Monday, May 28, 2007

Just Returned from Afghanistan my EOD Son feels Duty Bound to Return to Iraq! How am I supposed to feel?

Just Returned from Afghanistan my EOD Son feels duty Bound to go back to Iraq! How am I supposed to feel this Memorial Day?
I don't have to tell you that despite some close calls as EOD in Afghanistan this son made it home last month for the birth of his Daughter next month. I promised Catrina here that I would tell her when the Baby is Born but right now I don't know how to feel or think.
Anyway One of his brothers is due home from Iraq 8/30 where he is flying support and I hope to hear from him today as I cannot contact him nor do I know exactly where he is or what he is doing. As we celebrate this confusing emotional Memorial Day and as I write this I am watching the local commemorations and KIA Roll on TV for now. The mournful music and numerous deaths has me very emotional.
I was lucky enough to get a phone call from the son who just returned safely from Afghanistan as I said and I regret that I forgot to mention how proud I was of him and wish him a Happy Memorial Day because he set me on my Ass with what he said.

I had hopes that with his growing family this 6 foot 220 pound son of America would get out of Bush's abusive military instead of finishing his career. He started off telling me that most of the lifers he knows have had enough and they are enmasse opting to get out of the service. Being EOD and having served with every Allied Nation and every branch of our military he has served around the world and in every middle east Nation protecting our VIP's.
I was hoping to hear the words "I am getting out after this enlistment" Instead he floored me by casually saying he just went deep sea fishing with other Iraq and Afghanistan Vet's and is looking forward to staying in until he retires and looks forward to next year when he plans on volunteering for Iraq!
What is wrong with some of these kids? How am I supposed to feel? I am proud of him but as I watch Bush abuse him and knowing their is more coming down the Pike and some such as my neighbors have never served and their kids laugh at people like my son as they go about their selfish lives.
I watched a show yesterday on servicemen who have been severely injured even losing limbs and like my son begging to return to action and their comrades because they feel immune and should be at the helm.
I think I am a bit Bummed out but I just don't know what to feel as I ponder this Memorial Day! I hope we all take a moment today and think about these people serving today and all our family and friends that have served this Nation before us!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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