Monday, May 07, 2007

Lawyers and Divorced Spouses taking kids when Troops are Deployed, military abuse not by Bush only!

You know, I am not the only one with kids in the military and am concerned about the abuse and misuse of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Usually we must come to the rescue of our troops because of lack of Armor for vehicles, lack of material support for troops while they are deployed, lack of equipment, lack of training, multiple prolonged deployments, Cuts in spending for walter Reed and other facilities etc.
In the past it has always been the Bush misadministration that has been taking advantage of our troops before, during, and after their deployments. We have sadly grown used to the fact that our military is being abused aand misused therefore it is up to us to pick up the slack. Maybe that is only right, I don't know! Seeing this story though really hit me! It is pretty bad seeing our military being taken advantage of by Bushco but Lawyers and divorced spouses taking kids when they are deployed in defense of the country they swore to defend is an unfathomable low to me. .

There is A federal law called the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act that is meant to protect them by staying civil court actions and administrative proceedings during military activation. They can’t be evicted. Creditors can’t seize their property. Civilian health benefits, if suspended during deployment, must be reinstated.And yet service members’ children can be — and are being — taken from them after they are deployed.
Now we are seeing increasing cases where troops both male and female who have been assigned caregivers for their children are coming home from deployments only to find that their ex spouse has taken their children. The courts that found them to be the best Parent for their children are now saying that because they are serving for their country they are no longer the best model for their children.
There is something drastically wrong with this! After reading story after story of the nightmares experienced by responsible parents returning from deployments and having their child taken while they were serving and having the courts justifying that, and not giving them back their kids, I am stupified that the message sent is you serve your country you lose your kids to the less responsible spouse who will be at home, end of discussion.
Please look at these horor stories! Military and family law experts don’t know how big the problem is, but 5.4 percent of active duty members — more than 74,000 — are single parents, the Department of Defense reports. More than 68,000 Guard and reserve members are also single parents.
It seems to me that Spouces are taking advantage because they are allowed to and at the expense of the responsible parent and the child. A child should be given back to the returning military member end of discussion. I refuse to believe that after all the sacrifices these people are asked to make they have to make the final sacrifice and have their children taken from them if they survive deployment. This is just plain wrong! How can we stop this injustice? This is not good for America!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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