Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hillary tells China keep us funded, we will rise and fall together. I have banked on it for years you better too but not for the obvious reason!

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I am very pleased at what Hillary said about our and China's future but first I must say I am very disappointed in Treasury Secretary Geithner. He is sadly lacking in confidence tact and communicative skills. Since China and the US are so intricately tied financially I guess it would be okay to keep him around when talking with China but keep him close to the vest like McCain did Palin during the campaign. I do not have faith that he is smart enough to engage brain before opening mouth. He is just too green and unseasoned publically!

During the Bush rain I mean reign when he was war mongering with every country possible in his endeavor for a Forever War it brought me much angst knowing Russia was partnering with the 118 non aligned Nation's, holding joint military exercises with China, and marshalling forces to take on Bush. Bush seemed to have had the entire world wanting to take us on militarily or to at least see us fail. I am afraid now they see if we go so do they. Anyway!

Knowing China has grown exponentially in every respect as a result of providing goods and services to the US it angered me thinking that we were responsible for China flourishing and when it came time they would turn on us and unite with Russia and the rest of the world to defeat us. I no longer am concerned about that. A couple years ago the parasitic relationship between China and the US really started dawning on me. I started thinking that if it came to war China would not side with Russia but would side with the US as we are China's bread and butter.

I tried to find out how much money we owe China and realizing we have $3 trillion in Stimulus Bills right now and much of that is being funded by China I realized it was impossible to tell! Whatever the monstrous amount is it is now obvious they will not jeopardize getting it back. I knew China and Russia were both feeling the pinch of Bush's created world financial crisis.

While at the World Economic Forum at Davos both countries spoke out that it was Bush's fault the world was now in crisis and their countries were hurting. It became obvious a couple weeks back as to how dependent China was on our well being when a report came out that China is increasingly concerned with a social uprising To date there are 20 million unemployed migrants in China

It really did my heart good hearing Hillary say that we need China! That they must continue to buy our debt and that we are truly going to rise and fall together. At this point China is the largest foreign owner of our debt. They finance Bush's extravagant spending spree. I use to be concerned they would stop funding us, call in the debt, or side with Russia against us. It has become obvious that they can not do that. We are inextricably intertwined. We have to at this point incur more debt to rescue our economy thus feeding theirs. If China is to recover we must recover first and It is good for both of us to keep this relationship together!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Linda-Sama said...

business as usual. kiss China's ass and fuck Tibet. but hey, now that the US knows oil is in Tibet, maybe the US will finally give a shit about Tibet.

uh, probably not.

an average patriot said...

Hi Linda
It pisses me off that we routinely compromise what are supposed to be our values to get what we want!
You may be right about the oil and that is what China is after. For me, I have posted on it a few times but I totally believe that what China is doing to Tibet has nothing to do with Religion or forming one country.

It is all about water, the entire regions drinking supply, the Himalaya's. Control the water control the future and the entire region. What do you think?

Dave Dubya said...

Let's see. We owe China trillions of dollars, the bankers owe the taxpayers at least a trillion. Aren't we lucky to have the Republicans' trickle down economy to fix it all? What a picture of stability!

In the meantime the US is becoming more like China every year. The US and China now have warrantless surveillance of citizens and torture prisoners who are not charged with anything. American technology serves totalitarianism in both countries. And we both love executing our citizens.

Brother Tim said...

Unfortunately, folks, we have been selling America to the Chinese for decades. It has just now accelerated and the price driven up.

They may hold toxic assets, sub-prime mortgages, etc, but they still own title to the real estate. Have they paid too much? It all depends on the agenda.

Immigration has been steadily rising. There are 3.3 million here currently. That's 1% of our population. That may appear at first glance to be minute, but consider there were almost none here 50 years ago.

As I've said before, they've already got a Chinese Buffet in every town with over 1,000 population. Pensacola, Florida has 35 in a population of 60,000.

The Chinese will take over America without firing a shot. They're doing it the smart way ..........Buying It.

Just like back at the founding, the land owners make the rules. Nothing's changed but the semantics.

Excuse me, but I must go eat dinner. Beijing Chicken, Shrimp Fried Rice, and Won Ton Soup. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Dubya said...

I hope those Chinese remember me for all the times I lavished praise on their wonderful food.

And the tea was tax FREE!!

an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! They will think of all of us every time they eat their favorite delicacy Rat!