Thursday, February 05, 2009

It is old news to the half intelligent but This will dwarf the great depression!

Also these bailouts are worthless except to further the bankrupting of America that Bush started! I say often that by the time the so called experts get a hold of something it is already to late to do anything about it as we talked it to death already and no one listened. This is no exception! We are starting to hear talk of the long ago obvious that we are in a Depression and this will dwarf the great depression! Like everything else Bush touched it will be the worst the world has ever seen. In true testament to the Worst President in history! Anyway today this caught my eye!

No more scoffing at old stories about the Great Depression

I decided to just show you the couple dozen stories I have done on this trying to warn people and get them to prepare. Just be prepared! I will show you the stories and you hit the story that interests you. Fair warning, there are multiple links it you are interested in following the story line! I will start with the latest and go back to February 2007!

11/18/08 Living a lie: Against a worsening manufactured financial crisis that is just beginning another reminder from Global Research!

9/24/08 It is old news to the half intelligent but This will dwarf the great depression!

9/20/08 The Great depression had Hoovervilles! the Second great Depression is bringing tent cities, it is beginning!

7/30/08 I have been writing about the homeless getting worse for years now Bush says it is down 30% WTF? What are we stupid? I'm sick of the Lying!

7/02/08 The Hell with the Queen! God save the World as it copies our Political chaos in a race to wrest power and steal control to fight in the future!

6/30/08 As you know I keep saying, this will dwarf the Great Depression and WW2 combined, you the powerless be prepared!

6/7/08 The Bush Bubbles: War Bubble, Housing Bubble, oil bubble, energy bubble, economic bubble survival bubble, who needs a terrorist attack? Bush!

5/ 29/08 perfect storm,Putting the last nail in the coffin: Are the oil companies doing Bush's heavy lifting and Bringing America down so he can take control?

5/28/08 An Update on yesterdays story The rapidly failing economy will change Demographics! It's moving Quickly and daily!

5/27/08 The rapidly failing economy will change Demographics! At what point can Americans no longer afford to work where and at where they want...

4/16/08 Learn the truth about the 2009 Budget! The lies and the truth!

1/21/08 Yesterday I discussed this so called recession and the obvious answer to it. Today the world reacts, Its beginning. The second great Depression!

1/20/08 incentives to the poor,Rebuild America: The perfect answer to our problem will be ignored as Bush continues to destroy FDR's Legacy and "our America"

11/14/07 The cost of Bush's wars present and future should govern thought as average Americans pay in more ways than one!

*** 8/22/07 In light of today's events,telling and very scary quotes by great men of the past!

8/16/07 I have warned many times of the upcoming stock market crash now I am prepared to give a number! Dow 10,000! It was 14000!

7/27/07 Longest Bull Run in 80 Years, remember who was in Charge, what Happened then and what's Forecast Today!

5/8/07 Longest Bull Run in 80 Years, remember who was in Charge, what Happened, and what's Forecast Today!

3/28/07 Home ownership in Crisis, Home shares plunge, stock Indexes drop after Bernanke Comments!

2/22/07 The Second and Greatest Depression is right around the Corner. This is sad, stunning, and true!

* Obviously we have discussed this numerous times! As usual our so called leaders are behind the 8 ball! Nothing they can do now will make a difference. It will only further the bankrupting of America! This was set up by Greenspan for Bush and it will be playing out for generations regardless of President Obama's good intentions! After yesterdays discussion I am sickened watching Politicians continue to play their standard childish games while the country sinks though this is going to happen regardless. We can only relax be prepared and hunker down!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

We can't forget that this mess was allowed to happen by the Democrats failure to check the Republican agenda.

The dems didn't have the wisdom to let the thugs do the damage unassisted.

Now we have a lock step Reich Wing with just enough spineless Dems to wreak the whole deal.

As I have said, I distrust Democrats as much as I despise Republicans.

The GOP and corporatist dems need to be removed from office if we are to see progress.

Brother Tim said...

As I have been saying for eons:

"When everyone prospers, society advances. When only the few profit, society regresses"

I finally took Betmos's advice and put up a post today. Stop by if you get time.

an average patriot said...

I am starting to get very concerned that this set up for failure will work. Bush created too many crises for anyone to deal with. I am very concerned!

an average patriot said...

You son of a gun! After you being gone for so long and all I don't want to say we are screwed, but!
I saw your post and left me a comment. Feel free to give me a buzz when ever you feel the need. Take care!


Hi James,

I'm watching Obama addressing the House democrats on CNN.

It's pathetic that this man, whom America elected to save a sinking ship, should be made to virtually beg to those members of the House to help him solve the problems that were not of his making.

Obama should keep on hammerring into the brains of those dodos the fact that he did not create the problems that he is hell bent on solving -- those fellows in the House and in the Senate had better stop playing games because, as you rightly say, what's happening today could easily dwarf the Great Depression.

Extraordinarily pathetic.

(I feel sorry for Pres Obama; those politicians in US Congress should be ashamed of themselves!!! If they don't approve his stimulus package, America will only have itself to blame! Apologies James for these strong words but I am appalled by the stupidity of these US lawmakers!)

Naj said...

Did you ever see this TV series: The Trap

I highly recommend it!

landsker said...

Perhaps it isn`t all the fault of Bush, he too inherited the most widely spread and costly military force in global history.
Coupled with an unregulated and criminally corrupt financial sector, plus a few unhealthy religious beliefs, a narrow elitist clique of powerful families... and there is the story of the rise and fall of all empires, Roman, Greek, Spanish, French, British, all collapsed because for similar reasons, greed, incompetence, over-powerful militaries...
Yes, we are entering a depression, and the elephant in the closet has to be the military, it`s size and expense, it`s long-term goals, purpose and current activities, and it`s influence on American and global politics, on a lesser scale, we have the same scenario here in Europe... the job losses and bankruptcies are coming in every day.
As for the "bail outs", it would seem only to delay the collapse of the current Empire, not prevent it.
Rather than fat taxpayer-funded cheques for fatcat bankers, there should be a more egalitarian method of wealth distribution, otherwise the ranks of the homeless and unemployed may become swollen and sown with dissent and rebellion...:)

Jolly Roger said...

It may be worse, it may not be; a lot of that depends on whether or not the country survives, which I frankly believe it will not. In that case, some regions of the former US are going to do a lot better than others.

If I were living on old Dixieland right now, I'd be plotting my escape.

an average patriot said...

I agree! It is sickening to watch! They are determined to see Obama fail and it is sick! If he fails America fails and the world fails. They don't even care!
Even though Obama was hamstrung and set up for failure I had great hope that the right would cooperate with him but that hope is waning fast!

an average patriot said...

By the way, no apologies necessary, you are right. I too am appalled!

an average patriot said...

As usual you are a wealth of information! I have never seen or heard of that but I will look into it. Thanks!

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
I was at your site yesterday but I do not remember if I commented or not. In the past I did a comparison of what we are told is the military cost and what it really is. It is much worse.

Anyway Bush is quick to point out things were a mess when he got in. I strongly disagree with that! He did nothing right. Insisted on no oversight so corruption could run rampant and it did and he made absolutely 100% everything he touched exponentially worse and he still calls it success.

That should tell you his real agenda was the destruction of societal, middle east, and world order!

an average patriot said...

Hi Jolly
I am afraid you know I agree with you and it is not doom and gloom it is just being a realist and seeing what the hell is going on. When the shit hits the fan there will be no safe place in the country!