Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Thinking of President Bush all day every day!

GOP targets stimulus Bill!

Obama has been on a sprint to undo Bush's damage from day one and there is no end in sight! Week two and a reminder that every accomplishment of President Obama is another Bush failure. Another tribute to his Legacy, his legacy of destruction here and abroad. It has been less than two weeks since President Obama's inauguration and I am overwhelmed by his rapid unraveling of Bush's damage!

I use to say every time a victory is declared for the Iraqi people they fall deeper into the hall on earth Bush created for them. Finally I see hope for them too as they had what so far has been deemed a successful election but I credit that too to President Obama and his "Audacity of Hope" President Obama started the week early on with passing his first law the Ledbetter Law Legislating equal pay for equal work. It snowballed from there!

Obama's US FDA pick to come within days -spokesman

Obama finds that partisanship still lives in Washington

Obama says will reverse Bush labor policies

15 lawmakers to join Obama to watch Super Bowl cocktails all around!

Biden to lead middle-class task force

Obama's consideration of Sen. Gregg raises questions But Gregg and Obama could be a force! I also ubderstand Republicans are pressuring him to stay away. They do not want Bi partisanship!

Obama and Congress Seek to Limit Pay at Bailed-Out Companies That should have been a prerequisite to recieving Bailout money!

After the House prepublican efforts to see Obama fail GOP governors press Congress to pass stimulus bill

I am afraid after reading of some of the asinine pork I have to agree with this! Senate GOP warns against `Christmas list' approach We are in friggen trouble here cut the s.o.p. crap!

To tear apart the Democrats and combat Obama Republicans Choose First Black Party Chairman Now it is really going to start getting dirty!

Obama nod to mortgage relief targets root of woes This is commendable, lowering mortgage costs will help a lot of people but?

Obama Pledges to Revive Credit Flow Will ensure Executives to not mispend funds!

Obama readies road map for new bailout spending Promises no one bailout will remedy our situation and it will take years to fix this. That thanks to Bush is anunderestimate!

Analysis: Team Obama preoccupied with Bush Of course they are! Bush is the reason for their being! Bush and his failures are the reason for everything they must now do to fix them! Of course they think about Bush all day every day!


WeezieLou said...

it's hard to get proactive after 8 years of reactivity. just pls make sure any single other person nominated by obama for anything, anytime, anywhere has

a) PAID their taxes !!!
b) PAID their nanny taxes!!!

what part of "background checks" do people not get??????????


What a heck of a job for a president! 8 years under Bush, America requires a superhuman president.

Americans must rally behind him. He fails, America, and to a large extent, the world fails.

(And when I read all those stupid, moronic neocon blogs/commenters who can't seem to see beyond the color of his skin, and people in who are waiting for him to make a mistake, I almost feel sorry for America.)

One Fly said...

I seriously object to the content of the video. It is tool used that gives the right a mouth piece when they should have little plus it presents the idea the objections presented have credibility and there is little if any of that too.

We're still buried in deep shit up to our necks.

DB said...

This quote "every accomplishment of President Obama is another Bush failure" pretty much sums the last few weeks up. I am against the stimulus bill as is, but have confidence a better bill will come out that concentrates on our infrastructure and job development.

AdB said...

I think there is no backing away from a govt stimulus package.

The US has an outstanding debt of trillions of dollars and unless govt steps in, the US will suffer from economic depression.

One of the reasons Germany and France are not as badly in trouble as the US, is because the state stepped in before things got really bad.

That said, the stiumulus package must not be used to reward those damn bankers and industrialists -- (In France, French president Sarkozy outlined this policy even before the 1st package was release.)

an average patriot said...

Hi Weezie
It is more critical now than ever to be proactive. The work is just beginning. Bush has created here and around the world an insurmountable disaster.
It really does stun me the level of low life's we have in Politics. I refuse to believe something like not paying taxes can get by or be tolerated on that level.
Maybe they are not getting in the Cabinet but Duh, they are still working for us. Why?

an average patriot said...

Hi HillBlogger
You are right! The entire world has to get behind Obama and they are. This perfect manufactured storm as you can see is once again dragging the entire world down!

an average patriot said...

one fly
We are in serious trouble and I wish those scum would stop playing games while we sink. They will never grow up and it is sick
Disaster being warned by Obama is a long given but I wish they would just cut out the friggen pork and pass the friggen Bill!

an average patriot said...

Any other scum but Bush would be insulted that everything Obama accomplishes is because of a Bush created disaster. That scum is proud of himself. That tells you what his real goal was! It's sick!
I wish they would just cut the pork and pass the Bill though this just beginning 2nd Greatest Depression will not be averted!

an average patriot said...

I am afraid it is too late to stop this manufactured breakdown. It is just beginning! I am glad we have Obama at the helm though!

Your mention of our Debt reminds me of what I pointed out in the past. You know that Bush created more Debt than every other President in History combined.

Most do not know though that the 3 so called "successful" Republican Presidents Reagan, Daddy Bush, and the little Bush, are responsible for 74% of our debt.

They call that making us secure? Sick! The debt clock that was started because of Reagan's "success" had to be refitted to take another digit because of Bush's "success"