Sunday, May 13, 2007

McCain Fills Russert full of crap on Meet The Press again, This is the Republican promise to us?

I know the three leading Republican imbeciles I mean Presidential contenders, are all for us staying in Iraq. I was looking for something to discuss today so I made the mistake of watching Tim Russert. It may be me but I don't like the guy because he always plays the patsy and gets dumped on. He never asks the right questions the right way. he let McCain fill him full of shit once again.
I have to say, I respected McCain greatly when he was a POW and refused to be released or receive special treatment. Those days are long gone along with any thought that McCain may have learned something from Vietnam.
During the entire interview besides the standard Bush line Hemming and Hawing there was nothing but obvious lies only to facilitate staying the course and following Bush's failure. Regardless of their idiocy nothing will prevent the dire warnings from coming true. Bush Guaranteed them the day he attacked. Anyway Tim pointed out that 55 percent of people polled say victory is not possible in Iraq and 58 percent said the war was a mistake.
I am sick of the standard Republican Bull shit line that when we have experienced the enormous difficulties and sacrifice that have been part of this conflict that, certainly, you can understand that. Americans are frustrated, and they're saddened our failures in this conflict. It has nothing to do with sacrifices, American deaths, and repetitive failures. Bushco does not care what we think or want so ignore all polls that speak for the people and what we want. We were discounted from the beginning because only Bush and those like McCain know anything. They got us into this when many of us knew that all the horrors Bush was warned about but arrogantly ignored would come to fruition if we put American combat boots on Islamic ground.
McCain is still stupidly saying we have a chance of success and that we do not fully understand the consequences of failure in Iraq. Failure is a given and staying in Bush's civil war will change nothing. It will only keep us on line in the middle east until Bush finds the excuse to attack Iran and fully engulf the entire middle east in Bush's idea of new order.
Russert did remind McCain that he said if the backing of the American people is lost we will lose the war. A lot of us were against this from the beginning of course and the majority of us are against this now. McCain should be held accountable for what he said instead Russert let him off the hook again. we are not going to have any successes there to brag about, we are not going to do a better job. Our troops are doing a great job. It is the Iraqi's that must do a better job or else, and again we know the consequences of failure. We are sick of hearing this lame crap!
McCain: The consequences of failure, Tim, are that there would be chaos in the region. There's three--two million Sunni in Baghdad. The Iranians would continue to increase their influence, the Saudis would have to help the Sunni, the Kurds would want independence, the Turks will never stand for it. Some people say partition. You'd have to partition bedrooms in Baghdad because Sunni and Shia are, are married. This, this is a very, very difficult situation, but the consequences of failure, in my view, are unlike the Vietnam war where we could leave and come home and it was over, that these people will try to follow us home and the region will erupt to a point where we may have to come back or we will be combating what is now, to a large degree, al-Qaeda, although certainly other--many other factors of sectarian violence, in the region.
If that isn't chaos we are seeing what the hell do you call it and it will spread throughout the middle east regardless. The Iranian's and the Saudi's will be after each other and Turkey will be involved too if they all aren't already. Thinking about all that crap should have been done and adhered to not ignored and that Al Qaeda crap and threats of other sectarian violence in the region is friggen old and useless. McCain has once again said nothing of consequence and this is what the Republicans have to offer us in 2008?
McCain still thinks we did the right thing. He still insists the main problem is not sectarian violence but Al Qaeda. When told a majority of the Iraqi parliament, has signed a petition asking for a date certain for withdrawal of American troops like we want he simply said Hmmm! and can anyone tell me how are troops will be in greater harm if we withdraw?
Lastly Russert said that the duly elected people's bodies, the U.S. Congress and the Iraqi parliament, say they want a troop withdrawal. That's more than a poll. Isn't that the voice of the people? Yes, it is and McCain like Bush respects that but his experience has taught him that he knows better and while playing Politics says he must ignore Politics and thus the people and do what he thinks is best.
Boy are we in trouble. I can't take any more of this bullshit double talk. If you were fortunate enough to miss McCain's interview and can handle all the idiocies spoken here you go.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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