Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama wants Afghanistan reassessment but he is already committed! Doesn't he get it? We're screwed!

Sounds like the reassessment Nixon got saying Vietnam could not be defeated militarily before he proved it with thousands more American deaths before we pulled out!
Russia gives no ground despite US overtures<./a>

Russia 'optimistic' over US ties

Russian envoy calls Biden speech 'very positive' Sees no need for immediate response and I agree!

Russia to stick to its decision on bases in S.Ossetia, Abkhazia They will open new military bases there!

Biden Signals US Is Open to Russia Missile Deal Also promises to consult on missile defense shield. That in itself causes a huge sigh of relief!

US Officials Offer Dismal Review of War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan 'tougher than Iraq'

Obama team works to define US strategy in Afghanistan

Obama Putting Brakes on Surge in Afghanistan He wants a reassessment before committing more troops but what the hell difference will it make. In 2,000 years they have not been defeated and will not now!

Talk won't hurt. Feel each other out! We should be cooperating in Afghanistan. What happened to "all nations are at war with terror? All Nation's should do their share? We are not supposed to be there to impress our values but to repress so called Islamist dominance in the name of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
We watched Russia fail in their war in Afghanistan and we even helped. We are bragging about gains in Iraq that I still refuse to believe are permanent while the war in Afghanistan has only gotten much worse because of Iraq and will continue to get a lot worse! If Russia honestly wants to cooperate in the fight in Afghanistan call them out. Take them up on it! Give them enough rope to hang themselves! This really is a golden opportunity I hope President Obama is smart enough to explore, foster, and cultivate! However it takes two to Tango!

Afghanistan as we know has never been defeated militarily. Russia could not do it and we will not succeed either. Well remember the adage "united we stand divided we fall" I do believe if the real goal is defeating Islamist extremist this can be the perfect opportunity! I do believe if Russia and the US were to join forces in Afghanistan we can put an end to the true statement that Afghanistan has never been successfully defeated militarily. United we can do this and even China can help at least financially. We should truly make this a concerted united effort. This is not a NATO problem, a UN problem, Russian Chinese, etc, this is a world problem and we must unite and act accordingly to persevere!

* I am telling you, we are being majorly put up against not just around the world but Afghanistan in particular. The other day I did a story that we were being entrapped in Afghanistan by Russia. Yesterday I countered that with their offer to help us in Afghanistan and then Biden's offer that it was time to hit the reset button and cooperate in this so called war on terror! Today I am more concerned than ever realizing that Putin out politicked Bush to death and under the guise that Medvedev is in charge he is doing it to President Obama!

* He is building new bases in the surrounding area while offering a partnership in Afghanistan and facilitating the closing of our main supply base at Manas Air Base and offering his help. We are being surrounded. The chess masters are doing it again! We are not going to have a choice pretty soon! Russia will be calling the moves and they know it! Obama has put a halt to the addition of 30,000 more American troops but so what? Politics that is all it is. Cover your ass in case of failure. We will fail and Bush guaranteed it. Like Nixon took the hit for JFK in Vietnam Obama will take the hit for Bush in Afghanistan and the entire so called war on terror. Obama is walking right into it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Karen said...

Unfortunately, Afghanistan is a lose-lose situation which Barack inherited.

an average patriot said...

You know it! Just like this financial disaster Greenspan created for Bush. It is all just starting! The friggen timing is no coincidence!

Jolly Roger said...

We're leaving Afghanistan, soon. The same way the USSR did; broke. When we can't afford it anymore, it's over, and that day is coming.

Brother Tim said...

The only solution: Declare victory, and have a total withdrawal (troops, not the Treasury funds).

an average patriot said...

I just finished putting something together for the morning on this! We are rapidly losing ground thanks to Bush's "success" in Iraq. I feared it from the beginning but I see another Saigon coming! That MF'er Bush!

an average patriot said...

The bankrupting of America is well on its way. 3 trillion yesterday alone! It was too late to withdraw safely from Afghanistan once we attacked. Bush guaranteed Obama's Vietnam and who knows whose Saigon!