Anne, all any of us can do is cry. Bush has 75% of the country against him and being the decider he could care less as long as he follows his new societal, middle east, and world order. Yes, all we can do is cry and it's just beginning.